DroidDoes.com reveals Droid Incredible 4G with specs and pricing


Whether they intended to or not, Verizon has just outed the HTC Droid Incredible 4G over at their DroidDoes site. The appearance includes not only  our first clear look at the phone but also a rundown of the specs and the on-contract pricing. We’re look at a 1.2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, and a 4-inch qHD Super LCD display. The specs rank closer to the HTC One S than the flagship One X, but we get Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4 just the same. The rest of the hardware measures up as so:

  • 8 megapixel rear camera
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • VGA front-facing camera
  • Beats Audio
  • 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
  • 1700mAh battery
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Expandable memory up to 32GB microSD card
  • Size: 2.4 x 4.8 x 0.46 inches
  • Weight: 4.66 ounces

The Incredible 4G is listed at $299 on a two-year contract. The DroidDoes site even has a “Buy Now” link, though it only redirects to a purchase page for the Droid RAZR MAXX. At first glance we might have expected a bit more from the handset that takes its name from Verizon’s incredibly (pardon the pun) popular line of smartphones. What say the peanut gallery?

[DroidDoes via DroidDog]


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  1. 1.2Ghz cpu… Are you saying it’s a single core????

    1.  This phone has a 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor.

  2. $299= Fail 

  3. That can’t be the price!!

  4. That price has to be wrong. We were originally told $149-$249??

  5. That is a terrible replacement for the Incredible line and it is way overpriced. That’s why my DInc will be exchanged for the SGS3 instead of this. VZW is just trying to screw customers more and more these days.

  6. Go to at&t, save $100 and get HD display and a sexier phone (HTC one x)
    I have verizon but its obvious they dont care about their customers. Qhd and $299? What???

  7. they used the maxx as a placeholder so it is probably just the same price information until the final is released.

  8. Why would anyone buy this over the nexus?

    1. now there is a valid question. VZW never actually pimps their best phones tho. when i got my nexus all the reps dumbfounded with “huh, what? so you are telling me you dont want the RAZR?!?” I get freedom they have RAZRs… IDIOTS!

    2. because of normal screen size vs 4.7 on nexus

      1. Really, did you just say that out loud? First off, did you even hold the phone? It’s about the same width as the dinc2, and about the same thickness, it’s just longer. Are you a young boy/girl?

        1. It’s also over a half inch shorter and over a quarter inch narrower than the Galaxy Nexus.  For those of us with smallish hands who like to use their phone one-handed, the difference is significant.

          It also has a faster processor and probably has better battery life than a Galaxy Nexus.

          1. First off, where are you getting these measurements? They are wrong, second how is a single core processor faster than the dual core processor, good try, do some homework and get back to me.

          2.  1) Why did you compare to the Dinc2 when you replied to something asking about the Nexus (a 4.7″ screen giant).
            2) If you’ve been paying attention to the news about the Inc4G, that 1.2GHz processor is a dual core Snapdragon S4, which is much faster than anything other than the Tegra 3 (which isn’t available on any phone with LTE).

          3. Actually a single core and a dual core @ 1.2 are both the same speed, 1.2Ghz. The dual core is not considered “faster” but is considered more powerful but only if the OS and software on it are capable of accessing and using both cores.

          4. @
            Haxcid thanks for the correction, point well taken

          5.  @Haxcid  Wrong. They are NOT both the same speed. The Krait (Snapdragon S4) processor is MUCH faster clock for clock than the older Inc2 processor, and every other CPU on the market. It’s nearly a Cortex A-15 class processor. Get your facts straight before you spew nonsense.

          6. Dude. Not to be a dick, but you’re the one who needs to do homework.

            Snapdragon S4=(aside from GPU) more power than tegra3. which means, yes, a single core can be faster than dual core. cores aren’t a big deal man.

            also, to your other comments, Sense 4 isn’t “laggy” .. the UI speed is a bit slower so it seems smoother. for example, a G2X is blazing fast, but it looks choppy in action. Sense 4 is slowed down to be smooth. I have Sense 4

            and benchmarks don’t mean shit.

          7. 1) First I was just giving you an overall estimate of real world size in hand based off the closet comparison, you can touch.

            2) You are absolutely correct the S4, blows away the competition in “Benchmarks” however have you seen any of the reviews on the one X (which is higher speced) with sense 4.0 there is lag compared to the Nexus.

