Google’s idea of a Google phone in 2006? Look no further…


Google’s legal battle with Oracle has been oozing with juicy tidbits ever since it kicked off long ago. With court proceedings taking place, things have been a lot more interesting the past two weeks. This time, a render of Google’s original vision for an Android has made its way to the innernyetz.

As you’d expect, the device slightly mimics the portrait-oriented exposed QWERTY devices that were so popular back when this concept was drawn (2006). While we already knew Google was designing Android to be a touch-less device thanks to early versions of the Android SDK’s emulator, this is the first time we’ve ever seen and heard of this concept.

With just two soft-keys, Google assumed touchscreens weren’t need — boy, were they wrong. This was a point in time where Blackberry was first getting noticed by the hipsters and teens, a market that’s proving to be very fruitful in today’s world.

Little did they know the iPhone would change everything. Let’s face it, no one trusted the advent of capacitive touchscreen devices until Apple shook the mobile world up in 2007. Google quietly changed their vision up right around the launch of the device, and the G1 was the result of that new vision just a year later.

64MB of RAM and ROM, a 200MHz processor, a 2 megapixel camera and a QVGA were the highlight specs of this device. In 2007, it might not have been bad. Those were about the same specs that flagship Blackberry devices had. The G1’s specs, on the other hand, more closely resembled the original iPhone’s when it launched in 2008. Are you starting to see the connection?

It’s amazing to see how much changed in such a short amount of time, but Google felt it was for the best and I think I speak for everyone when I say that they made the right choice. Feast your eyes on renders of the concept above and below. [via The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks like an htc status lol!

  2. LOL this should shut up all the stupid fanboys who like to think Android wasn’t influenced at all by the iPhone. 

    1. The real question is will it shut you up?

      1. There is no question being asked.

        But if there was, it would be “Am I right, or am I right?”

        1. You’re absolutely 100% right lol

        2. It’s true. Google was inspired by the success of the original iPhone. Since then, android has been innovative and apple is copying/playing catch-up. Who’s really right?

          1. +1 , this also shows that android WAS in development way before iOS .

        3. Competition leads to innovation, quit being so cocky. We all know that the iPhone has in some way influenced Android AND visa-verse. Gotta love that pull-down notification bar ehh?

          1. I’ve never heard the notifications menu in iOS EVER being cited as a reason why someone purchased an iPhone, or iPad.  But nice try though.  

          2. Um, I wasn’t trying to point out reasons to buy an iOS product. Apple WAS and STILL IS influenced by Android. The notification bar is proof of that. They liked what Android had, so they copied it, blatantly. Android does not have direct coinciding with iOS. They both have the features a smartphone needs, but Android hasn’t blatantly copied iOS. Since 1.5 Google has been going further and further away from iOS, meanwhile Apple just calls dibs for no reason on something that was in Android from the beginning? Case and point on notification bar. And that’s all I’m talking about.

          3. And the iphone was influenced by every pocketpc that came before it.

    2. you sound so butthurt

      1. You sound frustrated.. Must be the crappy Android phone you have which freezes, crashes, and doesn’t get updated unless you want to root and void the warranty! 

        1. I think a full update is better than a partial update. I’d rather that then someone lying and saying “you have an update” only to get a few tweaks.

          1. You’re absolutely right. When I got the partial update on my iPod 2G, I was so happy that I was able to have folders. I guess the iPod 2G wasn’t capable of having a picture for the background. Although the developers thought differently.

            The update Apple gives you is minor enough for the firmware to increase by the decimal. Instead they change it by a whole number and trick people into thinking they got something.

            I hope you enjoy your fake update.

            Oh, and with Apple, to get a full update, you have to Jailbreak the phone. Any different from rooting to get updates? Didn’t think so.

        2. Lol you sound belligerent and retarded and you’re leaning towards the retarded side. I have a 4s and a galaxy nexus and they’re both great phones. The worst part of this is that you have never used an android and you’re still rocking a 3gs :/

          1. Wrong. I’ve owned the G1, a Nexus S, and a LG G2x.   Nice try. Come again.

        3.  uhh rooting didn’t/doesn’t void my warranty, try again

        4. My android phone doesn’t freeze, is about to get ICS officially, and runs circles around your boring little girlphone. Go ask Siri why you suck as much as you do… She’ll probably answer with “Because you’re a fanboi, butthurtboy” I assume you have her call you butthurtboy because you’re such a butthurtboy. 

    3. But now it’s the other way around, the iPhone is influenced by so many of  Android features, and yet still hasn’t caught up with the features and customization.that we Android users have been enjoying for the past 4 years.

