Dropbox enhances photo support; brings automatic photo and video uploads out of beta (and how to get 3GB of extra space)


With all the excitement surrounding the launch of Google Drive this week, Dropbox probably found it necessary to respond in a big way. They’ve been holding on to a handy feature that’s been in beta for a while now and they’re finally bringing it to all who’ll take it. Automatic photo and video uploads are now enabled for any Android device, as well as support for automatic upload support on both Windows and Mac.

With Android, if you plug your camera in Dropbox will automatically find all new photos and will upload them without you having to lift an arm and an arm (unless you type with your feet, then…). Additionally, they’ve added a new photos page that will show you all your photos with a nice big preview, and you can look through photos by month uploaded if you so choose.

Finally, this gives users a chance to earn 3GB of free additional space. You’ll get 500MB for each photo automatically uploaded until you hit 3GB. It’s not yet clear if this applies to those who already got the 3GB upgrade from using the beta, but if you got in on that be sure to try this and let us know in the comments section. [via Dropbox]

[Update]: It appears that you will, in fact, be able to get the additional space if you participated in the beta. Upload away!

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  1.“Every 500 MB you upload via the Camera Upload feature bumps you up another 500 MB”
    “If you were lucky enough to be included in our Camera Upload early beta testing period (from February 2nd, 2012 to February 23rd, 2012), either on the desktop or on Android, you are still capable of earning up to 5 GB instead of the standard 3 GB. Thank you so much for your help!”

    1. I didn’t take any chance and found 5 Gb of photos and videos to upload while the beta was going on. Deleted what I didn’t want backed up afterward.

  2. So all I do is update my app and automatically upload 6 pictures, 500mb of space for each? I did one just now and still only have 3.5 GB space

  3. I auto-uploaded maybe 20 pictures just now and didn’t get any additional storage :(

  4. How long does it take to show the extra storage? Also, if I max out the free storage promotion then delete those photos do I retain that storage or lose it? 

  5. I have uploaded several photos, a few different times an I am not seeing any additional free space being allocated to me.
    I wonder if it just takes time or if something else is disqualifying me?

    1. I am wondering if something is disqualifying us because now that I think about it when they first offered this deal for like 250mb per photo I upload about 20 pics and still haven’t received any more storage? OO well with G Drive now and a 25gb account which upgrades my picasa as well I have all the space I need for files and photos goodbye dropbox

    I see, I have to actually upload 3 GB of pictures to get the free 3GB of storage through the camera upload feature. Ok makes sense now.

    You can bump your Dropbox storage up six times for a total of 3 GB of free space. In other words, to reach your limit you have to upload 2.5 GB through the Camera Upload feature

  7. I just take the space of both and have the dropbox folder within the google drive folder so that it gets uploaded twice. I have less space with dropbox then I do google so I have no issue doing it this way. That way if say dropbox servers go down or something I still have google drive.

  8. Nice..just checked my Dropbox app on my android and saw all my photos were uploaded via WiFi.  Didnt see a change in size allocation though.

    Now…how can I sync my music files with my music folder on DropBox? (not manually, as I have hundreds of files)

  9. In response to the last paragraph of the article, it appears the extra 3Gb’s of storage only applies to those who did not take advantage of it in the Beta. I updated my Dropbox install today and uploaded a bunch more photos, my space remained the same. 

  10. I been trying all day and can’t get no more free space. I don’t think it stacks up. I have been making 20 minute 1080 videos and letting them auto-upload (takes all day, lol) and so far i haven’t seen a space increase. Granted I maxed out during the beta phase …

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