Update leaks for Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt, brings bug fixes but no Android 4.0


A new update appears to be in the works for Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt, if a recent leak is any indication. AndroidPolice scooped the new software build that will bring the Thunderbolt’s software build number to 2.11.605.19. While the software stays on on Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) and Sense 2.1, it offers several bug fixes including Mobile Hotspot stability enhancements, improvements to Yahoo email in the default mail app, and more. We also get an update VZW Navigator.

The Thunderbolt is still slated to receive Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming months, but we have no specific details on its release. Head over to the source link for more info. If you’re feeling frisky you can download and install the latest build for yourself.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. i’ll gladly forgo stability enhancements & the bug fixes if they would have used their effort to port ICS onto it.
    and VZW Navigator? i’m genuinely curious of the benefit of a paid ($9.99?) service over free Google Maps.

    the ROMs for the TB are getting stale. i want some ICS!

    1. VZNav routes around traffic pretty well, but that’s the only added benefit over Google Maps.  The cost is absurd too (I had it on my old Samsung Gleam, been using Google Maps ever since I upgraded to the Eris in 2009).

      1. Agreed VZ Navigator is a waste of money, personally I use google navigation, and even if you want routing around traffic, their are plenty of much less expensive gps apps in the market that willl provide that. 

        The traffic routing was never very important to me, since I live a ways from the city, 45 mins from nyc it’s never very helpful with the traffic around here, seems to be more accurate directly in and around cities.

  2. true.  these patches could have been introduced with ICS.   This probably shows how long from now ICS will be introduced to the TB.   This is only ONE of the reasons (updates to handsets) why HTC stock has dropped.

  3. Seems every Verizon phone is getting updates but sadly no ICS.

  4. My next phone will hopefully be a real nice Sony. Mono and HTC can bite me.

  5. and this is exactly why i bought a nexus

    1. This phone was released early 2011 not the last day of Christmas.  How could you even predicted to buy the Nexus instead of the Thunderbolt back in March?  You know what, this comment is wrong so many levels I’m just going to assume you have a working time machine. 

  6. I actually don’t want any updates or ICS. Verizon has a very stable build with good battery life on the thunderbolt now and after the problems they’ve had I think it’s good as is.

  7. Not another update. Lets hope this will “stabilize” the phones. I get nervous about updates on this phone. I have never had a phone that got worse after an update until this phone. When it works this phone tanks like a champ.

    1. My experience is just the opposite. My TBolt has gotten better with age and updates. Buying the extended battery breathed new life into this phone after I retured the GNex due to its sucky camera and low volume.

  8. I don’t run stock, but I’ve been on a desensed 605.9 rom for quite a few months now and the phone is perfect, no issues and even getting very respectable battery life on 4G, I don’t think GB needs any more updates, just work on ICS, of course by the time ICS gets to the TB, I’ll probably be upgrading lol.

    This phone is still getting a bad rap, honestly after about MR2, I think about july 2011, I haven’t had any real issues. it’s one of the best smartphones I’ve owned.

  9. I’ve had a TB since launch and haven’t even put a custom ROM on it.  I threw ADW Launcher on it and its been running like a champ ever since.  Even though I’m up for an upgrade, I’m in no rush for a new phone unless Verizon happens to stumble upon a version of the One X.  Otherwise, the Thunderbolt has been the best phone I’ve ever had!

    1. How can you stand a three hour battery life? Very light use? Compromises? Extended battery?

      1.  Been running Thunderstick MR4 for mos, get awesome battery life with normal usage.  Before that ran Shiftsense and also had awesome battery life.  The only two ROMs I ran since rooting.  Definitely better battery life if you root the bolt. 

      2. I get a full day out of my thunderbolt, 16 hours total off battery
        with 3.5 – 4.5 hours of active usage, a mix of lte audio streaming, calls/texts and active screen/app usage. If I use the phone lightly I can get over a day and a half.

        The battery life of this device has improved a lot since it was initially released, but no one reports on that.
        I’ll actually be sad to see my tbolt go when I upgrade in december, it’s one of my best smartphones I’ve owned.

  10. I recently jumped from DInc to Rezound… my wife’s DInc was replaced with a POS DX and we dumped that about two months ago for Tbolt.

    Gotta say, love her Tbolt (it’s a beast)… solid & great battery life. If I had a Tbolt, I don’t think I would have moved to the Rezound (that’s not a knock on the Rezound – it’s amazing). 

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