Soak test begins for Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX build 6.12.181


The initial soak test for the Motorola Droid RAZR and Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX build 6.12.181 update has begun, according to testers receiving the new software. Initial reports are positive and issues such as random force closes appear to have been fixed. Verizon posted the full changelog for the update yesterday and testing should continue through the end of the week. The update is expected to reach users on a wider scale around Monday.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. If it ain’t ICS, who really cares? Really keep the fragmentation down and just give us an open bootloader and stock ICS.

    1. Kholk has unlocked the bootloader (google Kexec), only 1 core is working currently but he is working that out.

      Been running the ICS leak for nearly a month, no bugs, hardware acceleration, camera/camcorder, etc. Buttery smooth ;3, and the Blur elements are few and only improve it.

      1. AJOA…where did you get the leak from and are there instructions somewhere as to how to get it on my phone?  I would live to have it.  thanks!

  2. Why are all these updates coming out for? They are just wasting money on stupid little stuff and could be putting all that money into bringing out our ics update. Why waste money on software that won’t even be on the phone anymore once ics comes out, or is this their way of letting us down without formally telling us that ics won’t come out for the razr any time soon or even at all. If that is the case, I smell lawsuits under false advertisement. ” Ics update to come soon after release of the Razr ” Bullshit.. Motorola may never see my business again.

    1. Because ics has a ton of its own bugs. People amaze me that they bitch when Verizon is trying to make your phone bug free. You don’t need the latest os update you just think you do. Smh

  3. So my question is this: If a company stops releasing updates for a phone while an individual is still under contract, is that legal means to break a contract?  I’d assume it would be, as I signed the contract with the understanding that if you’re locking me into a two year contract, you will support my device for at least the next two years.  Wishful thinking I guess.

    1.  They are supporting your device.  It may not be ICS but it is still an update.  I am amazed that people are actually complaining that Motorola is improving the phone. 

      1. I don’t have the phone.  I just realize that if I were to buy it today, it would probably stop getting support in about a year.  To me, I feel that if you are going to support it for two years, fine, sign me up.  If not, let me out of the contract after my final update.

    2. No it isn’t they don’t have to issue any updates to the phone if they didn’t want to. That’s why you buy a phone for what it has not what it may get

    3. Mike, your assumption is logical, but logic has absolutely nothing to do with what the contract allows in terms of termination, particularly in one-sided contracts like these.

  4. Yeah I don’t understand all the bug fix updates. These same updates aren’t ever sent out to nexus owners so I have to assume the bugs are caused by moto’s own skin.

    1. I never encountered any bugs the month or so I used stock GB, these are just improvements. Last I heard the GNex hasn’t received 4.0.4, surprising for being Google’s “Flagship” phone.

  5. So this phone will be waterproof? 

  6. Why put all this money on “improving” the phone with all these minor updates when they can put all that money into the ics update and improve that.. and the reason why us razr users complain is most of us bought the razr with the promise of the ics update within the near future. When the razr was released I was informed that that update was to come out the first quarter of the year. Well that quarter has passed and what updates do we have, a couple of minor updates that to me did nothing. So for all those that say stop complaining, stop reading then. We paid x amount of dollars for a phone that was promised to be one of the first phones to have the ics update.

  7. I guess I’m talking to idiots. I clearly stated most of us bought the razr with the intention we would get ics update. Yes we don’t need it but we bought the phone with the promises of ics. One of the reasons why most of us bought the phone. I understand that they are trying to make it bug free, but same shit gonna happen with ics, so why not give us ics and start debugging that. By the time we get ics, Jelly bean will be out. Lol

    1. When you say most of us…who is us?

      Us on this forum? Us in the general public? Us that actually wanted the RAZR more than another phone?

      I have been using Android phones since 2010 with the Droid 1, have 4 phones right now. Have been a root n ROM guy since 2010 but havent done it much lately. I stopped when Froyo came out for the Droid 1 and just seem to not like it anymore.

      I never got the RAZR for the promise of ICS.I never even knew when it was actually supposed to come.

      So please define us….

      And for the record…I have never bought a phone for what it could do in the future. I get them based on what they can do for me right now. When I got my Droid 1….I never knew Flash was coming in an update til I read forums, sites online.

      I never knew about any new OS feature until I read about it in forums, online.

      Compare that to ppl that dont even do research before buying anything.

      Please define us….

  8. Well let me rephrase it then for ya. US as in the people who are actually technology savvy, whom pay attention to the software and their updates. Before I even bought the razr I did all my research on it, like I do on all my phones. As stated before i bought the razr with the intent of getting ics. I’ve had a DROID since I think the g1 for tmobilE. Been into the customization and root process since I could remember. I’m not saying the razr is shit because I love it. Especially the smart action feature it has.

    Verizon and Motorola had a time line of when ics was supposed to come to the razr an I bought it according to it, because I personally don’t like Samsung products. Not saying that they suck or anything because they don’t. Just my preference. According to that timeline it stated that it would get it n the first quarter. That timeline has now changed and the official update doesn’t event give you when its supposed to get it, still n research and development t phase. If i can find the timeline sheet I will post it for you.

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