Motorola RAZR HD spotted in China, running ICS with 720p display


A new photo has surfaced of a Motorola device running around China and looking an awful lot like the next entry in the revived RAZR series. A model number of MT887 matches recently uncovered EXIF data linked to the Motorola RAZR HD, all but confirming the existence of the device. Running Android 4.0.3, the new handset features hardware that mostly matches the current crop of RAZR phones, save for the 4.3-inch 720p display that lends to the RAZR HD’s name. The inclusion of a RAZR Maxx-like 3300mAh battery remains a possibility.

Rumors have tied the Motorola Droid RAZR HD to an upcoming Verizon device tagged as the Droid Fighter, though it is unclear if both are the same phone at this point (and if so, which name it will launch under in the US). Another RAZR phone just months after the first two wouldn’t be that surprising at this point.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Hopefully this will be the Razr they release to all carriers…..

    1. Yeah, a DROID Razr on T-Mobile sounds perfect.
      The put the EVO Lte on At&t 

      Woy know what, put the new My Touch on Verizon too.

      1. Wow, angry much?  Verizon doesn’t own the Razr name….just the Droid name…..so what if this is the Motorola Razr HD and released to all carriers like the Galaxy S2

    2. Verizon and Motorola have agreements that they carry exclusive lines only for Verizon to give them both a marketing advantage. Verizon by far is the largest carrier and therefore they have strong buying power. That is why they can have such an edge over the competition. Kind of the same way Walmart and and Home Depot do with their vendors. Verizon is responsible for Motorola and their comeback in the cell phone industry they need each other to succeed as a front runner. Motorola also has more patents than any other cell company. That gives them a huge advantage. 

  2. You sure it’s a 4.3″ display?  Looks like a 4.6 – 4.7.

    Also 4.3 inch 720p display would be in the ballpark of 340ppi which has been done before but would be a major upgrade for a Moto phone.

    1. Yeah an earlier photo shows it next to the current Razr and it is estimated this one will be at least 4.6″, comparable to the Nexus.

      1. Here I found the photo.

  3. Another RAZR huh….this should of had been the very first one released instead of remaking it to the MAXX.

    1. By having many different models, they can cover all price points to meet larger consumer base. It’s actually an excellent marketing strategy to grow their name and their product. Trust me Motorola knows what they are doing, they are the one of the true veterans in the cell industry. They started out as the best they are now back in the top 3. I am amazed at their success and I applaud it. I would say at Verizon it is a battle between Motorola and Samsung as who is the best. HTC has seemed to have fallen back into 3rd. 

  4. Is this a replacement to the Atrix??

    I need a new phone to replace my Atrix & HTC sound record to tinny so looking at Samsung or Motorola.  Roll on May/June

  5. damm spammer at least learn how to use proper punctuation. 

    1. Please don’t talk to the spambots – they’re not human. ^_^

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