PSA: Trying to persuade someone to choose Android over iOS? This video might just be what you need


We all at some point meet someone who’s sitting on the fence while deciding between Android and iOS. And the Phandroids that we all are, there’s only one suggestion they are going to get out of us.

Unfortunately, such is the horrible state of tech reporting, that there is a major perception issue that we have to combat.  “The iPhone just works”, or “the UI is so much simpler”, or the apps are so much more polished”.

That’s just a bunch of boohockey, and these people who are about to spend their hard earned money on a new smartphone deserve to know that too. Share this video with them and get them to really understand the advantages of Android. And thumb up this video as much as you can, because this guy deserves props for taking some time out to compile the opinions we’ve all had for years into a good, objective comparison.

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Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Nobody is ever going to convince me that iOS is a better operating system. It might have better apps and it might be smoother sometimes, but as an operating system, Android is just a lot more extensible. Custom keyboards, setting default apps, sharing, etc are things that the operating system should be able to do.

    1. Agreed.

      However, that does not apply to everyone. Take windows desktop, it is fully customizable too. But there are a lot of people who do not even change the background image.
      For those iOS is likely the better option (assuming the price is no issue)

      1. Are you saying because I don’t change my background on my computer that I should get an iPhone?
        (ok, I did change it, but it did take me a year to change it because I just didn’t care, but then I went through a ton of work to change it, because MSFT is retarded on how they do backgrounds… I wanted one picture on one screen and a different on the other two; Windows didn’t like that very much, so I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it to work.)

      2. even if you don’t change backgrounds, being able to choose which program opens a url, or and address etc seems like something everyone would use.

    2. I’ve realized this a while ago, too. Contrary to popular view, a lot of the things on iPhone are harder to do than on Android, and require more steps. I think when people say “iOS is simpler than Android”, they simply mean that iOS has all its apps on the homescreens, while Android has most of them in the app drawer. That’s about it, and it’s not even a big deal. I think everything else can be done a lot easier to do on Android than on iOS.

      For example you can’t even turn on or off Bluetooth very easily. Think about that. And there are many more examples like that, where Android can do stuff a lot faster than iOS.

      1. i think more like iOS is easier to use as in navigate the UI… but in terms of media, downloading stuffs, etc.. android is more convenient..

        i hate itunes ugh, but i wish there was a program like itunes for android minus the need for converting file formats.. we need that

        1. You can 100% clone the IOS’ UI for navigation in Android right? and yet still can have widgets..

          oh and there even have iPhone launchers right..

          You convert any media in appropriate iTunes format every time right?
          To summarize.. You don’t have any point. Or am I missing something?

          oh and did you miss the taken for granted “back button”, “share button”, “search button” for navigating? just saying.. still no point.

        2. Unless you have very old iTunes music with Apple Fairplay DRM, you don’t need to convert anything at all. Just use Meridian or any number of other 3rd party players.

        3. Have you tried winamp? it works great for syncing your media from your computer to your phone and can even transcode your media to a more phone appropriate media, I keep all the music on my computer in flac format and convert it to ogg 192kbps automatically in winamp.

    3. It’s that Back button I want more than anything on the iOS.

      EDIT: Wow, I just watched all 4 video from that guy. Amazing, indept and spot on. How can anyone use iOS for their phone after that video I don’t know lol. As far as tablets go, I would also have to agree with him in that iPad is still the best you can get. Seriously, someone from Google hire that guy.

      1. Agreed, IOS is a pita to use, I use Android for my smartphone and IOS for my tablet, because the app selection just isn’t there on android tablets.
        But I can’t count how many times I’ve sat their confused about how to go back or do something in the app because their’s no back button and no settings or menu. It’s like the apps are made for a toddler.

    4. I can see why some people like iOS. Because you can just pick it up and figure stuff out without having to think.

      So it’s better for people who don’t like to think…..;)

  2. This is a great video. It is a personal preference and the old “android is buggy and doesn’t work” doesn’t hold true anymore. Best quote, ” the iphone is a 5×4 grid how bad can you screw that up”

  3. Good job, now what you got to say ifools?

  4. Been reposting this vid all over the place for the last few weeks. And the iFools can’t say a thing in response. Android is flat out simply the easier OS to use generally. Unless all you want to do is make phone calls and send some sporadic txt messages then iOS could potentially be easier. Anytime you want to do any sort of more involved communication its Android hands down.

  5. He makes some good points but then he goes into something incredibly dumb, like the iPad being able to spread it’s icons apart further than the iPhone.  Well, duh.  It’s a 9.7″ display vs a 3.5.  The Galaxy Note allows for an extra row of icons vs other Android phones…duuuuhhhh I wonder why dat is??

    1.  I think what he meant was that you can only have a set # of icons even on the ipad whereas with android and higher resolution phones you could change the # of icons to match that and not a predetermined # like IOS has

      1. Except he was trying to point out how it was disjointed from the iPhone to the iPad, trying to suggest….fragmentation?  I mean, seriously?  It was a dumb point badly made.

        1. The iPad has a huge screen, so why not put more icons in there? It looks kind of silly with them spread out. Another thing that REALLY annoys me on the iPad is they set it up 5×4 rows or whatever so when I rotate my iPad to landscape the positions of all my icons change. It’s an annoying problem that would be solved if they would have just gone 5×5.

