Pre-order AT&T’s HTC One X from RadioShack for $149.99 April 22nd onwards


Android Central managed to get a little scoop about the AT&T’s HTC One X variant earlier this morning, reporting that pre-orders from RadioShack will open on April 22 with the phone priced at $149.99. You’ll have to wait another two weeks to get it in stores, where you’ll also find a few accessories to go with it.

The One X is the first HTC phone I’ve been genuinely excited about for a long, long time (probably since the Desire HD/myTouch 4G came out with the second generation Snapdragon inside). Despite a few issues here and there, the One X has had some pretty good reviews. And finally, after having been released in virtually every major international market, the device is coming Stateside.

Besides the discounted price, purchasing through RadioShack will also get you seven free downloads of Coldplay songs.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Forget the phone!! I want my Coldplay songs for $149.99!

  2. Hopefully Radioshack does the same for the Evo 4g LTE.

  3. What about out of contract pricing? Anybody heard anything?

    1. $549

  4. $200 on contract but like he said preorder the phone save an extra $50 and etc. Also trade and save if you wanna save a bit more.

  5. My lady type works for radioshack and was just explaining this to me, I will buy it through her just get 50 bucks off… This is pretty sad considering I am at work at an att store as I type this… 

  6. Attention Rob J, Quentin, Chris, and crew.
    We are all tired of the stupid work from home scam postings.
    Uggg. Seems like they are on every posting.

  7. lets say im on a family plan, my contract expires the 26th. would i get the discounted price with the renewal or is it jsut for brand new lines 

    1. Both.

  8. Seriously thinking about the radioshack option. Plus they buy back phones so I could walk out of the shack with a flagship for just under or over $100

  9. It’s a great deal really if you want the white phone because thats what they are going to get for now. At&t carries the gray phone if thats your thing.

  10. Source?

  11. Says who?

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