Samsung SCH-I200 is Verizon-bound with a Snapdragon S4 chipset


Recently uncovered Bluetooth SIG and GLBenchmark reports are shedding some light on a new Samsung smartphone headed to Verzion. The Samsung SCH-I200, known by the codename “Jasper,” looks to be an Ice Cream Sandwich handset running on the impressive dual-core Snapdragon S4 platform from Qualcomm. The 1.5GHz CPU was recently coupled with an LTE radio for the AT&T version of the HTC One X, and given the SCH-I200’s destination we would guess the same will apply here.

The model number suggests that the phone will fall into the mid-range category as a followup to the likes of the Samsung Gem and Illusion. This may seem surprising considering the device’s powerful processor, but not so much when we take the 854×480 display into account. 720p resolution is quickly becoming standard for high-end fare. Perhaps the unveiling of the Galaxy S III will provide a better perspective on the phone called Jasper.

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  1. these companies need to stop making anything bellow their flag ship smartphone. yesterday’s flagship should be enough for this year’s mid-range smartphones provided that they get updates.

    1. Funny thing is this will smoke most high end phones from last year for half the price

  2. my ns4g has a 1ghz single core and a similar screen to that of the jasper (WVGA) and i consider mine right around mid range today. the gem is a 100% POS and the illusion is not much better. i dont think anything with the best LTE capible processor (to date) could be considered “mid range”. 2nd tier due to the screen perhaps, but mid range is a spap in the face. 

    1. perhaps they expect their new exynos to be a full fledged level above that of s4?  we shall see.

  3. I will check this out if the price is right. S4 plus most likely a smaller screen will probably be really smooth

  4. UHhhhhhh, when is VZW gonna get a “top of the line phone” (new) that I can blow my money on… more and more tempted to get the EVO4GLTE everyday.

    1. The specs on the EVOLTE look pretty good, but the phone itself looks pretty ugly IMO.

      1. Yea, the phone doesn’t look the best, but that is the least important factor to me.  Honestly, I think most look the same, just small(ish) blocks.  Plus, I through cases on my phones, so

        1. Yeah if you are going to case it then it doesn’t really matter.

  5. … meanwhile, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint gets the Galaxy S3…

  6. Was going for a Verizon note :-(

  7. Note. Journal. Plz

  8. no thanks

  9. Maybe Samsung felt it didnt piss on enough customers, that it went ahead and released the Droid Charge 2. 

  10. Oh guys, we all know the S3 isn’t coming to Vzn for at least 6-8 more months! I just good it will get Jellybean early next year!

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