Spotify previews new Android app, premium users invited to take it for a spin


Spotify will soon launch an overhauled app experience for Android, bringing a new look and new features to the extremely popular music streaming service. The redesigned app gets full support for Android 4.0 and brings and features new navigation menus, the ability to check out friends’ profiles and playlists, hi-res artist and album images, and a mobile-first related artist view. Oh, and the app should run faster than ever.

Spotify is still looking to add a few more features by launch, including Last FM scrobbling. Unfortunately, mobile streaming is still limited to those willing to to pay for a monthly subscription. Premium user, however, can grab a preview of the new Spotify app for Android and take it for a spin.

Download: Spotify for Android

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  1. That looks AWESOME. A free option would do them a lot of favours I think. I used to use Spotify and was happy to hear and click on ads, but they killed it by taking away a lot of the freedom of the free option!

    1. Pay for it. I have been for almost a year now and don’t regret it at all.

      1. I will. I paid for Pandora and it was crap. Spotify actually plays the music you want to hear ;)

        ..I also would rather pay then click mobile ads or have a shitty service.

  2. FINALLY.  This app works wonderful on my Gnex.  No crashes so far either.  I just tried a 7 day trial of Rdio, but the lack of a play queue that I can manage on the mobile app killed it for me.  Tried MOG for a month and a half, but it continues to crash or ask me to relog in.  Guess it’s time to give spotify another month try.

  3. Its now a superb app to go along with a superb service, the only minor gripe is no landscape mode for my tablet at the moment but not a major problem and it is still in Beta for now.

    Personally I think £9.99 a month is very good value for money when you consider that the artists, producers and so on do actually need to get paid and it amounts to the cost of 1 or 2 albums a month which really isn’t a lot for a huge music library and now a great app.
    More power to streaming in my opinion.

  4. I’m a bit shocked. This update is a huge re-design. Looks 100x better. Glad to see developers start following the ICS design guidelines a bit more. 

  5. Hey guys, there are lockscreen controls after all! If you upgraded from the old version you have to force stop the app and clear data. Once you start the app again you will have lockscreen controls!!!! YAY! Widget seems broken but I cant complain, its a beta

  6. Sadly, the update isn’t changing the fact that it is always in offline mode for me, no matter how “off” that setting is on the settings page, and there is no way to even tell it to try to get online. So it is useless. Anyone else have and solve this problem?

    1. Did you try force stopping and clearing data after the upgrade?

    2. I assume you’ve got Premium? If not you can’t use the online function of the app.

  7. cool, got it running. very nice design, but i was really hoping to see the radio functionality.

  8. I still prefer some parts of Rdio’s interface over this Spotify redesign.  Though there is one awesome thing about Spotify that no other service seems to be able to match.  Their songs play INSTANTLY.  Seriously, you press play the song plays, and you can skip between tracks as if the album is local.

  9. Shuffle would be nice.

    1.  Shuffle is in both the current AND new version!

  10. Still no car mode?  No landscape mode even?  100% of my usage of these streaming audio apps is in my car.  

  11. But the major thing is that you can now download/stream at 320kb. Huge difference on galaxy note. Thank you finally spotify.

  12. No Feedback on Settings – I’ll switch to Rdio for a few months after my billing cycle is over.

  13. If it is good with locally stored music and has a good EQ I might try use it.  I like having my music plays show on facebook.  

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