          1. I would argue that the problem is that the Pages o’ Icons is a dumb way to use a beautifully large display anyway.   

            If Apple would just swallow its pride and revamp its tablet UI to include something like real windowing and/or widgets, it would use that real estate much more effectively.

            Here’s my crazy prediction:  Within 2 years, the iOS look and perhaps even the iOS brand will COMPLETELY change to something approaching what Windows has, a tiled look or maybe more like the overlapping Windows that we’re starting to see from Samsung.    In either case, Apple will be heralded for its revolutionary new UI.    No one will care that people have to buy all their apps over again and people will happily fork over money to replace phones that are barely a year old.  

        2. I understood his point just fine, and it’s not a bad point at all. He is just confirming what many people have said before, that the ipad IS a large ipod. And if anything he’s not implying “fragmentation”, he’s actually saying apple has no “fragmentation” between devices, to an almost painful degree. By that I mean that if you have an ipod or iphone and go to an ipad, there isn’t any learning curve. That’s how apple designed it, so the end user has a seamless transition from one device to another. But they’ve taken it further than they need to. Most people who see 2 tables, one of which is almost 3 times larger than the other, would naturally assume you can put 3 times as much stuff on it. But in the case of the ipod/iphone vs. the ipad, the amount you can store is the same. I doubt most people would get confused if their ipad was able to have more icons on the screen, but apparently apple’s not too confident in the intelligence of their customers. What android does is limit the munber of screen icons by the resolution, as the guy in the video said, and that just makes sense. More space = more icons, not that difficult.Basically with apple you have 3 models, each building on the previous. You start out with the ipod, a web and app capable media player. Next you have the iphone, which adds to the ipod the ability to call over cellular networks. Finally you have the ipad, which trades the calling capability for a larger screen. That in a nutshell is what apple’s mobile inventory is. Other than generational differences, they are essentially the same device only differing with what I just mentioned.The difference with android (as it always is) is choice. You have a choice of form factors, size, hardware (build materials, cpu, gpu, conectivity, memory), software (stock, skinned, skinned with bloat), and manufacturers. The most apt comparison I can come up with relative to android vs. apple is the car industry. Android is similar to buying a car today, while you can’t always go to one manufacturer and cherry pick your options, they usually have quite a few different models to chose from. With apple, it’s more like the early 1900s with the Model T, Henry Ford made it available in any color, as long as it was black.

          1. Yup it was actually a good point that went over Pacmacman’s head.

  6. This is a good video. But very one sided

    1. Its not one sided their real facts, we cant dumb down Android so iOS has a chance lol, 

      1. It’s one sided in that it only shows things that support the android side. Coming fresh from an iPhone 4 I can tell you there are things the iPhone does do better. And the statement “iPhone apps are more polished” is never debunked and in my experience they pretty much are. It’s frustrating when I load up an app I used in ios and find the developer didn’t put the same effort into the android side. It’s not really androids fault that the developers are lazy in their ports but it’s something I come across a lot.

        1. That’s not an Android issue though, but as you said, a lazy dev issue.

        2. i agree they do port over a lazy app and think no one who care. alot of ios developers dont care for android os. thats a shame.

        3. So go ahead and point out the things the iPhone does better. You’re kinda doing exactly what they guy in the vid said. iPhone fans will say there are things that iPhone does better but they never actually show something.

        4. While I agree with you that iOS does for the most part have a more complete look than Android does, the idea that one OS looks better than the other can be quite subjective at this point.  Google is paying more attention to the appearance of ICS than previous generations of the mobile platform and even trying to encourage a design philosophy for devs to follow.

          Getting back to the subjectiveness of the “polish” level, I personally prefer matte finish to glass finish and ideally a combination of both.  Personally I think iOS has too much glass but a much more complete appearance, Android is a bit lacking in glass (they have matte appearances down pat) but the look is a little more jumbled with many devs still following the old appearance philosophy or just (as you said) being lazy in updating how their apps look.

          Overall I believe you are right iOS does look a bit better, I just don’t fancy that much glass.  However Android is catching up in the looks department.

      2. I would say though, in all honesty, that a majority of the Android phones that you’d find in your typical Verizon store and all of the Android phones you find in an AT&T store do NOT have Android 4 and could not repeat much of this video.   That’s a problem that Google and the carriers need to fix.   We need to start retiring or upgrading those Gingerbread phones.

        However, yes, GN rocks.

        1. I agree with the fact that they need to upgrade the phones to 4.0 but its also not realy Google’s fault its the manufacturers that are taking so long because their making custom UI skins to stand out and the carriers uploading all the bloatware, and also ICS or not all android phones have the same options for sharing content, all android phones have dedicated back and home buttons, there are task managers/widgets in the market that are even faster then the one found on ICS, all android phones have widgets, ICS just takes most of the things we could already do on android and just makes faster and smoother, if he really wanted to he could of pointed out the request desktop page or the save page for offline reading feature in the new browser. there are so many things he dint list in the video that i can think of, IMO he dint even scratch the surface. 

