AT&T sets record setting first quarter in Q1’12 financial results


AT&T’s finally posted their financial results from the first quarter of 2012. They added 726,000 new wireless customers last quarter, a number that is not easy to sneeze at.

They sold 5.5 million smartphones in the quarter which was enough to break their record from the same quarter last year. A whopping 30% of those sales included 4G smartphones, which would include both 4G LTE and HSPA+ models. In all, smartphones accounted for 78% of postpaid device sales.

Nearly 60% of AT&T’s postpaid customers have smartphones, up from 41% in the same quarter last year. Revenues wireless were up by 5.4%, or $1 billion, year-on-year, bringing in $16.1 billion in dough. Long story short, it was a great quarter for AT&T and look for them to keep on rolling in the months ahead. Hit the source link for the full release. [AT&T]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They need it after losing money and spectrum to t mobile

    1. Money they could afford to lose. Loss none the less

    1. A fact that Quentyn conveniently failed to mention….

      Also, the iPhone accounts for over half of all smartphone sales at Verizon

      The excuse used to be, “Well of course the iPhone is number one….all of the other Android phones cancel each other out!”

      Now the iPhone is outselling all Androids COMBINED on AT&T and Verizon (I’m sure at Sprint as well)…..

      Booyah! :-)

      1. lol cause most people buy their phones online, if your take all the android phones Amazon or best buy have sold the numbers would be shocking and android has already reached 850k activations a day >.> yea no sign of slowing down 

        1. You are missing the point. You can buy the phone anywhere, but you would (presumably) activate it on a carrier? These figures are activation numbers. In other words. 78% of people who signed up for plans on the at&t network this quarter, did so with an iPhone

          1. I work for att and that 78% is so [moderated] hard to swallow, I sell hardly any out of my store it’s easily 75% htc vivid 10% iphones and the rest is scattered.

          2. AT&T sold 5.5 million smartphones, 4.3 million of which were iPhones….that adds up to a whopping 78%:


            Bury your head in the sand all you want, fandroid, but the numbers are right there

          3. That is certainly weird, since HTC just reported a 70% drop in profits


          4.  you probably won’t see this but I am not burying my head I am simply looking at my own personal numbers, and those do not reflect att as a whole… If i gave you the impression that I was high when I wrote that I apologize. Just stating a local even that does not reflect the entire company.

  2. Why do people stay with AT&T? I just don’t understand.

    1. Because its good

    2. Because AT&Ts coverage and reliability is just as good as Verizon’s, especially in major cities, while at the same time being cheaper.

      I calculated my average monthly bill, everything included, in 2011 to be just under $70/mo. Verizon would cost more for the same service.

  3. Att Lte faster than Verizon Lte… Verizon 3g only allows voice or data usage at one time. Att on the other hand allows. Know your facts!

    1.  Also ATT data services are compatible, everyone screams about how verizon has better lte coverage, cool but when you stack att 4g with hspa+ and lte together it dwarfs verizon, I honestly don’t know why anyone would choose verizon unless they had way better coverage in the area you live.

  4. Yeah, yeah! You can have your 3.5 inch baby ibrick!

  5. funny how putting the numbers into context can also turn this around and make for dismal news for ATT:

    1. Thank you for the link. You gotta love the way they want you to believe what att is and isn’t selling. “Non phone devices like the kindle” lol go into an att and ask how many kindles they have and they’ll tell you 1-3 . Customers with smart phone who get service with a company is great long and short term because its pure profit.

      1.  smartphones are pure profit… att doesn’t see profit til you complete 18 months of service.

        1. Customers who come to a cell company with their own device* are prue profi and att doesn’t see profit until 13* months of completed service.

          1. we have free devices, not one time have I started a new line on an old device. They always opt to get something. That fact came directly from a higher up at AT&T I really doubt they would falsify something like that to a rep?

  6. “30% of those sales included 4G” i don’t get this line,
    but does it mean only 30% of the iPhone sales are iphone 4s/iphone 4 or better only 1,3-1,6 mil?
    Does this mean, the iPhone (3g/3gs) is now the low-range kid in town?

  7. I wonder how much of those numbers are from Android vs. iPhones.

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