Salt Lake City getting AT&T LTE this year


AT&T has just confirmed another market that will be getting 4G LTE this year. Salt Lake City, UT is the lucky city which will get access to their real 4G network, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson announced. No concrete date was offered, but at least we know it’ll be here at some point.

To be honest, we figured a lot of markets would get it this year and we’re confused AT&T wouldn’t wait until they have a better idea of when the network will go live for this particular market to make an announcement. In any case, you can go ahead and stock up on LTE phones this year as they promise you’ll be able to use it to its full advantage sooner or later. [AT&T]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I wish they’d make an announcement as to when they will expand LTE north and east of the Bay Area into the rest of Northern California.

  2. LOL!

    Vzw’s version of LTE launch. 23 cities next week

    AT&T’s version of LTE launch. 1 city sometime in the next year.

    1. They didn’t say it was the ONLY city getting LTE this year.

    2. Tard

      1. is?

  3. I just love hearing “This year” with these kind of announcements.  Especially when This Year still has 8 whole months left in it.

  4. Well that’s all they announced. And they did it with vague uncertainties. That was my point. Vzw issues a press releases with specifics and time frames in terms of weeks. Att is like uhhhhhhhh

  5. Where is Colorado ATT?

    I was in the Bay Area two weeks ago and did a speed test. 30M download and 12M upload – way better than most home systems

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