Latest Minecraft Pocket Edition update brings crafting to touchscreen devices


A new update for Minecraft — Pocket Edition is now available in the Google Play Store and continues to build on the original mobile version of the game by introducing more features found in its desktop counterpart. Just as previous versions of Minecraft PE started to introduce “survival” elements such as health and day/night changes, the latest update brings crafting to the small screen via MATTIS. An acronym for Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System, MATTIS boils crafting down to a few simple steps but opens up a whole avenue of new possibilities.

The update also brings about refined zombie AI, cows, ducks, and descriptive text of inventory items. The latest edition of Minecraft — Pocket Edition brings enough quality improvements to make its $6.99 price tag a bit more justifiable.

Google Play Link: Minecraft — Pocket Edition

[via Mojang | Thanks, Paul!]

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  1. I got it for 10c during the 10 billionth download special … no complaints here :D

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