ASUS Transformer Prime GPS dongles begin arriving at doorsteps


ASUS was under much fire when they released their ASUS Transformer Prime Android tablet with GPS. While it appeared they would first brush the issue under the rug as the issues weren’t software related and could only be fixed using hardware, they came through and did what very little might do. They offered free GPS dongles to strengthen the signal and provide accurate GPS performance.

While ugly and inconvenient (the dongle covers the charging port), it’s probably the least they could do without going through an expensive and problematic device recall. Check and see if yours has arrived. There’s no clear way to sign up to order one of the dongles outside of an invitation to order one via email, so keep checking your inbox for one. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. actually, if you log into the asus member website, there is a link to sign up for one.

  2. Dongle… *teehee*

    1. I want a dongle arriving at my doorstep… Wait what? O_o

    2. Grow up Chris… You’re such a weiner… *teehee*

  3. Got mine yesterday, free of charge, delivered by FedEx.

    Just had to order on the registration web site.

    Works dandy. Not the greatest looking thing, but works.

    They should be sending out emails to those that have registered.

  4. Article is vague. ”
    While it appeared they would first brush the issue under the rug” what issue? I never knew of any transformer gps issue. Crappy written article is crappy. :/

    1. You never heard about the GPS issues for the Prime? Where have you been….

      1. I don’t have a prime, why would I have heard about it

        1. Neither do I. But most people have heard about this, especially people reading from this site. No need to bash the article so.

  5. Horrible answer to an out of the box hardware defect. The dongle is a monstrosity. Yes, GPS issues are resolved, but I anticipated it would improve the terrible Wi-Fi reception. It does not. No access to charging port and no longer fits in any case. Oh and it drains battery power. If you want to destroy the entire concept of a tablet I highly recommend ordering yours…It’s Free…oooo. ASUS should be ashamed, adding insult to injury. 

    1. At least they tried to address the issue and sent out FREE fixes. I seriously doubt many of these other companies would have even come close to providing this much support.

      1. Yes, Lenovo has done next to nothing to fix their malfunctioning GPS, fragile micro-USB, incompetently soldered power button, and non-focusing camera problems on the ThinkPad Tablet, not to mention various software/OS problems . . .

  6. They could have improved the design so it wouldn’t look like an ugly bulge that isn’t meant to be on the tablet… oh well

  7. I would much rather have something to boost signal strength for WiFi

  8. I know it’s probably a pipe dream, but wouldn’t it have been so killer if they developed that dongle to be a wi-fi/gps booster, AND an expansion kit wherein you could pop in your SIM card for a 3G connection? 
    At least that way you could justify having the extra uncomfortable dongle, and just take it off when you have wifi access.

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