      1. The core of Android is based on the success of the iPhone. 

        Android before the iPhone = blackberry OS clone
        Android after the iPhone = iOS clone

        1. After Google released their first Android device they never went back to Apple looking for ideas on how to improve their OS. Apple on the other hand have been playing catchup ever since. Hardware wise and software wise, as in the features in the Android operating system.

          1. More people need to see this.

        2. Troll go back to your bridge

        3. Why are you so bitter?  Innovation is just as important as invention.  Yes the Iphone was trendsetting, but Android has improved upon a solid design.  Both Iphone and Android phones have place in the market, it depends on the need of the user.  Why do so many people have to turn discussions into bashing one brand or the other?

        4. Don’t let the facts stand in your way.

          Own an iPhone. Be an individual.

          Be a wolfpack of one! Ooouuuuu!

          1. Owning an iPhone makes you an individual??? Whaaaa???

          2. Miss the sarcasm there? “Don’t let the facts stand in your way” is where you can tell that he’s not serious.

        5. So. MacOS before they used UNIX was a toy. What’s your point?

    4. The initial android SDK also had Full Touchscreen capability.
      …and a device with full touchscreen was demoed by Google prior to the iPhone.

      The stupid “Google copied Apple” BS has been proven BS for quite some time now.  Why don’t you catch up to the rest of us now, hmmm?


      …or did you want to try again…?

      1. I didn’t see where a full touch-screen was demoed before iPhone…It said nov-dec 2007 which was 6 month after the iPhone released.  I’m an android fan.  I really don’t think it really matters who was first though, because we know who did it right.

        1. The key take-away is based on the “bit” brought up by most of these Android “google copied Apple” trolls, and that’s the blackberry-esque picture.

          This is what they base their claim on.

          …and it’s crap.

          “The interesting thing here is that the release of the SDK with support for touch and large screens, as well as the release of this video and hardware reference design took place one month before the infamous photograph of the BlackBerry-esque device. ”

          FYI: iPhone launched June 29th. That’d make it 5 months…not 6 (nit-picky, I know…and not really even the point)

    5. If they were “fanboys” they would have known about this already. So you’re obviously talking to trolls. LoL!!

    6. Who was that now? Nobody said iPhone didn’t influence android just that android didn’t copy Apple android did more than throw an app drawer on a screen. They put together something completely different together that was better.

    7. And you are on an Android website. Yeah.

    8. And the pull down menu should make all iSheep shut up because its directly stolen from android.

      1. Nobody said it wasn’t. But you idiot fanboys like to think Google came up with the Android concept and interface without Apple. Nice try. Keep losing.

        1. Just like Apple fanboys like to think iOS just got pulled out o Steve Jobs’ butt.


        2. And you think Apple didn’t steal from Nokia, Microsoft and Palm for theirs. So again, other then trolling and being dickish … what IS your point?

        3. Keep losing? Are you 12?

    9. Who says that? Obviously the foundation of Android came from iOS but they’re two different OS’s now. Apple blatantly stole the notification bar from Android, and they completely failed to make it useful. Sorry. They’ve both taken ideas from one another and they’ve both improved upon these ideas. It’s how technology advances, if entirely new technologies had to be created for minor upgrades progress would be incredibly slow. 

      Also, why are you on an Android site?



        1. So wait, you are in fact admitting that Apple stole from Android then, correct? A simple “yes,sir” will suffice.


          1. you’re not going to get it from him

        2. About the only way you could get more immature is to get up after each post and run around screaming, “POOPIE! POOPIE!!”

          Your parents must be *so* proud.

          @bmg314:disqus  He chastises Android for copying Apple and then plays down Apple copying Android.  The Faith is strong with this one. 

          (Faith = Hypocrisy, ignorance, and blind acceptance)

    10. And you think the iPhone wasn’t influenced by anything? How about the iphone completely copied a certain LG phone.

    11. Sad is when iFans like yourself have to spend time browsing Android websites just to get attention from childish comments such as the one you just made.

    12. You mean that when they unveiled Android in 2007 in 3 form factors — blackberry style, feature phone style, and all-touch — they had secretly worked behind the scenes to steal Apple’s ideas?  Rrright… If anything, they were inspired by the LG Prada…… ya know, like Apple was.

