Dell Streak 7 is the deal of the day, grab one for $249

12 is once again offering us a deal on refurbished Android tablets. Today it’s the Dell Streak 7, which can be all yours for $249.99. What you get is a 16GB model with WiFi and HSPA+ connectivity for T-Mobile’s network running Android 3.2. Woot is also offering a deal on the WiFi-only Streak 7, priced to sell at $199.99. Yes, it’s a tablet from a manufacturer who has all but abandoned Android. Yes, it isn’t likely to receive Android 4.0. But it’s a deal worth checking out for the savvy shopper looking to score an Android tablet on the cheap. Head over to the source links below for all the info.

[via Woot (WiFi/3G, WiFi-only) | Thanks, Killa357]

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  1. Just an FYI I bought 3 of these for 169 each for my kids for Christmas. Since the beginning of the year I have had to send them in to Dell for repair, becuase they won’t charge, or they won’t boot up at least 6-7 times each. They are more than willing to accept them for repair, however when they have your tablet more than you do it gets a little frustrating. So I ended up taking them back to the store I got them from. However they do work great when they are working.

  2. I bought a dell streak for my son’s 6th bday.  I only paid 100 for it off a friend of mine. I will say I am very dissapointed in the tablet.  It had stock 2.2 on it when I got it and it worked ok.  I shortly thereafter upgraded it to honeycomb.  It freezes and hangs often and alot of apps simply do not work on it.  I would not buy this for 250.

    I love android, but this is not the tablet I was looking for.

  3. I want a 6-7 inch phone next that is made Samsung that has their note software, call me when that goes up for sale :-)

    1. samsung is terrible.

  4. Probably best to just wait for the Samsung Galaxy 2 7″. Same price much better tablet. I had one of these the was free with a purchase from Dell. Got rid of it on eBay after a week because of lock ups and not booting properly. 

  5. I got one for 80 bucks when t-mobile dumped them not that bad if you root and change build prop to lg p999 same specs when you do this you open it up to ea games and gameloft games pretty good as a gaming system when you do this im still running 2.2 on it dj steve build 250 is not a deal 

  6. This is a joke right?

  7. Just get a Flyer.  It’s a very capable 7″er.
    (or even a Fire at this point)

  8. They lowered the prices to $199 (Wi-Fi/3G) and $149 (Wi-Fi only), but still not worth it.

    1. They just lowered the prices again. $179 for WiFi/3G and $139 for WiFi only. I’m guessing they’ve sold a grand total of 0 units today. 

  9. your prices are wrong.

    139.99 for wifi
    179.99 for wifi/3g/4g

    1. $139… MAYBE worth it.  Root, install a stable ROM…

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