Verizon posts changelog for Motorola Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX 6.12.181 update


Though there were whispers that Motorola and Verizon might scrap an update bringing the Droid RAZR family to software version 6.12.181 in favor of moving straight to Ice Cream Sandwich, it appears this won’t be the case. Verizon has posted the full changelog for yet another Gingerbread update for the RAZR and RAZR MAXX that will address a few bugs and offer some minor enhancements. Users can expect better battery life, improved security and stability,  and a shiny new MotoCast widget among other things. Check out all the info at Verizon’s support site.

[Verizon via DroidLife]

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  1. Where the hell is the ics update. Why are all these old ass phones getting them before the razr. I bought the razr with the thought that it would get ics in a few months after the release. Damn you Motorola

    1. Never buy a phone with that in mind.  I learned that lesson the hard way when I bought the Droid Eris in 2009.

    2. Motorola only got it right on the OG Droid. Ever since they’ve gone downhill

      1. The OG Droid was basically a Nexus Zero :)

  2. I really don’t understand the logic of not making updates a priority. You would think at least ONE phone manufacturer would make it #1 priority. That would make them stand out BIG TIME. Yes, we have the Nexus series, but that has been violated by Verizon crapware. LG sucks at software, so why don’t they make a TRUE Google Experience phone? The G2X was supposed to be that and then we realized that it still didn’t have a true stock Android version and the update history is legendary now. If ONE phone manufacturer would make a true PURE Google Experience phone that ignored all crapware and got updates out on time, they would explode in sales and smash their competition. 

    1. why?  software updates to old phones do not make manufacturers money.  in fact it costs them.  advertising a new phone with a brand new OS and version of manufacturer X skin is what makes them money.

      1. Agreed that Moto doesn’t make money off updates – but they won’t be getting return customers either with this kind of support.  I will not buy another Moto device in part due to the slowness of updates (and the locked bootloaders, and RAZR, RAZR MAXX pricing debacle, the Xoom LTE update debacle, etc etc etc)

      2. That’s the kind of short term thinking that caused HTC’s downfall. You remember HTC, don’t you? They started this whole thing with the G1, and WAS the top Android manufacturer. Then came Sense and the fragmentation. Thinking of quick profits instead of customer loyalty. It costs far more money to replace a customer than to maintain a customer. Apple knows this, and has riden that basic philosophy all the way to the bank.

    2. The gnex is that phone. The vzw apps can be disabled and not seen again. I love this phone and the extensive mods I’ve made to it but it unfortunately suffered a bad reputation due to somewhat weak antennae, and some phones have a mic cutout issue and/or banding on the display.

  3. That’s a f*** disgrace, it was my first…. and it will be my last motorola.
    “Soon to be upgraded to ICS”… Bunch of crap ! That is  Misleading advertising, and should deserve lawsuits. That is 5 months since the source code is delivered

    1. I’ve been running the ICS leak with hardware acceleration, camera/camcorder working, smooth as butter-no bugs, for almost a month.

      1. Id’like to but unfortunately I have a gsm one

    2. At least you didn’t make the mistake of buying a Bionic, whereas I bought two…

  4. Bought the razr with intentions of ics coming out soon after. But no. Bought the black razr, next day the white came out. Few weeks later the maxx came out, then the price gets dropped to 199 for the normal razr. Look 100 lost. Then the developer comes out. Price drop another 100 for the razr. So they made me waste 300 f***in dollars just for them to drop the price $200 and yet to release the ics update that they promised to come soon after the razr came out. Wtf man. Bad advertisement. They seem like they wanna be like apple and just get everyone’s money.

  5. haha.  I learned my lesson on the Galaxy S 1 phone.  “soon to get Froyo”, yeah right, NOT.  Then eternity before it got Gingerbread. 

    You want fast updates?  Only option is the Nexus.   Motorola phones look cheap, screen sucks.  I never believe any carrier when it comes to upgrade time lines.  Add 6 months to anything they say, if not a year.  Bought a Nexus and been loving ICS since :)

  6. Hahaha no surprise here….moto is old news…glad I traded my razr for the gnex!

    1. just to return it in a week when you realize nothing works on that phone…. ooooh ooooh ooooh i have ICS and it so buggy i want my razr back…FYF

  7. Got the leak on my Rezound, there has to be a leak for the Razr???

  8. When???????

  9. Why are people so freakin serious about getting ics on their phones. It will come when it will come. Your phone is working fine with gingerbread right now. You are fooling yourself when you start comparing with others. The RAZR is a fine phone…a delay in the update doesn’t make Motorola crap. It means they are working hard to get you a bug free update. Grow up people!

  10. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXUS…you guys get fooled everytime. HTC/SAMMY/MOTO/LG/Dont matter.

    u want update on skinned phones 3 options:

    root/flash custom rom (void if they havent unlocked the bootloader)
    wait forever for update
    buy new phone…only to go thru it again next update cycle…

  11. No biggie I can wait for ICS. To all you Nexus commenters. Sure it has ICS. But it can’t hold a candle to the Moto radios. On the nexus I dropped signal all the time on my Razr signal is rock solid. And yes I was using the newest Nexus radios. Better but they still sucked.

  12. But for those who say “you can wait so stop complaining ” . Some of us bought the razr with the intentions that we would get the update really soon as promised by motorola. With those intentions we patiently waited with the massive amounts of bloat on our Razrs. While we waited, older outdated phones got the update. As far as the nexus, I personally hate Samsung phones, especially the nexus. Feels like cheap plastic encasing great software. And yalls radio sucks balls. My RAZR side by side to a nexus, I had full 4g bars while the nexus had 2 3g bars.

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