GSM Galaxy Nexus Android 4.04 factory images available for download


With a recent update to Android 4.0.4, Google has made factory images of the latest Android build available for GSM Galaxy Nexus devices. Build IMM76I is available in two flavors, one for the standard “yakju” code branch and a second dubbed “takju,” which features Google Wallet support. The images take all that is provided as part of the available AOSP files and compiles them into easily flashable ROMs, the sort of thing that comes in handy for developers or those who enjoy tinkering below the surface of Android. Head over to Google Developers to get the latest builds.

[Google via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Hey Verizon, how bout some 4.0.4 lovin’?

    1. [fingers in ears]  Lalalalalala!  They’re not listening!

    2. You can download and flash 4.0.4 just head over to the xda forums.

      1. I’ve said this many times, 4.0.4 ROMs for Verizon Gnex are NOT the official build for the CDMA device.  It will not solve Verizon specific issues like LTE battery drain, bad radios, and the mic cutting out during a call.  Flashing a 4.0.4 ROM is NOT the answer for some of us, and I’m sick of people saying it is.

        If all I wanted were new OS level updates and I only used my Gnex on Wifi, a 4.0.4 ROM would be perfectly fine. However, I use mine on the Verizon network, so I’d appreciate a true Verizon 4.0.4 build that fixes issues directly related to the Verizon variant of the phone.

        Plus I was HUGE into ROMs on my last phone for 2 years. It was an addiction. I always had to be flashing the latest and greatest version, sometimes daily and I’m sick of it. It took time and effort that I am no longer willing to give.

        1. I’m not saying it’s a cure-all Adam I am very well aware of that but the update that I installed did fix numerous issues like the random reboots, volume is much better, auto brightness adjustments, etc, etc. but no hurt in throwing that on there until the big red rolls out the 4.0.5 update. 

          PS. If you’re sick of reading don’t you can pass it up and just let people go on their way. 

          1. No no, I’m not sick of reading it, that’s not quite what I meant.  I’m sick of people dismissing us folks who really want the Verizon update as being dumb or unreasonable simply because we don’t want to ROM our phones.  I’m perfectly capable of rooting and ROMing my phone in the next 10 minutes, I just don’t have the time or the desire to do it anymore.  And my wife has a Gnex and she definitely doesn’t want to have to mess with ROMing just to solve issues.  And those issues you mention are minor compared to the killer issues that can only be solved by an official Verizon build.

            I know I run the risk of sounding like an iFan (which I am NOT), but I do envy how Apple handles their software updates.  And yes, I realize one big advantage of Android is the dev community, but I love Android for what it does natively, not what it CAN do via the dev community. I want Android to awesome not because of the efforts of awesome devs, but because of what it does on its own. The dev community is just icing on the cake. Icing I no longer have the time to deal with. ;)

          2. LOL you sound like me man. I hadn’t rooted or rom’d since my Incredible which was smashed and replaced with the crappy droid x ( IMO ) but I just couldn’t deal with the random boots. I actually haven’t even rooted this yet or played with rom’s I don’t have the time either and I do have to agree with the apple updates how their handled but hey that’s what we have the community for as long as we have the time ;)

    3. Give up the dream… ;-)

      I’m anticipating a downgrade to 4.0.1 before they give me 4.0.4

    4. Yeah, I’d agree with @nicolas .. just go get the 4.0.4 leak from Febuary. I’ve been running since it hit and have had no issues. If the 4.0.5 update that’s been rumored does hit then you’ll get those tiny fixes anyway. Just do it. If you’ve updated your PC or Mac before .. what’s the diff? There is very little chance you’ll brick your phone into a state that you can’t recover anyway.

      1. I have it, and while I do enjoy the mild changes, not everyone who bought this phone should have to do this. It’s a nexus device, we shouldn’t have to worry about bugs.

    5. What? Big Red not coming correct on their “Pure Google” device? Totally did NOT see that coming. /sarcasm

  2. Almost bought the GSM Nexus this morning.  Then I realized I have a One X pre-ordered. Must resist the temptation.

    1. lol

  3. Getting impatient on an update to the Verizon nexus….

  4. it’s not  IMM761 but IMM76I.

  5. yakju is European.  takju is U.S.

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