Samsung and Apple CEOs arranging meeting to put patent disputes to bed


Could an end to the grueling patent slugfest between Samsung and Apple be drawing near? According to FOSS Patents, the two sides have agreed to arrange a sit-down meeting between company CEOs that should occur at some point during the next 90 days. We’re not completely out of the legal woods, though, as both sides would have their attorneys present and the little chat would be overseen by a magistrate judge. The goal of the meeting will be to reach some sort of settlement that could result in the end of several ongoing lawsuits around the globe.

It has been suggested that this isn’t the first time an out of court settlement has been attempted to be reached, but the inclusion of Samsung and Apple CEOs suggests the matter may be getting more serious consideration this time around.

[via Engadget]

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  1. easier with the douchebag Jobs dead and gone.  True story.

    1. Stay classy

      1. Classy is standing in front of a large audience, admitting to said audience that you and your company have ripped off others ideas for years, and then turning around and suing others you think have done the same thing to you. So long Steve.

        1. Yeah he definitely was a douche but hey he died so he is awesome now..that seems to be how it works..

          1. MJ was proof of that.

          2. Proof that mud sticks I assume you mean.

            A guy that’s hugely respected the world over suddenly becomes an ‘evil man’ because someone threw some mud!

            I’ve remained an MJ fan throughout and still love his music and listen to it regularly (well, not so much the newer stuff). 

  2. about damn time 

  3. Kind of want to see Samsung just show up with an “lol sike” poster and bury ’em.

    1. I’m sure they wouldn’t spell psych wrong

        1. wtf?

    2. wow, worst attempt at spelling EVER

      1. At least my sentences have proper capitalization and punctuation. Now who looks silly Mr. Interwebs?

        1. Maybe, but you also said ‘an’ before a consonant that isn’t silent in ‘lol’  

    3. actually i think he was trying to say “sike” not psych…..worst attempt at a correction ever….just saying
      sike was a term used in the nineties to mess with someone

      oops seems the seventies not the nineties…however when talking about slang…who the hell knows when it really started

      1. Actually, it was used that way back in the 60s, and you might want to read your link for what it says about psych. O_o

        1. here ya go earlymon just for you

          An slang term that began in the late 70’s. The word sike
          is used to negate what ever statement might have come before it. It
          basically means, “just kidding” or “yea, right”. Usually, a pause is
          given between the original statement and the “sike”
          as to see if the original comment caused a reaction, before people
          realize that the person was just kidding. It is used in exactly the same
          way “Not!” was used, when coined by the Wayne’s World movies.

          take from

      2.  You would be correct.  Nice username :P  Slightly weird that things from the 90’s are old school…

      3. nice one brains, they all say it’s a misspelling of ‘psych’

    4. rofl, I love being “corrected” on a slang term. Haha you guys are acting like some massive tools, but feel free to carry on.

  4. Scott took the words right out of my mouth.

  5. Damn.. Sorry Steve

  6. I’m still at a loss as to how this crap has gone on for so long. If Apple has a case for Samsung producing a similar device to the, how come Samsung/Sony/LG/etc never sued each other for making TVs that look similar? Or computer monitors? For that matter, how come Apple isn’t suing other companies for making laptop computers. Just ridiculous…

  7. Wait, so these guys are actually going to have a sit down chat?? Outside of court?

  8. The lawsuits are making lawyers rich, but not getting much further.  When the dust settles, hopefully it lead to a new era where every single UI and software mechanism is not considered patentable. This just slows R&D and makes the established players too comfortable.

  9. Can everybody stop referencing FOSS patents and the bile that Florian keeps spreading?

    1. Bile was a very polite way for you to put it.

      I read an article, only to find out that its source material comes from the posterior aperture of Florian Microsoft.

  10. They aren’t going to stop suing each other just because some Judge slaps their pee pees…

  11. Apple must have finally come to the conclusion the lawsuits really aren’t slowing Samsung down that much.  The only people who have really won anything is the lawyers, who justified their salaries on a regular basis.  

  12. All that is necessary for Apple to succeed is for Google men to do nothing.

    1. Gonna start calling google patent goons g-men. 

      1.  oh and the apple patent goons a-ssholes.

  13. I’d love to see how THIS plays out.

  14. Phandroid is slowly becoming an image board with lost of lols to be had, I think we are all missing an important link between this world and another.

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