        2. Agree.

          I have a Gnex and love it, but its miles better than the Desire I traded in for it, and thats the software doing that.

          IF Googles figures are true and only 4% of users are actually using ICS, then this video struggles to be relevant. 

          1. Really? Did you miss the second video with the Fascinate?

          2. No, didn’t. 

            Does it come across as anything other than a nitpicking smug fest ???

            This is the kind of crap that people call iOS fans out on. Just seems to me to be a Android Fan cherry picking ‘My OS is better than yours’ nonsense. 

            Who cares, because if Android was really that much better it would not need this infantile video. And I would say the same if it was an iPhone user doing the same thing.

            Cream floats to the top, so as long as ICS keeps getting better then iOS will HAVE to up its game. Good.

          3. You are so full of $hit. The only point of the videos is to show iSheep that iOS is not more user-friendly.

          4. Tim242 said
            ‘You are so full of $hit. The only point of the videos is to show iSheep that iOS is not more user-friendly ‘

            Wow, name calling and the old favorite ‘isheep’.. 

            Day off school is it ???

            Come back when you have grown up a bit and want to talk with the big boys. 

          5. You know as well as I do that iSheep run around saying, “iPhones just work.” “The iPhone is more user-friendly.”. The iPhone is easier to use.” Blah blah blah. Denying this means you never read comments on Engadget, or Apple sites.

        3. Actually look at his second video. He actually addresses this and then goes on to show the same sorts of things on Gingerbread and points out that much of this has been available since 1.6. Most phones not having ICS is really no excuse.

      3.  I’ve played this game before. I say something and you disagree and so on. The video is very biased. Now that said, I rock a Galaxy S II so I like Android clearly, but iOS does some nice things as well. Further more, I could care less what anyone thinks, the whole “I’m better than you game” is very monotonous. I could list all the devices I own to “MAKE” me seem like I’m an expert, but who cares. Its about personal preference and what you as a user like to do. To piss and moan about whose better is so cliche’ now it makes me want a flip phone again. 

        1. Nobody said that iOS doesn’t have any strong points, the dude who created the video even pointed out that apps on iOS are more polished then most apps on android and that it does run extremely smooth. All he did was debunk claims that android is harder to use then iOS, notice how every single one of the points he made in the video focused on simple tasks that took more steps to complete on iOS compared to android concluding that android isn’t much harder to use then iOS which is true, to perform simple tasks like share photos/videos you would have to rely on multiple  external apps to complete while we have it baked into the OS itself. if he really cared about showing off all the android features we would be watching a 5 hour video instead of a 13 min one, with that said nobody can argue that android  doesn’t have a lot more functionality or isn’t more efficient  then iOS because its a given fact. On my old iPad 2 about 7 months ago i wanted to send a video file over Bluetooth, i had to download over 9 diff apps before i found one that would actually let me do it and worked the way i wanted to. with Android i wouldn’t need to download any app at all its part of the OS and “it just works”. The whole reason we love Android is because it can simply do more, its not our fault iOS devices aren’t as efficient, hell if iOS device could do everything Android devices can we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, we would be on an apple forum defending Android 

          1. All entirely reasonable points but as you said : you at least MANAGED to get an app to do exactly what you wanted- the app existed from the beginning and you might have found it earlier if adviced by someone with the same problem (now you can do this for others :))  ( I  wonder at  the one-at-a-time limits to simple tasks ios imposes myelf).
            Now picking up on having to download an app for fu.)nctionality – with Android being able to download apps to adjust for functionality and customisability has always been the OS’s main selling point(besides custom ROMS ans such)- if you want to customise your system or change or add something ,you can easily buy the relevant  apps- launchers,voice asistants, the lotBut then discounting the more limited but nonetheles present opprtunity on iOS to do the same (i.e. adding fucionality through apps) i reaaally unfair, dont you think?
            p.s. i dont think you actually need ‘multiple apps’to send picture and video files. Usually if it can do one it can do them all. But correct me if im wrong.

    2. It may seem one sided to address what many ppl hear all the time: iOS is so easy, simple and Android is complicated, for ppl that like to tinker.

      I have been saying the same thing he is just not to this level.

      My kids mother is very non techy. Web browsing, youtube, music player, Netflix, phone calls, texting, Swype, playing games.

      All on Android phones. If thats considered complicated….lol. She just got her first iPhone a few months ago. Me and her had issues with the one button setup and navigating the Settings area. I even had to go online to find Blue tooth settings pm her iPhone. With the old Win Mo and Android…..I was used to it being in Wireless and Network settings…

      iOS being so easy, simple to use and Android complicated isnt so clear cut anymore. It never was to me anyway before I even saw these videos.

    3. The point of the video is to make closed minded people realize that there are better things out there. And also for the new comers to smartphone world..

      Don’t deprive them from learning the truth.

      Or you can just prove him wrong. If you can.

      1. Its pretty easy to prove him wrong…

  7. Good video. Any body that used Android knows you can do way more with Android than you can IOS. People with IPhones are blind followers and dislike Android because they don’t understand Android. IPhone users are intimidated by the choices and freedom of Android.

