PlayStation Suite SDK public beta opens


If the PlayStation Suite is going to catch on as a gaming platform for Android, it starts today. Sure, we’ve had our share of PS1 ports to hold us over on a handful of Sony-branded devices, but with the launch of the PlayStation Suite SDK open beta developers finally have their shot to contribute. Using the SDK devs can create games and applications for any PlayStation-certified Android device while also targeting the PlayStation Vita handheld.

As of today the interested parties can sign up for the beta free of charge and begin crafting and honing their wares for deployment. After the beta period ends a yearly fee of $99 will be required to partake in the program.

[Sony via AndroidCentral]

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  1. A shame really. If we had this starting in 2010 when it was first announced Android could be in the driving seat firmly ahead of Apple store by now…well better late than never. If Sony makes this available to phones outside their range this could potentially be a big winner

    1. Yeh, this is too little too late….Hope this platform crashes and burns, or that sony otherwise learns to never be this stupid again!

    2. Really, Lukeduo?  That’s exciting, is she single, is she hot?  I’d like to meet her!  We could talk about phandroid news and playstation suite all night long.  Please help my dreams come true!

  2. So should I expect a flood of games to hit my vita for download that are available on the play store, I’m fuzzy on this subject if someone could fill me in please

  3. i cant wait 
    i have a vita too
    i want games and free stuff 

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