Apr 27th, 2012

With all the excitement surrounding the launch of Google Drive this week, Dropbox probably found it necessary to respond in a big way. They’ve been holding on to a handy feature that’s been in beta for a while now and they’re finally bringing it to all who’ll take it. Automatic photo and video uploads are now enabled for any Android device, as well as support for automatic upload support on both Windows and Mac.

With Android, if you plug your camera in Dropbox will automatically find all new photos and will upload them without you having to lift an arm and an arm (unless you type with your feet, then…). Additionally, they’ve added a new photos page that will show you all your photos with a nice big preview, and you can look through photos by month uploaded if you so choose.

Finally, this gives users a chance to earn 3GB of free additional space. You’ll get 500MB for each photo automatically uploaded until you hit 3GB. It’s not yet clear if this applies to those who already got the 3GB upgrade from using the beta, but if you got in on that be sure to try this and let us know in the comments section. [via Dropbox]

[Update]: It appears that you will, in fact, be able to get the additional space if you participated in the beta. Upload away!