    1. as always let someone think for u iOS, to be free to explore the wonders of almost limitless possibility Android. #teamandroid

  8. It’s true – iOS just works, as in it *only* works, *merely* works, or *barely* works.  Android works – no adverbs required.  But it’s all about what’s a better fit for each user.

    1. iOS works*
      *works only within the confines of the intents and purposes as defined by Apple. For broader definitions of works, see Android


      1. so true what apple want there users to have.

      2. To it’s credit, the iOS functions do compliment each other quite nicely if the user is willing to work within those confines…trouble is most people aren’t willing to work within those confines or are to naive to realize that they are being forced to do so.

        1. Yeh, I am definitely not saying iOS is crap. I am even happy to refer people to iOS over Android, when I know for a fact that they won’t ever use the added functionality Android brings, or when they don;t like to customize their phone (and just want it to work*) or when I know they just want it to being a fashion statement. Basically, I refer people to it, to whom I’d rather not want to be associated with when discussing the fact that I own an Android device.

          Sure, I think android is better and anyone who cares even a little about their phone’s abilities should get one, but those pesky iPhone users (I am referring to the kind that had all those anti-android instagram tweets) I’d rather they stay with iOS than pick-up Android. Hmmm maybe I should try to persuade them to get WP :P

    2. i agree to each its own when it comes to getting a device that suits ur needs. i say this to all smartphone buyers when trying to decide on which side to choose. 

  9. New Android slogan : Android – “it just works” better

  10. thats what i always say to people, android is easier, no more click click click and inconsistency.

    iOS user replied:  they just don’t care

    one point to add. turning on wifi is a pain …go to setting blah blah….

    android : notification pull down , click , wifi on. or power control widget.

    1. I love the pull down for the Android, though on all tablets I’ve seen this UX is abandoned in favor of notifications being placed in the bottom right and there’s no pull down capability.  Is this something that can be brought into the larger devices easily?

      1. That’s the design philosophy on Honeycomb and up. The pull down has been completely replaced by something that better uses the extra screen space.

        1. Hiya Timn.  I recognize why they did it, though I personally prefer the ‘phone’ method of UI/UX for Android’s notifications.  However, saying it is *the* design philosophy on honeycomb and up isn’t really accurate, as ICS phones still utilize the dropdown/shade/whatevs method of notifications found on Gingerbread and prior.  That’s semantics and anecdotal, of course, though isn’t it relevant that ICS is intended as a unification of phone/tablet software and this is one aspect which indicates the interaction is not unified between form factors in the displayed interface?

  11. beside battery and some lag here and there, GN is good. 

  12. I don’t try to persuade people to choose Android over iOS – if they’re considering iOS then they either:
    1. are ignorant to what Android can do and what iOS can’t, and therefore they won’t miss the features since they never had them
    2. have fallen for Apple’s amazing marketing and are convinced the iPhone is the best choice for everyone, which leads me on to
    3. are wanting to be cool and get what everyone else has, or
    4. have had an Android phone previously and had a bad experience (which let’s face it, isn’t hard considering some of the sh*t Android phones out there).

    Personally I prefer Android, but I wouldn’t talk someone else into getting one, because you then end up being their support person when things go wrong. No thanks. Let them find out for themselves that their phone can’t do everything they want it to – or let them be happy using their handheld appliance while I use my handheld computer :-) there are more important things in life to worry about!

    1.  I Work for AT&T and I talk everyone out of ios that I can, knowing full well I am their support guy after the sale. With that said I really don’t mind and it keeps me sharp on new features and the benefits of longstanding features android has! ( also I see one ios product a day on average that has problems, I have seen two androids in the past month with issues and one windows phone)

      1. interesting that you work for AT&T and talk people out of ios.  i’ve been trying to convince my 65 year old mother that she should go android (like me, my sister and my father) when she gets rid of her BB, but “all [her] friends say iphones are easier.”  i think the fact that more than one rep at Verizon has tried to talk her out of ios may finally get her to see my way!

  13. I like your arguments. I’ve used both systems a lot. Started with a 3g then went desire and now I have a prime tablet. And I agree android rules.
    However I’d like to point something out.
    In your video you are bashing the apple back system that its inconsistent. I can’t really agree with that. Both systems have apps were UI is inconsistent, which can be expected with developers who sometimes create sucky UI’s.
    However were Apple has realy only 1 back system (the one on the top left in official apple apps which you pointed out which moves you back 1 level, Google really has 2 back methods, the back button below (hard or software) but also in the top left corner of every well made app were then logo is. You see a < in front of it when its active. The difference is that the back button below is a real back button which bringsnyiu back to the last visited screen ( that can also be another app ) and the top back button is made to go up 1 level in the hyrachie. So what this means is that if you for example use mail to open a YouTube video your back button bring you back to the email app from the YouTube app but the top back button bring you back to the top level in the hyrachie of the YouTube app. So really its comparing apples with oranges since with apple you'd have no option but to go back to your home screen and then start mail again. So realy apple doesnt even have a back button, so very limited if you ask me!
    Also a heads up for everyone. Next to the Android search being faster and simpler to use and reach, you can also customize it on which apps to search in. Developers have to support it, but if they do there complete app is searchable. Noway that's ever going to happen on crapOS ;-)

    1. I did not create this video, neither did anyone on Phandroid.

  14. I own an iPad 2 that I won but my phones have all been android. I prefer android for sure but this guy nitpicked a little too much and was wrong about search, u can also double tap the home button to get there, and we always get flack about inconsistency in menu button placement but he only showed ios’ inconsistency of the back button. There r better thing to argue like speed to load a page or speed to do a certain task

    1. As far as I know, doubletapping the Home button on i OS goes to the previous apps list (like holding home on older Android devices, or the app-switch button on ICS).

