Apr 24th, 2012

While Samsung has been able to get the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich out to users in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world (including those in America with unlocked versions of the Galaxy S II), it’s been a different story for owners of Samsung devices here in America.

Carriers always seem to be the biggest obstacle to overcome when it comes to providing timeless updates. Even some of Samsung’s WiFi-only tablets have yet to receive the upgrade. Sometimes it can be nerve wrecking just trying to figure out whether or not your device will get the upgrade eventually.

It seems Samsung is taking the guesswork out of at least the “which” part. They’ve confirmed a good chunk of phones on three carriers to receive the latest and greatest in Android. Sprint’s Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, AT&T’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II variants, and Verizon’s latest Galaxy tablets are among those set to receive the update sometime down the line.

WiFi-only Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, 8.9,  and 10.1 units will also receive the upgrade. Unfortunately, Samsung can’t even confirm that any T-Mobile devices will get the update despite the fact that they have at least one flagship phone. It seems to be a common theme with T-Mobile as of late — HTC Sensation owners know all too well about getting excited for the big upgrade.

In any capacity, at least Samsung is shown to be working with carriers as hard as they can to get the update out to their many users. All we need are time frames now, but it’s wise not to get your hopes up for anything within the immediate weeks.

That’s not to say these carriers are incapable of getting the updates out within that window, but getting excited about an unconfirmed (and, in some cases, confirmed) date has never done anyone any good. Hit the source link for the full list of devices set to receive Ice Cream Sandwich. [Samsung via The Verge]

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