          8. Personally, I find the Dinc2 to be slightly wider/taller than I’d like (but still tolerable).  It’s also significantly smaller than the Galaxy Nexus.  The smaller size alone is reason enough to choose the Dinc4G over a Nexus (in answer to your original question).

            As far as lag goes, HTC is much more supportive of rooting and bootloader unlocking than other manufacturers, so if you absolutely must have vanilla Android, it’s certainly an option on the Inc4G.

        2. The Galaxy Nexus is noticeably wider and much taller than the Inc2. The Inc2 is the perfect size (although it should be thinner). there is no reason to go above 4.0″ screen it’s completely pointless for a cellphone.

          The Inc4G might be just about perfect. Hopefully it’ll be the Krait (S4) processor and maintain the AMOLED display of the One S.

      2. 4.65, Actually, and over .3 of that is for on-screen buttons, so in reality only around 4.3 is usable.

    3. NFW

  9. I say “meh”. Someone PLEASE point out the differentiator that makes this phone worth $200 more than the Bionic.

    1. Maybe theyre hoping you think sense 4.0 is worth 200$

    2. It isn’t made by Motorola.  So for only 200 dollars more, this is a steal.

    3. No reason. Bionic has better specs (dual core, bigger screen, better FFC, bigger battery, lighter) and you can get that for only $100.

      1. Bionic’s old 1.0 Ghz Dual core omap < Incredible 4G's brand new 1.2 Ghz dual core S4 processor.

        Bionic = 5.57 oz , while Inc 4g = 4.66

        Both phones have VGA front facing cameras

        The 1735mah battery of the bionic is barely bigger than the Inc 4g's 1700, but I'd bet a hell of a lot of money that the Inc 4g will get better battery life  than the Bionic

        To sum this up, the bionic doesn't have better specs at all sir.

        1. Better battery life? You, sir, must have never used an HTC device.

          1. LOL you must have not used an ANDROID device.

            fact is, sense 4 is good on battery, the battery is about the same size as the bionic, and it’s got a newer processor based on the 28nm process. so no, the bionic WILL NOT get better battery life.

    4. bionic is cheap because it is terrible. enough said

    5. Umm I donno… disappearing apps, horrible screen display, ugly design (looks like a calculator)… That right there was enough for me to send that p.o.s. back…

  10. $100 more than the GNex?  Shenanigans.

  11. Ridiculous price… Smh

  12. Wow, I dunno how VZW could be so stupid.  I really hope no-one pays $299 for this.

  13. The Rezound 0.5 ?

    1. its a prequel…

  14. Wait… qHD?  Why?

    1. it’s a 4″ screen. the dpi of that resolution on a 4″ screen is about 276 which is pretty close to “retina” territory. and since it’s super lcd, it uses a regular rgb matrix which means that it should be pretty difficult to tell pixelation.

  15. Indeed it is not 1.2ghz single core. I thought it was confirmed by benchmarks that this is rocking the S4.

  16. Very…….. Underwhelming. My Rezound is more up to date than this!

  17. nothing new and cost more….. 

  18. As a Dinc owner (Since Day 1) this really shames the ‘Incredible’ Name… The first Dinc was Truly Incredible (The Biggest, Baddest, Fastest Smartphone Available at that moment – Sorry IPhone).  Now Verizon is WAY behind the 8-Ball with their product offerings, Especially with this phone.  More like the HTC One S (4″ qHD Screen) when the Rezound Specs for their screen is MUCH Better.  So it has the S4 with 4.0, I would expecct an ‘Incredible’ to be a fully loaded One X with some much needed modifications (SD Card / Removable Battery).  Doubt the price is accurate, more like $200. Guess we’ll be staying withthe Dinc / 3G until something Really Incredible happens…

    1. I agree Twins. Another Dinc user here. With Verizon cutting their contract upgrade bonuses and bumping the prices on phones, it’s simply not worth upgrading until something significantly better comes along. Galaxy Nexus wasn’t quite enough, we’ll see if anything in the next wave of LTE phones is.

  19. The Droid “Not So” Incredible will drop to $200 within 2 months easily.  We VZW customers should really take a stand against these $300 on contract prices.

    1. Agreed, Look what AT&T, T Mobile and Sprint are doing with their versions of the One line.  AT&T gets the sexy One X for $200 and Sprint took a One S and added great features…still only $200.  Sure Verizon is adding a few things to the One S, but not a screen that would make it worth $300.  Now the new $30 upgrade fee on top of already expensive phones…boo Verizon, boo.