      I know you can customize this if you jb (as my cousin has his doubletap take a screenshot).  Are you sure you haven’t changed it and forgot about it?

    2. “There r better thing to argue like speed to load a page or speed to do a certain task ”

      Why? So to put IOS in shame again? Watch youtube video of Motorola Voice vs Siri something.

  15. and their #1 comeback is “Yeah….but iPhone has SIRI……..”  

    1. Android has had a Siri equivalent for a longgggg time, Apple makes it more fun and personal because it talks back to you. Still, nothing new or special.

      1. I love it when people swear to me that Android’s voice rec can’t do “Wake me up at 8am tomorrow.”   I use that feature All. The Time. on my HTC Incredible.    It’s funny how people believe what they want to believe.

      2. yea that or “It looks prettier” 

        I can’t stand the way people think nowadays

        1. And the “looks prettier” argument is rather subjective.  I switched from the iPod Touch to the Zune HD (a move a lot of people would consider a “downgrade”) because I got bored with the iOS UI…it felt stale to me.

          Same thing with Android, anything pre-ICS now feels kinda stale to me.  I really like the new design philosophy and while it’s not quite as “polished” as iOS I think in terms of appearance, it’s just as clean and pleasant to look at as iOS is.

          1. I freaking love my Zune HD.  If anybody tries to refute that it is amazing I just hand it to them and they are like “I take it back”

        2. bb os 7 looks pretty, and then when you use it you realize its almost exactly the same as its been for 5 years :(

      3. So did iOS .With Siri they just chose to integrate the ‘voice assistant’ concept  straight into the OS- you must know this,right? Either way i would hardly call what Android had ‘equivalent ‘to Siri ,maybe now or in the near future but before? Come on.

        1. ios and ics both activate their assistants the same way. hold down a button. both have integration into the keyboard.

    2. well when u think about it alot of iphone users dont even use siri like that. after the release of the phone 2 months down the line who u see using siri on the go. i think siri is a bail out reason for ios user to throw in the mix for lack of anything good so say after all the premium features is outta the way. siri is the least used feature on ios. and apple will not release siri on any other devices thats to show u they have no use for her in the device. 

    3. Oh yeah, that robotic SIRI who has a lawsuit right?

  16. Great video my only complaint is, why hasn’t google put out videos like these? They should be producing and promoting stuff like this as if life itself depended on it! They have money flowing out of their butts so they need to get with it!

    1.  Agree these would be really good advertising for the average consumer. Just like the wp commercials of how it was so simple and works this would show the workings and benefits of android.

  17. not to be a complete deck, but he did say that was an iphone 4s and completely left out Siri in the search discussion. nb4 shitstorm I just wanted to bring some light to that. I know android is working on assistant but right now ios does have a cool feature there that I feel was completely left out.

    1. And Siri doesn’t work nearly as well as Apple would want people to believe. 

      1. Yea + why would you ask siri for directions everyone knows women are bad with directions even if it is an AI she will prob give you directions off of a cliff, ohhhhh now i think i know where the iSheep thing comes from >.> ahahaha you clever bastards 

    2. You do realize that it *WAS* an app – available to *EVERYONE* on i OS, right?  Sure, they added a few features that could only be done by APL on i OS because they’d reject everyone else trying to do anything like that (see wifi based music syncing apps.  Or the camera application that used the volume control to take a snapshot, but was banned… except now it’s ok b/c they did it)

      Android doesn’t NEED to work on an assistant type application because it’s already there, in the Android Market / Google Play store — just like how it *WAS* before the 4 S came out.

      Also, agreeing with ScottColbert:  See Steve Wozniak’s comment.  He says it’s garbage compared to the app version (which you can’t get anymore – and existing buyers are out of the money they spent ’cause big red shut down the old servers.)

    3. Siri? lmao. I’ve never actually seen anyone talk to their phone for real. And i’d rather take other functions thats only available on android way more than having siri

      1. My inlaws used it to show off their iPhone and were completely blown away when I showed that my 2+ year old HTC Incredible could match every single thing that Siri did with one exception.   They beat me in finding a musical chord.  I had to admit that was pretty slick but also not exactly something I do everyday, though I can imagine a musician might.   When I said, “Navigate Home” and showed them that my creaky old phone flawlessly started up Google Navigation to get me home, we called it a draw.

    4. Yeah, he completely left out Siri and her lawsuits for not functioning as advertised..

      Oh and that is not cool, it’s so gay. The basics can be done better by android.. Watch Motorola voice vs SIRI something..

  18. Thank you Raveesh.  Another Iphone user that isn’t an elitist, they’re the only one’s I respect.  If there weren’t so many daym isheep and lawsuits I’d have no problem with crapple.  