  3. I remember this phone i wanted it to bad I had a Tmobile dash at the time but the g1 came out and got that.

  4. Jailbreak it and it will catch up and and surpasse it while keeping the apple quality that all your devices lack ;)

    1. I’ll let you jailbreak your iPhone but you’ll still never come close to the custumization on an Android phone. I”m also letting you call going from a square icon to a circular icon “customization” :P

      1. Having animated themes, widgets and pretty much changing the whole interface I can do, thats plenty customization, on the other hand you can keep your “customization” and pay the prize of having a phone made of shitty cheap materials, crappy squeaky plastic in most cases lol an open software that’s virus prone, that crashes and reboots itself at will, yeah keep your customization lol

        1. I’ve just looked up iPhone widgets and if that’s the best you can do. Then I’ll put on par with all of LG’s and Samusung’s dumbphones which doesn’t run Android. Now I’ll call it the Apple Dumb-iPhone.

          1. Lol look again, it serves the same purpose, great animation, detailed weather and the whole 9 yards, sooo not much of an edge there buddy

          2. drop me a link and prove me wrong

        2. Feel justified browsing Android sites and posting childish, untrue comments like you just did?  It’s sad how many iFans have to go out of their way browsing sites dedicated to an OS they despise.  Maybe they just need some attention, or a hug.  Or maybe their phone just isn’t meeting their needs and they have to keep checking out the grass on the other side of the fence.  Whatever the reason, makes no sense why they spend so much time fighting something they despise but cannot influence in any way.

        3. Funny how that “crappy plastic” survives drops that make your precious into a  scrap heap. Throwing cheap glass on the front and back of a phone =/= build quality. It equals making something stylishly fragile. I admit, apple makes pretty things. But they suck in real world use because they’re not even tough enough to be dropped onto a floor without shattering. 

          And as for crashes…

  5. I wouldn’t want a phone which i couldn’t tell apart from the guy next to me. No such problem with Android, like us being human each and everyone of us are unique in our own rights.That’s how are “personal” cell phones should be as well.But you being a clone don’t mind it and rather enjoy it.

  6. Yikes! That shit is butt ugly, lucky for google they got together with Samsung and in term Samsung started copying everything apple and that saved them, still though it looks like an iPhone gone horribly wrong O_o

    1. Ignorant shmo, Android never needed saving and it was Android took off thanks to no small part from Motorola. Samsung just cemented Android as the better choice for ppl that are “Smarter than a fifth grader”. Contestants who fail at that game show owns an iPhone. Cause it’s obvious iPhone owners don’t know how to use widgets cause if they did they would own an Android phone.  ^^

      1. Lol you mad bro? Listen, I have both an iPhone and a galaxy s2 and I know both phones inside and out, trust me android isn’t hard to work, but since I do own both and use both on a daily basis I can pinpoint all the deficiencies of the droid, overall build and quality of the phone is as important to me as what the phone is capable of doing, and I’m sorry i won’t compromise product quality and overall OS stability over having a few extra options

        1. I’ve also owned 2 iphones I lot rid of my 3GS because of how boring it was. I’ll admit the iPhone 4 is a beautiful peace of work and that is the sole reason why i bought it. After breaking the screen because of the superb quality. Form did not out shine all the fun I had with flashing custom ROM’s. When ever I get tired playing around with a certain ROM I’ll just flash a next one, tahdah new phone.

          1. I get it, and vice versa, I do agree with the part about android customization capabilities, no doubt you can go a lot deeper into it as far as customization goes, and true the iPhone without jailbreak IS boring, the jailbreak does help a ton IMO, but for me I’m satisfied with the level of customization I get from JB it’s enough, In the end though it comes down to your preference.

  7. This is confirmation of what we all knew was true. No wonder Steve Jobs was furious. He knew more than all of us what Google did. Can’t blame him for being pissed! Despite the COPYTITION, Apple’s market crushing performance has also seen it capture 59% of the US mobile market for the quarter reported. Google is at 36%. Things are turning around, at least in the US.

  8. im so glad i do not have that phone. i remember seeing the pics early on when they showed in being tested – that was the phone in the pic. BOTH THUMBS DOWN! thanks apple for the nudge, well take it from here.

  9. So because Google went with a touch screen (likely because they KNEW that’s where the smartphone market was headed) suddenly this means they completely copied the iPhone?? I got news for you geniuses: Apple DID NOT invent the touch screen. Not even close. Not even a little bit. Not even AT ALL.

    1. Sad that emerging technology NEVER gets pointed out in articles like this.  Full screen phones were going to happen regardless who did it first, second, or third.  Technology moves on and we all benefit from the advances.

  10. All I got to say is I hate Apple.

  11. Some ipeople have nothing better to do, than to go through the process of making a screen name allll in order to make a ilove comment on a ANDRIOD site wow…this can and does mean a whole lot of things…

  12. http://youtu.be/1FJHYqE0RDg?t=51s

    I remember seeing this and thinking a QWERTY portrait Android phone would be awesome.

  13. you guys should see the original android, you can see why ICS looks like what it looks like now

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