Samsung denies involvement in Apple Store ‘Wake Up’ protest


Yesterday we reported on a flash-mob-esque protest that broke out outside of an Australian Apple Store. A group of people dressed in black and holding signs reading “Wake Up” emerged from a bus with the slogan plastered on its side. The overall professional appearance of said signs and bus coupled with a level of organization that bests even the Occupy Wall Street movement roused some suspicion about the spontaneous demonstration. Given recent history, it wasn’t too far of a stretch to believe that Samsung, on the verge of releasing their next flagship Android device, might be behind the protest. Now a Samsung Australia rep is denying that the company had any involvement in the events that took place.

A website expressing the same sentiment as the protesters was discovered and linked to marketing firm Tongue. The closest link that company has previously had to Samsung comes from Tongue’s past work with carrier Vodafone. It’s hard to imagine that the cellular provider is behind the stunt, however, as they carry Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Even with Samsung’s denial, we’re not sold that they had nothing to do with dozens of uniformed citizens spontaneously arriving via chartered bus to rally against the Korean manufacturer’s biggest mobile competitor. It’s called viral marketing, and Samsung wouldn’t want to tip their hand too soon.

There is a chance that another group is behind the protest, but, given its ties to a marketing agency, the calls for Apple to “wake up” are anything but genuine.

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  1. They wont wake up….apple fanboys are as fanboys, as we android fans are…

  2. ” given its ties to a marketing agency,”

    You mean no ties, like you mentioned in the article.

    1. I think he means very loose, circumstantial ties. There is a marketing firm that is indeed linked to a website that seems to share the same “Wake Up” sentiment… but there’s no proof at all that the site and protest were related. Either way, aside from “samsung denies all involvement,” the article is 100% speculation.

  3. Ha ha! It’s funny to see the people hanging out around the corner from the glass front of this store riding the Apple Store’s internet connection. :P

  4. How do i hire these people, i need a good alarm clock >.> bet they can totally wake me up.  

    1. Just buy an iphone and they will wake you up.

      1. i was jk, plus nexus has a better alarm clock function anyway, no need for an iPhone

        1. what? o_O

          1. LOL i had just woke up when i read your comment and thought you wrote “buy an iphone, it will wake you up” just read it again now and loled

  5. why bother aple guys are so stupid that i steve jobs was alive and tell them YOU GUYS SHOULD NOT READ THAT the wont do it to be honest android is better with out them let them keep their trash while we have real smart phone like the htc one x or the gnex or th sg3 and in my opinion the beast htc amaze 

    1. Say again last transmission, over.

    2. What? Learn to use sentences, brah.

      1. people still use “brah”?  Really?

        1.  >2012 still saying “brah” it’s “bruh” dude duh.

    3. Lmao not only do you sound moronic, you can’t write a sentence to save your sad life. Lmao

    4. This prove my theory on how moronic we can be… how passionate, how absurd…

  6. Samsung was not involved, a marketing agency that was hired by a subsidiary of Samsung was. hahaha


    1. You know, if the iPhone were designed/sold by any other company than Apple I’d probably consider it at the very least. It’s a sad sad thing that those engineers were working for Apple.

      1. Some actually weren’t.   Apple does hire outside engineers and designers from various studios to help them.   Due to NDAs they aren’t allowed to talk about it.  A lot of big companies do this.

  8. meh, it was a stupid faux-test anyways. It served to purpose but to annoy employess and customets. Their was  no message, no purpose whatso ever. “WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” whatever thats supposed to mean. wheres the snooze button? All they did was bring more people and more attention to the Apple store

  9. I think they got the wrong directions, the should have gone to the nearest Verizon store instead. 


  11. What if it was Apple that actually arranged the wake up campaign. Not saying it is so, nor do I believe it, but read this:
    an enemy unites people, apple created an faux enemy to make their folllowers even more loyal.
    They made this enemy look stupid (the campaign was stupid) thereby making pll of apples competition look stupid.
    No one would think apple would set up an event against themselves
    It went kinda viral about how stupid it was.
    It depicts apple as the innocent victim in the media

  12. I am 100% sure this flash mob is NOT related to Samsung

    Domain Name:
    IP Address:
    IP Location: UK
    Registrant: New Dialogue Pty Limited
    Registrant ID: ABN 25111086938
    >> The domain is NOT owned by Samsung.
    Currently, 723198 secs remain.

    The end time is : 6 May 2012 14:59:59
    The Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date is 3 May 2012.
    3 Days after Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date.
    Wait and see. What will happen its website.

    Again, if flash mob website ( show nothing related to Samsung, Then author should apology his mistake -baseless assumption- to us.

    1. so what happens on the 7th?

  13. Sounds like the author of this article has a bias against Samsung especially considering there is nothing factual about your claim that Samsung had something to do with it.

  14. Samsung is beyond pathetic …

  15. doint think it is sammy a couple of days ago a group of dutch activist also had a protest at a apple store but this was with black balloons

  16. Is May 3rd, clock works out to May 3rd.

    Samsung stunt definitely 

  17. i woke up and bought the HTC phone.

  18. Noone suspects the Windows Inquisition!

  19. “The overall professional appearance of said signs and bus coupled with a
    level of organization that bests even the Occupy Wall Street movement”
    LOL! Really?  OWS is a bunch of dirty hipsters, some of which were taking a dump on public sidewalks like a dog, screaming and yelling because they can’t get a job with their liberal arts degree(shocker).  Apes throwing feces at each other in a zoo exhibit show better organization. 

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