  19. I don’t find the need to persuade anyone to use any one product over another. That is what advertisements are for. If I am not paid to advertise, I see no reason to do it for free.

    1. You see no reason to help your friends/family unless a company pays you to do so?

      1. We are obviously looking at this from different perspectives. I am happy to show friends and family the devices I use. Get ready… I use both iOS and Android (and recently started dabbling in WP7). If they ask me questions, I happily answer them. I don’t think it is up to me to make a sale for Android. THAT is what I am talking about.

        1. The only reason I do so (though I don’t do it often, and try to avoid being heavy handed about it) is that I think that sealing off your application store choices – even if you never use it – is a horribly bad idea — and other companies will follow suit (see WP7) due to the commercial success.  The general sliminess of the said company is a factor, of course, but that primarily is my issue.

          To be more accurate, I will recommend any OTHER platform that offers user choice (BB, WebOS, Android).  They all work reasonably well, some excelling in some areas, weak in others.  (BB = security, WebOS = Polished, Android = Customization)

          1. That’s certainly a valid concern, and one that I have as well (although obviously not enough to not use the platform). To be completely honest, I generally end up spending more on cydia than the appstore, but I do understand where you are coming from. Whether I buy from their store or not, I am supporting a closed store. That said, Apple makes very, VERY little profit on the store (it is set to operate just above break-even) which certainly helps the conscience a bit.

        2. I don’t get paid to advertise for the Texans or my college team but I’ll go to bat for them in trash talking. Same thing here if you ask me. There are plenty of things we do to advertise without being paid for it.

          1. If to want to do that that’s your prerogative. I don’t partake in that sort of thing myself. I find most sport nuts have no logical reason fOr supporting their team. The team can be god awful and they still love them. Like I said, of it makes you happy, great. I’m just saying I have no reason to sell android. If its good (and it is) it will sell itself.

          2. Can “Want to expand the community and spread the good news.” work for you?

            Or your just too boring that you don’t even root on a team in any sports?

          3. You crack me up!

            I didn’t say I never talk about android. I simply said that I don’t feel inclined to try to convince a person to use android over iOS. Why? I think people are intelligent enough to make their own choices. I don’t feel the need to sell a person on android.

            If you define excitement by rooting for a team… I have no comment for you other than that’s what I would call boring. I’d rather get out and do stuff, not sit in the bleachers (or my couch) eating junk food and root. To each his own. If that wzxites you, good for you. At the end of the day, personal happiness is what matters.

  20. Am I the only person who immediately thinks “simpleton” when someone is carrying around an iPhone?

    1. No, people pay their money they make their choice. Maybe you are the simpleton for being so narrow minded.

      1. Whoa! You sure told me! I would’ve come up with something better, but I’m apparently a simpleton.

        1. You got that right at least

          1. You are both over generalizing in your own way. I don’t think one person’s opinion tells the whole story about them. It does not seem like a intelligent thing to label/categorize a person based on a single comment or what phone they own.

      2. what are the few choices they have again? 

        To “Buy an iPhone or Not?”

        Oh I guess just a couple of choices, my bad.. Simpleton.

        1. What ????

          Its their choice if they want to buy an iPhone is it not ???…  Just because they do, does not make them anything other than an a customer. Why call them names because someone has a difference of opinion than you. ????

          So tell me, why call them name ???

    2. I don’t think simpleton, it’s like a novice computer user, they barely know where the browser is, much less about alternate browsers. They call internet explorer the internet button, but I think there’s a lot of users who aren’t novices would buy iphones because everyone else does, but if they saw how much easier it was to do tasks they did every day on Android they’d switch right away.

      Iphones have their place for very novice users, most users would be better served with Android, but they are constantly told IOS is better.

  21. Interesting video…glad iPhones are too expensive for me to buy…lol

  22. “more better”
    “more easier”

    1. There were so many grammatical errors, it made these videos hard to watch. Fanboys are going to discredit these videos since he said “The new iPad with a quad core processor.” and he called the Micro USB port a “Micro SD.”

      1. If Fanboys put so much credibility in Florian Mueller…an expert in his field…and he didnt even really know what a Nexus device was and used for…

        didnt really know that HTC and Samsung were the only actual manufactures of Nexus devices…and saying Moto was gonna start getting preferential treatment…

        and kindly not knowing or not mentioning HTC and Samsung can be seen as already getting preferential treatment…

        I say the maker of the video can get a pass…lol.

  23. the safari-youtube example wasnt very good. ics does something similar with the menu button.

  24. ios suspending apps when you switch to another is what you get for using last years hardware on this years device…

  25. this is off topic but just clicked the tmobile set the record straight ad. all i can say is bs marketing. they are comparing a “4g” phone to the other carriers iphone. of course  it will beat a 3g phone. i noticed they did not compare it to a single 4g device because verizon and at&t would smoke them when lte is factored in.

    1. the iPhone has teh 4Gees on AT&T though!
      T-Mobile is trying so hard to stay relevant…  The only thing they have going for them in my eyes is that they are a lot more like EU carriers than any of our other networks. Mad props for that.

