HTC One X for AT&T pre-orders now open


Been waiting to get your grubby hands on AT&T’s HTC One X? Well, you can now head over to the carrier’s website and pre-order one for yourself. Or, if 50 bucks means something to you, wait a while and book one through RadioShack where, as I reported yesterday, it might only cost $149.99.

Thanks, Jerry Burhow!

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I would love to but AT&T’s site seems to be down and no mention of the phone on The Shack’s website…UGH!!! Maybe its a sign not to give up my GNote

    1. Hmm.. strange, the site’s working for me half way across the world in India. I’ll be keeping an eye on RadioShack’s website, so if that rumor turns out to be true, you know you’ll here about if from us.

    2. It’s on AmazonWireless too

      1.  Amazon Wireless was $250 for a renewal lol.

    3. Radio Shack and Target are both doing $50 off, but it looks like you have to go in to the store.

    4. The website is being stupid, just keep refreshing, I had to do that.

  2. The only thing I hate about my Rezound is the battery life and now the head honchos seem to be saying that thinness and not battery life is the priority so I’m a little worried about 1X battery life with that big beautiful screen (I only get about five or six hours of moderate use out of my Rezound on the standards battery). I’m also very curios as to why they dropped their flagships ffc down to 1.5mp from the Rezound’s 2mp.

    1. Everyone seems to like the LTE One X battery

      1.  I haven’t seen many (any) reviews on the LTE version, only the Tegra 3 version

        1. XDA developers is where I get my info.

  3. I ordered mine!  WoooHooo!!! Can’t Wait!

  4. Ordered one for the wife… she’ll never notice nor care whether it has a removable battery or SD card… and it will be a MAJOR upgrade from her old iPhone 3GS :)

  5. I will order one next year!

  6. The rumor is true I have access to radioshacks internals it is 50 for the preorder and 100 when it arrives…. so 149.99…
    however through me here at good ol’ att it’s 200 even on preorder… I fecking hate radioshack turn and burn then they send the customers to us when something goes wrong. I don’t speak for all of them but every radioshack in my “district” is full of technologic rejects. They have better pricing and complete idiots to extend those great prices to you. yes I mad bruh.

    Long story short… DO NOT ever buy a phone from radioshack I am shocked phandroid hasn’t pointed out the bullshit they pull and lack of service after the sale.

    1. Lucky for me I got my local Best Buy to price match.  I have purchased a phone from Radio Shack before and returned it a week later and it was the biggest nightmare I have ever dealt with.  It took hours and eventually I had to mail the phone back to Radio Shack.  I’ve never had a problem with Best Buy.

      BTW had BBY not price matched I still would have not gone to Radio Shack. Also Target is doing the $50 off.

  7. Nevermind. Found it myself.

  8. Order at target mobile or radio shack and save $50 on the 199.99 Price.

  9. Radio shack $150 plus they buy back old phones. You’ve been pwned at&t!

  10. Radio shack has terrible customer service on cell phones and they will rip you off on trading a phone in. People that trade there are asking to be rippped off..

    1. Except for last year when they matched Sprint’s trade ins.

  11. I want to book order for buying this handset because of in this handset number of advanced feature included like radio shack…Thanks for sharing…

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