AT&T adds two 4G markets in Ohio, Akron and Canton welcome LTE (Lafayette, Ind., too)


AT&T is continuing their big spring/summer LTE push with the addition of two additional markets in Ohio. Akron and Canton are the latest to bathe in the carrier’s LTE radio waves and can now take advantage of the impressive download speeds afforded by the technology. 4G LTE was also activated in Lafayette, Indiana. AT&T will continue to rollout their LTE network into more and more areas throughout Ohio and the United States in the coming months. Head over to the source link below for the press release with all the info.

[Via AT&T]

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  1. Doesn’t hold a candle to Verizon, who just announced another fifteen markets!

  2. Akron…wasn’t the place where Lebron was born

    1. Yep…I live in Akron and Lebron still comes back here to do bike marathon and charity events which is pretty cool of him…Most people here are finally getting over him leaving for Miami though…It took me a while too but watching him lose in the finals to Dallas was very therapeutic :-)

  3. So does the coverage include surrounding cities as well? I live 2 cities north of Akron…

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