  26.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTNOfdflkuk&feature=player_embedded

  27. This was not convincing at all.  I’ve never owned an Apple product and don’t see a reason to but if I did, this video would NOT effect my opinion of it or the competition.   The back button?  Really?  That’s a feature?  No.  Main thing for me is customization of the OS, the home screen etc.. but it isn’t because of most of the silly things this cat is noting.   I support his choice.  I share it but this is not an effective endorsement for Google OS over IOS at any level. 

    1. Yes. The “back” button is a consistency feature. How do you see things?

      So maybe the “share” button, which can let an image (for example) be opened by any applications installed in your phone that can handle an image, is also not a feature to you. Please don’t tell me i’m right..

    2. You seem to have missed the point of the video. He just intends to show that iOS is not more user friendly.

    3. So you’d prefer one button like the Iphone and the back function in random locations? All of the things he did/mentioned are specific but are all features a lot of people use. Navigating to an address, using the search bar, setting a custom ringtone, etc. It isn’t an endorsement anyway, it’s more about debunking myths. The Iphone has less features, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily easier to use than Android phones yet a lot of people just assume that is the case.

      1.  Lets be honest- the soft’ back’ button isnt  ‘random’ enough to be a problem  – its almost always a the top corner of the screen.Yes it is a tad ” inconsistent’ in its exact position but it’s really not that big a deal and  ,just as he demonstrated, it can only be in four different places corresponding to the different corners of the screen (granted- this is an  entirely subjective notion as regards to what constitutes inconsistent here but im just
        sayin’ this issue doesnt really translate to an “inconsistency in apps”)
        . .Keep in mind that the position on the menu softkey button on ICS, on a GNexus at least, is just as random.

        As for setting  a custom ringtone,I  wouldnt say ‘impossible’.All you have to do is convert the mp3 file with a click,then rename it, then sync your phone -with iTunes ,of course. You really shouldn’t HAVE to do it this way but its still very very doable and not too complicated IMO.The same for alarm tones and custom vibrations you can do right on the device.

        About the search bar – im not too sure what he meant by a ‘consolidated’ search – whatever you type in the search bar( which is just two clicks away – home and left) can be searched on Google or wikipedia straightaway. Again might be just that much more inconvenient but nothing seriously uncomfortable.

        As for Navigation options- I agree its about time they integrate that into iOS but still- Google maps/nav being better integrated unto a Google product should not surprise or badly upset anyone.

        I agree that Android DOES have some more features not mentioned here but the level of convenience associated with the whole system as compared to iOS is  on a wide spectrum of subjectivity .On a whole , iOS is more capable than it is usually portrayed   so pick what flies with you :)…

  28. Not to mention android wins hands down in voice guided turn by turn nav for free. maps is nice on IOS but doesn’t compare to google nav

  29. Android – “it just works” better! It’s a HELLUVA lot better than iOS!

  30. Iris>Siri. Get her from market. I asked her if I should have sex with Misty and she responded: “herpes is an incurable disease” LMAO

  31. iOS has had Airplay for a year or two while Android has had no answer. If you like consuming media within your home ecosystem, Android might not be for you.

    1. you mean DLNA ? android has had it since before apple even thought of the idea, my old Droid 2 has it 

      1. A protocol is not a solution, Marsg. Android needs to implement  protocols within a platform that works like Apple’s Airplay.

    2. DLNA or micro-USB/HDMI does wonder with open mind. No walled garden forced system down our throat.

    3. its called double twist i have had it a year or two 

      1. You’re missing the point. Many iOS apps allow you to transmit audio/video to the Apple TV or Airplay supported devices. What does Android have? Frigging Double Twist (which is dependent on the Apple Platform for cripes sakes…) The problem is the Android platform as it stands. 

    4. So Airplay is another breakthrough huh? like the IOS pull down notification bar..

      after the replies, care to edit or delete your analysis?

      1. Which of these suggested protocols are wireless and offer services similar to Airplays wireless mirroring?…more importantly, can you multi-task these(like stream a movie and continue to do other things while the movie continues to stream in the background)

        1. Actually Samsung have their own app; AllPlay that will play wirelessly using the standard UPNP protocol. I stream music, pictures and videos to my PS3, for instance. I also have a radio that supports UPNP, so I stream music to this device as well. I can even stream videos from my computer, via my phone, to another phone, or even my PS3.

          1. That’s interesting…does it allow wireless device mirroring?…that’s sort of the killer feature with iDevices IMO…makes presentations during meetings super slick as all anyone has to do is tap on a button and their entire device is pushed to the screen in the room…

    5. I know…I haven’t seen any android equivalent that is anywhere as popular or able to accomplish with airplay mirroring can do…that IMO is one of iOS’ more powerful features, making it a strong presentation tool…I love widgets like the other guy, but when I’ve got project meetings, I like it when each member is able to present their stuff on screen from their cellphone in a second…

  32. The point that some ppl missed in the youtube comments….and probably here too… is overall he is addressing the saying that iOS is so simple, easy to use and Android is so complicated only for ppl that tinker. 

    For one to be so simple, easy and one so complicated…it would have to be easy or complicated across the board. Its not so clear cut after his video series.

