Samsung confirms smorgasbord of American devices to receive Ice Cream Sandwich


While Samsung has been able to get the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich out to users in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world (including those in America with unlocked versions of the Galaxy S II), it’s been a different story for owners of Samsung devices here in America.

Carriers always seem to be the biggest obstacle to overcome when it comes to providing timeless updates. Even some of Samsung’s WiFi-only tablets have yet to receive the upgrade. Sometimes it can be nerve wrecking just trying to figure out whether or not your device will get the upgrade eventually.

It seems Samsung is taking the guesswork out of at least the “which” part. They’ve confirmed a good chunk of phones on three carriers to receive the latest and greatest in Android. Sprint’s Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, AT&T’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II variants, and Verizon’s latest Galaxy tablets are among those set to receive the update sometime down the line.

WiFi-only Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, 8.9,  and 10.1 units will also receive the upgrade. Unfortunately, Samsung can’t even confirm that any T-Mobile devices will get the update despite the fact that they have at least one flagship phone. It seems to be a common theme with T-Mobile as of late — HTC Sensation owners know all too well about getting excited for the big upgrade.

In any capacity, at least Samsung is shown to be working with carriers as hard as they can to get the update out to their many users. All we need are time frames now, but it’s wise not to get your hopes up for anything within the immediate weeks.

That’s not to say these carriers are incapable of getting the updates out within that window, but getting excited about an unconfirmed (and, in some cases, confirmed) date has never done anyone any good. Hit the source link for the full list of devices set to receive Ice Cream Sandwich. [Samsung via The Verge]

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  1. So in that case does that mean that the T-Mobile Samsung galaxy S2 will not be getting the ice cream update? Well I guess I have to root or get the note when its released then

  2. Dear US cousins,

    The update to ICS isn’t worth the battery hit (on the SGII that is)

    1. Yikes really? That much worse?

      1. I’m on a leaked ICS ROM for the GSII, battery life has never been better. Getting on average 16 hours+

      2. Please don’t listen to the guy above, maybe he has some kind of fluke happening with his device but i can confirm that i got at least an extra 2-3 hours more battery life on my skyrocket when i put ics on it and that was stock…with sky ics rom for it i’m getting around 17+ hours of medium usage (picture taking, pretty heavy browsing, 400+ texts and mms,etc.) a day with about 15% left at the end of the day, compared to about 12-13 hours when i was on gingerbread

  3. Wow surprised the Captivate Glide was included.  My co-worker has one.

  4. Then what is the hold up on wifi-only tabs? There is no carrier involved to hold things up.

  5. I always wonder why these carriers do that? delay updates that is, is it because it cost them to much to update or what do get by not updating on time? i don’t get it?how much testing they need to do? it seems like is only here in the good USA that these delays happens.

    1. They don’t want to update an old phone until after the newer model comes out.  It has nothing to do with testing. How do I know? I own a G2x. I got fed up with it and bought a Galaxy S2. An updated GS2 would cut into sales of the latest and greatest because it would cost less and have the same software. 

  6. They always take so long I have the epic touch s2 and I’m seriously thinking about using my friends LG marquee and getting my upgrade back while I still can

  7. I finally gave up waiting and rooted last week.  Flashed a few roms before settling on Shostock2.  Works like a dream so far and so nice not having the bloatware.

  8. I’m glad there are custom Tom’s I have a captivate and knew being a Gs1 that my cappy would not get an official Samsung update been running Dark Knight 3 for a while and will.never go back to gingerbread

  9. T mobiles galaxy sII will definitely get ICS, some of the store managers a few weeks ago where testing official builds on there devices. It should be out by may for sure. No sure about tthe S blaze but I’m sure they would do it if the device sells.

  10. “Sometime down the line.” i sold my ATT SII a month ago and they still don’t have it. one of the devs found a really stupid mistake in the source code Samsung released, and i decided i didn’t want the phone any more. i just bought an international HTC One X and unless it has a bad screen and bad video audio with music, i’m going to be happy with it. the video audio can be fixed with another camera, which i should probably use anyway. 

  11. The Infuse!!!

  12. Am I the only one that got hungry looking at that picture of ice cream sandwich?

  13. Well that is great that Samsung is getting ICS out all these devices but when are they going to get Gingerbread out to wifi version on the original 7.0 tab (GT-P1010)? I mean really my phone has the same procesor (Epic 4G) and it came with Gingerbread. It has been out a while so one would think that they would have it already.

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