  20. Besides the S4 chip, the Rezound is better.

  21. What appeal does this phone have?

  22. I hope that $299 price tag changes

  23. I agree $299 is ridiculous. If it had a 720p screen, maybe. That said, the S4 chip should make a big difference in performance and battery life. It has been outscoring the Tegra 3 (quad core) in benchmarks. It also has integrated LTE on the SoC, so it should be more battery efficient. It is also a next-gen dual core manufactured with a 28nm process, so that should make for better battery life as well. Lastly, the S4 is supposedly designed to make for better/faster cameras, so that should be a major improvement. All of that said, it’s not worth $300. Let’s hope @legalkill is right and they’re just using the Maxx page as a placeholder and the price will really be <$200.

  24. More and more the Rezound is the spiritual successor to the DInc…

  25. Bring on the Note… Journal ..whatever. VZW ‘s insight into what will sell in slightly twisted. Fire immediately whomever is charge of that Dept . And get back on track.

  26. Hello everyone! Bob here from Motorola. The Droid razr XL is on It’s way. Some may call it Droid fighter. You’ll get a 4.7 inch 720p crystal clear screen, smart actions, 3500mah battery, 1.5gh s4 soc, android 4.04 code named ice cream sandwich, 12 megapixel camera with advanced sensors to replace your point and shoot I guarantee, 16gb memory plus micro sd up to 64gb, 2 megapixel front camera with a low-light option, compatible with our new moto dev unlock of the bootloaders. Also don’t fret most of our 2011 phones will be compatible with our moto dev once we get Android 4.0 out to those handsets.

    1.  Motorola Blows!!!!

    2. If the “Razr XL” comes out with those specs it will be my next phone…

    3. It could f*cking print money and I still wouldn’t buy a Motorola phone.
      Crap software + crap attitude towards customers + encrypted bootloader = no effing way.

  27. 1700mah Battery? Have they learned nothing from the thunderbolt ? 

    1. If im not mistaken, the thunderbolt ran its LTE chip independent from the processor, leading to the crazy battery drain, with the new S4 processor there should be very little battery drain from the LTE radio.

  28. So, assuming it’s still an S4 processor, this thing is top-of-the line among phones in the US in every way except for screen size/resolution (where many people actually prefer smaller) and front-facing camera resolution (who cares?). 

    Given the above, why would anybody expect this thing to be priced as anything other than Verizon’s new flagship?

  29. I’m not seeing it on the Droid Does website.

  30. Yawn. Thanks for last years specs HTC!

  31. John you won’t be disappointed, we’ve worked very hard on this. Also has an improved Kevlar coating which covers the whole back side of the phone. The idon’t handle water well but DROID DOES Kevlar water resistant up to 30 meters.

    1.  And when can we expect this Razr 3.0?

  32. buy a Rezound!

  33. $299 is way too much for a 4″… This is probably not accurate until it gets closer to it’s release.  Still, I wouldn’t exactly trade in my Rezound for it…

  34. Oh verizon its like you never left us

  35. You bet they are pimping it out!
    First phone to be released with Android 4.0 (since Gnex) sense 4.0 & the internal LTE processor (S4) That is supposed to be very fast & battery efficient.
    The price is subject to change before release, if not it will go down in about 3 months.
    This phone will surprise many, I think it is being severely underestimated!
    299 is high I agree.
    *the article does say that they were using the moto razr maxx template to mock it up, is not the price of the razr maxx currently 299?*

  36. Verizon is getting outta hand with their phone prices.   My Thunderbolt will have to completely die before i spend $300 on a phone worth $10

  37. $100, sorry. 

  38. I love HTC devices, and especially my Rezound. While this is of course a sweet device, it really doesn’t have much to offer over my Rezound. Moral of the story: if you want to spend the money and get the latest, by all means do it! If you want to save a bunch of money, you’ll be just as happy with the Rezound, it will get ics soon, we hope.

  39. Meh. I would have expected it to be closer to the X – after all, the original Droid Incredible kinda invented the modern HTC.  Also, I need more battery life. I had to buy a battery from sedio to keep my original Dinc going and that was with 3g. Using 4g LTE, I definitely need more battery power to get me through the day. 

    So frustrating… Moto has the phone with the large battery power, but HTC is more root friendly.  And I do like sense.  Perhaps I’ll just wait a little longer to see what the next batch of phones bring us…

  40. They must’ve took it down after ppl said WTF to the price Lol

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