Google Drive to provide up to 100GB of storage?


We look to be inching closer and closer to a Google Drive launch by the day. Yesterday, more rumors corroborated the suggestion that Google Drive would be giving users to 5GB of storage to start off. Well, today we’re learning that there might be a max storage size of 100GB. Most of that will likely require an open wallet to be  unlocked and there are sure to be multiple options.

We’ve also gotten an idea of what to expect regarding the scope of the project, as Reuters reports Google Drive will bring together “search capabilities and allow users to store pictures, notes and other documents on the internet and access them from any Web-connected service.”

It’s not that we expected anything more or less, but there you go. Today is the earliest day we’re supposed to be hearing about these goodies so sit tight and stick with us as we continue to check our sources like the excited little schoolgirls we seem to be acting like.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were free … even the 100GB. But there will be a clause stating that all the data on the Cloud is subject to be scanned for targeted advertising. That’s how Google makes money, advertising. And what better way to get people to open up their data … free storage with a caveat.

    1. If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.

      1. well put

        1. not really.  He’s essentially pointing to the sky and yelling out “It’s BLUE!”   No derp.

          1. I wasn’t saying it’s a bad thing either. I simplified your statement into 9 words using a very common euphemism. And I use gmail, g+, Android, and many other google services, as well as non google free services. So yes, the sky is blue. And we’re all products.

      2. I don’t mind being a product.   In a sense we’re all products now regardless if you opt to use the GDrive or not.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking other companies aren’t harvesting your data as a product.

    2. I would be ok if there was a paid version and a free version supported by ads.

    3. If you pay for it, then you should be able to get rid of ads.

      Unless you were expecting to actually get free storage for nothing? Google is not a charity. People need to understand that.

      If they offer both paid and ad-based options, then it’s up to you if you want to be the product, or you want to pay with your own money. Somehow I think most people would still go for the ad-based version.

  2. I don’t see why Google would offer an upper limit? If you’re going to pay for it, why not let people pay for as much as they want?

    1. Yeah, this doesn’t make the least bit of sense.  Here is what Alexei wuth Reuters (the article) actually says, “Consumers will get 5 Gigabytes of storage for free with Google Drive, while various versions with incrementally more storage capacity, topping out at about 100 Gibabytes, will be available for monthly fees, the source said.”

      I guess we will find out soon enough!

    2. Maybe because they don’t want Google accounts to become mini-Megauploads.

  3. I have 3TB of cloud storage. Just get a NAS like one from Synology and you can create your own cloud. Thankfully I have fios and great bandwidth to go with it.

    There are some features that I do miss like link sharing, but in those instances I would just upload the file to dropbox or google drive. I am hoping google keeps the same pricing structure that they currently have for extra email/doc storage. I pay $5 a year for 20GB.

    1. that’s not really a cloud, but nice try at some sort of significance.

      1. Sorry ingua, but how is it NOT a cloud? When you can access your data from anywhere in the world via web connection?

        1. It’s not cloud. Cloud means dispersion of resources between many users, usually with replication of all data (often in different physical locations).

          1. all the cloud is, is a server(s)/computer(s) connected to the internet so you can gain access to your files stored on them and upload files to then from anywhere in the world solong as you have a data connection. 

            Anthony Ciuffinis suggestion is essentially a private cloud server where he himself supplies the bandwidth and storage rather then paying someone else to. It’s not a new concept.

  4. Up to 10 times the amount here is being offered kinda funny that 100gb was large not large enough for google apparently as you can get 1tbs of storage from them.

  5. Their pricing shows up to 16TB

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