HTC One X demo units arriving at AT&T


With pre-orders under way and a release date set for May 6th, it was only a matter of time before AT&T started showing off the HTC One X in stores. That looks to be the case as a series of photos obtained by AndroidCentral show demo units of the handset ready to receive the fingerprints of those eager to get a look at the phone’s HD display and Snapdragon S4 internals. The One X will sell for $199.99 on a qualifying two-year service plan.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Don’t forget. Radio Shack is going to have it for $150

    1. might**

      1. Radio shack does have it for $150.  Call them.

        So does Target.

        Both are for preorder only

        1. Only thing I don’t like is the extra contract with them, if you change anything in the first 6 months you get slammed with an early termination fee. And with shipped it’s only $40 saved.

          1. I can’t stand Radio Shack (and I refuse to buy anything from there) so I went to my local Best Buy to see if they would match it.  They agreed.  I know for sure though that 2 other Best Buys in the area will not match.

            I don’t want to do shipping anyways because although you might be able to get the phone a day or two early, nobody is ever home at my place to sign for stuff.

          2. I got my Evo 4G and Evo 3D both from there and had very good experiences. 

    2. So does Amazon wireless.

  2. My confirmation email from AT&T says it’ll ship May 2 (priority 2-day shipping for free).

    1. Yeah, pre orders always get the phone friday. 

  3. im ready for my evoLTE! but every other one x looks soooooo much better. the evo lte is not *Ugly* but i might say that the regular one x is the best looking phone i have ever seen. i would choose the better looks of the one x over removable storage. 

    1. That’s where I was… My wife needs a new phone and was off-contract on AT&T, and I’m on Sprint… was excited to hear the One X was coming to Sprint, then dismayed when I saw the device… SO, ended up ordering the white one on AT&T for her… makes a far better “chick phone” lol.

  4. Pre-ordered mine yesterday.  Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    1. Just a question though. Is the boot loader locked?

      1. It will be because it is on a US carrier, but it isn’t excrypted like Motorola bootloaders.  Between htcdev and the dev community an unlock will be out in no time.

      2. Looks like you already can unlock it through HTC Dev.

  5. Just pre-ordered mine. I’ve been phoneless. More specifically, android-less for about a year now. I just can’t wait. Wooohooo.
    I’ve been well-rounded with Touchwiz, htc’s earlier Sense versions, and iOS. I’m hoping with all my heart that sense 4 will be worth my time. We’ll see :)

  6. So many other ppl complaining about a non removable battery and a micro sd slot on other websites…I have the HTC Amaze 4g with 16gb on board and a 32gb gb card and I coild careless about no sd slot and only having 16gb…I’m saying peace out Tmobile and the horrible service and hello at&t and lte :)..bye sellintheg my Amaze on eBay it should cover the cancellation fee and buying the One X..can’t wait to have this beast!

  7. Can you hide apps with sense 4, like in stock ICS?

  8. Everybody boycott carrier stores!!! Teach them a lesson, people don’t like paying more than they have to!!!

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