Time Warner Cable app updated with live TV streaming for Ice Cream Sandwich devices


Time Warner Cable has finally added live TV streaming to their Android app, an absent feature that users of the company’s iOS app have been able to enjoy for some time now. The hold up centered around DRM, but it seems the kinks have been worked out. The catch is  users will need to be running an Android 4.0 device to watch their favorite shows on the go. They will also need to be a subscriber to TWC.

TWC TV 2.0 can be found in the Google Play Store now. The new version isn’t playing nice as a direct upgrade on every device so an uninstall may be required before downloading.

Google Play Link: TWC TV 2.0

[TWC via Engadget]

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  1. No, the ‘catch’ is that the app doesn’t support rooted devices. Lame.

  2. Doesn’t support rooted

  3. The other catch is that you can’t watch TWC ‘on the go’; unless ‘on-the-go’ means roaming around your house.  You must be connected to your ‘home’ network for the app to work.  This is the same as the PC version of the app and I suspect the IOS version.

    Update on the Xoom WiFi w/ ICS worked just fine w/out having to uninstall first.

    Update 2 – If you have USB Debugging turned on the app will tell you that you must turn it off first.

    1.  VPN as a workaround?

    2. or… if you’re really “on” the “go”… if you catch my drift…

  4. What about Comcast?  

  5. You know, this is nice, considering the U-Verse app is incompatible with ICS phones! :-P  (Correct me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t work with mine?)

  6. What a crock of crap! Live by the Touchpad, die by the Touchpad!

  7. Do they have NO CLUE? Rooting a device doesn’t magically let you rip video from inside an app. That’s just STUPID. I don’t think there was about to be a bunch of people using their phones to bootleg TV shows off to the torrent networks.

    But they treat their customers like that.

  8. I wonder who this update is for exactly. Of the total 3 percent of Android devices with Ice Cream Sandwich, how many actually subscribe to Time Warner? I think that is a huge stumbling block but the home network restriction for live streaming is an app killer. If I were a Time Warner customer I would be demanding better. I suppose having service from Dish could have spoiled me. My Dish Remote Access app works on every phone and tablet in my home and allows me to stream live TV wherever I go. I like to take a tablet with me when I go down to the park to play chess. It’s to be able to watch a Rockies game on a sunny afternoon. I wouldn’t be able to do that with Time Warner.

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