Deal Alert: Expansys Now Offering Unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $400 – Beats Google Play With No Sales Tax, Free Shipping


If you’ve been holding out for a better deal on an unlocked Galaxy Nexus after finding out that Google dropped the price to $400 in the Play Store, you may want to listen up. Looks like online retailer Expansys is technically matching that same deal on their unlocked Galaxy Nexus but offers free shipping in the US and if you’re outside of Illinois, no tax. That’s almost $50 worth of savings if buying through them, instead of the Google Play Store.

What’s more is Expansys offers more payment options like using Paypal or Amazon and will ship internationally. As a bonus, the Galaxy Nexus from Expansys does, in fact, features the YAKJU software build which means this device will receive updates direct from Google (no need to mess around with flashing a different build). Just power up and you’ll be prompted for the Android 4.0.4 update with no fuss. Good deal, right? Anyone picking one of these up? Now, when someone finds a white version of the G-Nex for that same price, let me know.

[Expansys | Via 9to5Google]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Pay with Amazon (no interest payments if you don’t have savings), 
    YAKJU build and no tax/free shipping. Solid choice for those in the market for a contract-free device I’d say!

  2. You probably ought to mention Expansys is selling the international version which not only doesn’t come with a USA warranty, but also doesn’t get any manufacturer support AT ALL in the USA.

  3. Anyone with $400 laying around unused? I want this phone, so please send it to me, kthxbye. :-P

  4. Still not BOGO Chris, so noooooooooooo deal ilol.

  5. No u.s. warranty no thank you…you got to be an idiot to order this over the one at Google play

  6. If you’re in the u.s. of course

  7. Just ordered mine.

  8. Ordered mine from the GPlay store yesterday and will have it in hand tomo. Not sad about that at all! :)

  9. The Galaxy Nexus could have been a great hit but it’s an epic fail instead for the following reasons – only 16gb non-expandable memory, horrendous battery life, poor external speaker, disappointing camera quality, slower, much slower than the SGSII, screen brightness and temperature is also significantly inferior to that of the SGSII. And yes I know all these first hand because I bought one from Amazon and compared it with my SGSII for almost a month.
    Infact, the only area the GN beats the SGSII is that it has vanilla ICS. Not saying it’s a bad phone, no, it’s actually a great phone but it’s a significant step back from the SGSII which is an older phone.
    Epic fail by Samsung and Google.

    1. The horrendous battery life is only on the LTE version not the GSM version which this is.  I get more than a day of battery life with thi international GSM version (which is pretty standard) while the LTE version is less that half a day.  

      Do you really need more than 16GB of storage?  With services like Google Drive, Drop Box, Box, Amazon Cloud, and Google Music; I don’t find as much need for the SD card any more.  

      The camera quality is good not the best but pretty good.  

      As for speed, I am sure the only reason Samsung did not use their Exynos processor is because of  LTE and perhaps even HSPA+.  I am not sure which SGII you have.  For some reason, Samsung always seems to ship with inferior processors in the U.S for many of the carriers because of the radio.  Data speed is probably more important to overall speed than CPU speed.

      I wouldn’t say the screen is inferior to the SGII.  Remember, this screen is HD.  One problem with the Super AMOLED Plus screen on the SGII is that it is wasted on a non-HD screen especially on the larger screen versions of the SGII.  My guess is that Super AMOLED Plus was not yet possible for an HD screen when the Galaxy Nexus came out.

      I think the only reason the Galaxy Nexus could be classified as a fail is that the unlocked version in the U.S. was not released immediately and Verizon waited over a month to release the first Galaxy Nexus in the U.S.  The Nexus brand should never be a carrier exclusive.  Especially since the unlocked version released internationally would have worked with T-Mobile and AT&T right out of the box.  Google let American consumers get screwed on the import version by companies like Expansys.

  10. Mangus, ill only agree with you on the lame speaker…everything else I don’t agree with

  11. great phone. Looking back on it if I would have waited 4 months I could have paid 400 dollars less for my Gnex… owhwell, Excellent phone anyways. Dont hesitate to pull the trigger

  12. I live in India….if I buy from expansys,I wanted to know how much will the shipping charge and will I get international warranty….please reply ASAP

  13. The expansys says it comes with a warranty? Is it a U.S warranty? If its international can they still provide support?

  14. It makes you wonder how much Expansys has been price gouging the Galaxy Nexus for the last several months.  Now that Google is offering the phone, they are forced to charge the same price.  

    I hope Google learns its lesson and releases the unlocked Nexus phones in the U.S. as soon  as they are available instead of four months after the rest of the world.

  15. How can I pay with amazon and do no interest payments?

  16. I wonder if Google will continue to bury the “shop devices” page under the easily-missed SHOP menu… or if they will add a front-page button/image each time they add a new device?

    Weird design choice.

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