Apr 24th, 2012

AT&T’s finally posted their financial results from the first quarter of 2012. They added 726,000 new wireless customers last quarter, a number that is not easy to sneeze at.

They sold 5.5 million smartphones in the quarter which was enough to break their record from the same quarter last year. A whopping 30% of those sales included 4G smartphones, which would include both 4G LTE and HSPA+ models. In all, smartphones accounted for 78% of postpaid device sales.

Nearly 60% of AT&T’s postpaid customers have smartphones, up from 41% in the same quarter last year. Revenues wireless were up by 5.4%, or $1 billion, year-on-year, bringing in $16.1 billion in dough. Long story short, it was a great quarter for AT&T and look for them to keep on rolling in the months ahead. Hit the source link for the full release. [AT&T]

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