Rumor: HTC EVO Design 4G coming to Boost Mobile by quarter’s end


High-end Android devices are mostly snatched by the 4 major carriers. This usually leads to regional carrier subscribers having to conform to using low-to-mid-end devices. But with Android smartphones constantly improving, some good alternatives have been showing up for those who prefer affordability. And if this rumor happens to be true, Boost Mobile could be getting the HTC EVO Design 4G by the end of the quarter.

Granted, it is not the best phone out there. But it sure would be a great option compared to what is usually offered by carriers like Boost Mobile. As of now, the LG Marquee is Boost’s better offering for Android devices. The HTC EVO Design 4G has much better specs, so it should be the best choice for Boost Mobile users if it does end up being offered.

The EVO Design 4G comes with a 1.2 GHz single core processor, 768 MB of RAM and a qHD display. Boost’s version should be the same, but it is said to come with Android 4.0 out of the box. Whether the Sprint version will get the Ice Cream Sandwich update or not by then is still unknown. But this would be a good treat for Boost Mobile subscribers.

Let’s sit back and see if this happens. It will probably not be too expensive, and having no contract is always nice. Would any of you go for an HTC EVO Design 4G with Android 4.0 on Boost Mobile?

[Source: Pocket Now Via: Engadget]

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  1. ooh and it’ll probably have stock android like it’s other androids, with the exception of the motorola one.  that’s a plus!  :)

    1. I doubt that but maybe

  2. Nope id go with virgin and the newer 3D EVO in june

    1. The EVO 3D came out before the EVO Design.

      1. The evo 3d is better than evo design , duo core to single cannot compare and less narrow than evo design , besides boost mobile sucks , love virgin mobile

  3. I rather wait for the EVO 3D with a 4.3 inch screen from VMO or the HTC one V

  4. does anyone known if it will come in the fall of 2012 or later or earlier

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