    He didnt compare every feature….but enough to say the sayings about both OS’s arent so cut n dry anymore. He also used older version(s) of Android…not just ICS.

    Perfect example is someone tried to do a video response about navigating from the browser. Wicked specifically said he was at the In n Out Burger website. He showed how he can press on the plain text at the site and pull up Google navigation. In iOS he couldn’t.

    In the video response…the guy showed how he could do it on iOS….from search results… Thats not exactly the same thing. Search results and doing it from the website with plain text is 2 different ways.

    Thats what I get from The Truth About Android and iOS..

  33. I love my Android devices just as much as the next guy, but it’s hard to not see the multiple “Superuser has granted ____ permission” notifications, just as he finished explaining why he doesn’t need to root his phone…


    1. >.> you got that from the notifications, so you totally looked past the custom boot up animation he had in the first 4 sec of the video 

    2. He was performing non root exercises. Root is not required for anything he did.

  34. Both the stock Android browser and Safari on iOS are better than the Dolphin browser.

    1. Ah. Browser wars. Try Boat Browser, it doesn’t suck. ;)

      1. Ah. Try Opera Mobile. It suck. specially when downloading and navigating away from the app then coming back.

  35. I like this guy had an android first before getting my iphone however my first smartphone was a BB bold. I only have a few reasons why i like ios and one is most of the apps if not all of them are made to run right not made to run depending on CPU speed like a lot of android apps are the battery life is another and thats about it. Only reason i have an iphone is i switched carriers do to poor service and i had a lot of bills that month and the iphone was free all the androids in the store was 60.00 and up so come upgrade time its back to android for me.

  36. Or, we could let people use the OS that they CHOOSE to use instead of trying to convert everyone. God, I swear sometimes this site is worse than a Mac or Linux fansite.

    1. Or is it because you’re just an idiot? Hmmmm…

      1. Their is a middle ground, theirs nothing wrong with this video that tries to show how things are easier on Android, he never says you must use android, he just shows things he found easier, it’s very possible that some IOS users would see these types of features and say I want to try Android,

        Their is something wrong with saying someone is an idiot for saying you can choose a smartphone OS other than Android,  iOS has a market towards novice users.

  37. I have both and to each their own, android has all the openness customization and overall freedom, BUT the UI isn’t as smooth and responsive as apple, apple has the better apps in general, my iPhone is jailbroke, so got all the customization I can possibly want from live wallpapers to all kinds of widgets and it works pretty good, iPhone lacks big time on the screen 3.5 is pretty tiny that’s a big flaw, however some people don’t mind it. Each has strengths and weakness like everything else.

    1. Thank you for having a brain! No seriously…its nice to see someone use logic…

  38. The video was good i h ave replaced my iPhone with Samsung Galaxy S 2 and i m very happy with it. :)

  39. I think the choice between Android and iOS is one of life’s litmus tests. What you choose determines on if you get to stay on the island.

    1.  LMAO!! This was funny..

  40. his “Chase” app has 7 notifications? whats up with that….

  41. “More better…” GAH!

  42. Hey, stop complaining about iOS.  iOS works the way Apple wants it to work.

    If you can’t get good reception, then as Steve Jobs said, you’re not holding the phone right.  For best reception, please cut off you pinky and ring fingers.

    iOS:  it works any way that Apple tells you that you want it to work.

  43. There’s an obvious reason for several of the gripes…like the ones involving mp3 ringtones, bluetooth file transfers and so on…I could do a video showing how iOS is better than android in several day to day uses too…but we all know what’s going to happen to that page…you might be shocked how much hatred people seem to have for apple on the internet…Point is, none of the reasons he present matter unless you share his views…to me, iOS works better in soo many more ways than android could. And that’s without jailbreaking…iOS is much easier to use than android is, I can’t exaggerate how obvious the correctness of that statement should be…its just that this kid is already used to the android UX…and that’s fine…several people have said that Macs are easier to use than windows…videos suggesting the exact opposite would often times (if not at all times) have strong presuppositions that the windows way of doing things is the natural way…I’ve also seen the exact opposite happen..this kid is simply used to the android way of doing things…to each his own…the fanboyism is always fun, but keep the rational parts of your mind available…

  44. Biggest difference between Android users and iOS users is Android user do have a Brain and iOS user don’t so they love to push middle torture button still not complain.

  45. I spend a lot of time trying to convince people that Android is superior to iOS.  Unfortunately, most of that time involves things like:  “Oops, my droidX just spontaneously rebooted.  Again.” or “Yeah, I don’t know why my GPS refuses to lock in.” or “…and this feature is really cool.  You just…  hang on… you just…  oh.  Well mail just blew itself away again.”

    My driodX, my wife’s droidX, my friend’s droidX and my brother’s droidX all suck beyond compare.  Total buggy POS that I cannot wait to get rid of once my contract is up.  My old iPhone 3G ran like a champ and never had problems like these.

    That said…

    I can’t imagine going back to iOS.  Maybe once Apple finally finally gets:

    bigger screens
    swype (or similar)

    Without those three, I’m afraid I am unhappily sticking with Android because even with all the crappy issues, it is more useful than iOS for me.

    Here is hoping the Galaxy S3 with ICS will be better.

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