Latest marketing campaign all about getting consumers obsessed with Samsung


While Samsung’s latest marketing campaign seems focused on mocking the culture of obsession surrounding Apple’s iPhone, the goal of the ads is less about tearing down the competition and more about creating a similar bond between consumers and the Galaxy line of Android smartphones, according to marketing head Younghee Lee. “People are obsessed with Apple,” said Lee in a conversation with AllThingsD, “it’s time to change people’s attention.” The way to do this, Lee feels, is by engaging with customers “from the bottom of their heart.”

Samsung wants to move away from consumer perceptions of the company as a big, foreign tech conglomerate and create a connection with users that is meaningful and lasting. The irony here is that they are attempting to do so while continually tearing down the cult of Mac, poking fun at those who would wait in a line for “the next big thing” while Samsung’s own desire is to see the same lines forming for the launch of their next Galaxy handset. The ads do a great job of illustrating their point, but not everyone is buying it. “Samsung’d” was welcome by some but meme-worthy to others. The same goes for “Dude, you’re a barista.” Whether or not the TV spots are a hit or a miss, here is some free advice for Sammy: keep making great phones and people will continue to eat them up.

[AllThingsD via BGR]

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  1. I like big foreign tech conglomerates… emphasis on the big and tech. i don’t need a “personal connection” with the manufacturer, i just want good products. so far i feel Samsung has produced in that arena, TVs, DVD players, stereo’s etc. 

  2. Good luck, Samsung. The decision I made to get my Nexus S was made with my head, and not an emotional one. Though I was a tad bummed out that Samsung made the latter 2 Nexus phones, I was happy knowing they have some of the better screens and some of the better processors, so it didn’t bother me too much if both phones looked uninspired, and felt like hollow pieces of plastic.

    Samsung is going to have to start putting as much effort in the appearance of their products as they do in making their processors, and make them justice. The love for a device is a shallow love affair much like being infatuated with a person you just met and it’s mostly physical. So even though I am perfectly happy with my Samsung Nexus, the decision was purely pragmatic, based on what is convenient for me – I don’t mind it too much if she is kinda ugly. But the truth is she kinda is. Can’t really say that I’m “feeling it.”

  3. They already got me obsessed…. Just love everything sammy does except
    1. Build Quality.
    2. touch wiz on Sphones…

    1. Build quality is fine.  Drop a SGS II and an iPhone 4S, both without a cover on concrete and see which is more likely to have a shattered screen or back. My money’s on the “superior” build quality of the 4S.  To me it’s a conspiracy to get people to buy 3rd party bumpers and cases for their iProducts.

  4. “People are obsessed with Apple”

    Samsung is obsessed with Apple :-)

    1. Judging by the constant stream of failed lawsuits, I’d say Apple is obsessed with Samsung.

      1. Nope…just obsessed with protecting their patented IP from iPhonies….

  5. I have a GSII and my wife has my old Captivate.  Excellent phone, design, build quality (yes, that ‘plasticy’ case is tough as steel).  Service was exceptional when I had to have a battery terminal fixed on the Capi.  OS updates however are inexcusably slow.  

  6. This way of advertising won’t work on tech lovers, they use their head not heart when choosing a device, it also won’t work on all the Apple ifanatics, but it will work on the big masses who don’t really know anything else than the iPhone as a smartphone.

  7. Ironic because for all practical sense, Apple is a big, foreign tech conglomerate.  They don’t make anything themselves (just design), and the things they farm out are made in foreign countries.

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