Apr 27th, 2012

Yesterday we reported on a flash-mob-esque protest that broke out outside of an Australian Apple Store. A group of people dressed in black and holding signs reading “Wake Up” emerged from a bus with the slogan plastered on its side. The overall professional appearance of said signs and bus coupled with a level of organization that bests even the Occupy Wall Street movement roused some suspicion about the spontaneous demonstration. Given recent history, it wasn’t too far of a stretch to believe that Samsung, on the verge of releasing their next flagship Android device, might be behind the protest. Now a Samsung Australia rep is denying that the company had any involvement in the events that took place.

A website expressing the same sentiment as the protesters was discovered and linked to marketing firm Tongue. The closest link that company has previously had to Samsung comes from Tongue’s past work with carrier Vodafone. It’s hard to imagine that the cellular provider is behind the stunt, however, as they carry Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Even with Samsung’s denial, we’re not sold that they had nothing to do with dozens of uniformed citizens spontaneously arriving via chartered bus to rally against the Korean manufacturer’s biggest mobile competitor. It’s called viral marketing, and Samsung wouldn’t want to tip their hand too soon.

There is a chance that another group is behind the protest, but, given its ties to a marketing agency, the calls for Apple to “wake up” are anything but genuine.

[via Android and Me]

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