HTC One S appears on T-Mobile, Best Buy’s website; Hints toward $200 on-contract price.


While the T-Mobile event for the unveiling of the HTC One S isn’t until later tonight, it appears digital advertising for the device has already gone live in a couple of places. Magenta’s own website has listed the HTC One S with an off-contract price of $600. Of course, you can’t buy it yet but they do have a button to sign up to be notified of its arrival.

On tbe other hand, retailer Best Buy shows the device as coming soon for an off-contract price of $550, but they also have on-contract pricing set at $200. It wasn’t clear if that price included any rebates. Since Best Buy takes care of the rebates for you, you can’t assume T-Mobile’s won’t be more expensive before a mail-in rebate option. In any case, the device is just about ready to be unwrapped so sit tight. [via Engadget]

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  1. ad says “Secure Digital card slot (media not included)”
    Sounds like an SD Card slot to me.  Then you add NFC sd card.  Then you got a super phone thats not a 5-6 inch “Phablet”

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