Apr 19th, 2012

Jump onto Verizon Wireless’s site today, and if you’re looking for an HTC Incredible 2, you may notice that, although listed, the link to purchase is currently disabled, prompting “the selection you made is unavailable” page on the site (some regions could show “out of stock”). This is nothing more than a raging clue that the much leaked sequel — the HTC Incredible 4G — is inching ever closer for its debut on ‘ol Vee-zee-dubs.

We’ve pretty much seen and know, everything there is to know about the Incredible 4G, which should fit in nicely into Verizon’s mid-range lineup. The DINC 4G will feature compatibility with Verizon’s 4G LTE network, 4-inch qHD AMOLED display, and Sense 4.0 running on Android 4.0.3.

We’ve gotten word from our own trusted tipster that demo units for the HTC Droid Incredible 4G and Motorola Droid Fighter demo units are set to begin shipping sometime in the next 2 weeks (unless delayed). Looks like an imminent release is imminent (meaning, it’s almost imminent). We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks, Anon!

[Verizon Wireless]