Samsung to unveil Galaxy S III on May 3rd


After months of speculation and a countless barrage of likely fake “leaked” images of the handset, the Samsung Galaxy S III will finally have its coming out party. Invites to yet another Samsung Unpacked event have been sent out to press outlets, and no words are minced. We are beckoned to “come and meet the next Galaxy” on May 3rd in London. For those wanting to follow along at home the event will be live-streamed via Facebook

First expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Samsung later decided to forego a press event of any type in favor of hosting their own closer to the retail availability of the Galaxy S III. Whether or not the early May date is any indicator that we will be able to pick up the latest Samsung flagship device in just a few weeks is unknown, but the month has long been rumored to house the release date of the phone.

Does Samsung have another international hit on their hands? Rumor point to all sorts of goodies from a quad-core Exynos processor to a 720p Super AMOLED Plus display, enough to make any smartphone enthusiast drool. It’s time to get excited, boys and girls.

[via Engadget]

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  1. This just made my morning much better. Hoping for a quicker release here in the states!

  2. Finaly a release date.

    The most anticipated phone of 2012 the iphone 5/6!, O wait Not this year The Samsung Galaxy s 3 is the most anticipated phone of 2012

    1. That was weak bro

    2. That iPhone 5 that came out as expected last year? O wait NO..

    3. You mean the iPhone 4ST ?

  3. Shit just got real.

    My predicted GS4 specs: 2.0Ghz Quad-Core, 2GB RAM, 4.8″ Super AMOLED Plus HD 2 screen with on screen buttons, 32GB Storage only with no SD slot or removable battery, 15MP camera to compete with PureView somehow, and a T-Mobile USA exclusive as their first LTE phone!!

    Maybe not that last part.

    1. Actually maybe not any of that. But nice to dream though.

      I have a strange feeling people are gonna come away from this like REALLY? All that hype for this? I bet it will be pretty much on par with the One X. Probably a few newer goodies but not much of a difference. The worst part is gonna be all the whinning from people in the US about how long it will take for them to get their variant. But oh well, such is life in the tech world.

      1. Well we know they will both be 720p, both be Quad-Core(available), RAM will probably be the same, storage will probably be the same(hopefully plus a SD slot).  

        It will come down to 720p Super LCD 2 vs. Super AMOLED Plus and Sense 4.0 vs. the new and improved(hopefully) TouchWiz 5.0.

        Pick your poison, but I don’t expect disappointment because its not “better” than the One X.  I WANT it to be on par with the One X and I don’t even like HTC.

        1.  I pick….  Nova launcher, and get rid of Touchwiz.  unless it kicks ass, which it probably won’t

          1. I can’t wait to see that 5 row UI cuz I hope its good enough to sway me from replacing the launcher.  Otherwise, I too will but installing Nova but still enjoy all of those stock TW features(swipe to call, you know.)

          2.  I forgot about swipe to call, I haven’t used TW apps in so long….  that was a nice feature.

          3. Plus remember who Samsung hired to help with Touchwiz… One of our good old boys at Cyanogenmod. I really think Samsung is looking to hit it out of the park with this one.

          4. @google-1593e4e5ce7215eeb6a3a65da60079ca:disqus Man you’re right!  I forgot all about Cyanogenmod’s employment since the ICS update didn’t bring worthwhile changes to TW.  Can’t wait.

        2. I think it will be better. No guarantee it’s quad-core, it’s available but doesn’t mean they won’t put the dual-core variant. I’d prefer the dual-core based off new architecture than 4 A-9 cores. Mainly SoC is a big contendor, as Tegra 3 is slacking. Design is also going to be a big factor, if they get micro-arc oxidation….I can’t see people not buying it over the Polycarbonate of the One X. 

    2. So, we just skip the GS3 altogether?

    3. The 2 ghz quad core and the 2 gb ram were a little over the top and prob unlikely but the T-Mobile exclusivness, now that’s just impossible

      1. Not really.  You know it’s coming.  Quad-Core is here today so why would 2Ghz QC be over the top?  We’ve had 1GB of RAM for a long time now and there is no 1.5GB RAM so the next step is 2GB.

        My TMO GS2 has 784MB of RAM available and right now has 490MB used and sometimes goes into 500.  UI’s and apps are becoming richer so at some point we need more RAM.

        1.  quad-core just arrived and there are no 2GHz dual core chips. Why would there be a quad-core one?

          1. Here, I found this laying around the internet.  

    4.  I predict you will be wrong.

    5. That’s actually almost what I expect from the GS3 although changed slightly

      1.5Ghz Exynos Quad
      2gb would be nice but samsung probably do 1gb maybe 1.5
      4.8″ super amoled Plus HD (I expect this)
      32gb Nand with SD card slot
      12mp camera

      1. That would just destroy the competition!

  4. After the s3 comes out people are gonna be like: what htc 1x ?lmao

    1.  U insecure braaaahhhh?

      1. Na braaaa you??

        1. LMAO!

    2.  Lets see if it’s based off of A9 or A15 arch before we go backing ignorant assumptions.

      1. This.  

        The One X with the A15 architecture via the S4 snapdragon will destroy the S3 if it’s packing an A9 arch via the 4412 like the rumors say.  

        I REALLY hope Samsung brought their game and are packing the 5250 or 5450 in this, or the One X will triumph on the benchmarks.

        1. Exactly this. I’ve been hoping for months now that the GSIII would be packing the A15.

          If they had the 5450 working with good battery life… feels good man.

        2. honestly…I laugh at comments like this.  Do you really think average consumers give a flying fig about ‘benchmarks’?   Besides, with poor battery life, cheap construction etc, doesn’t matter what samsung brings…it’s bound to be better than anything HTC puts out. .  And no, I’m not a loyal Samsung fanboy.

          1. It makes me laugh when a fandroid acts like an iSheep and makes a blanket statement like this.  Grow up.

          2. You’re calling him an iSheep and telling HIM to grow up? I’m not even going to point out the irony.

          3.  iSheep? ew

          4. comparing samsung to htc by saying HTCs are “cheaply constructed”
            1/10 troll
            But that’s the best I can do.
            You are trying to hard, sorta like Samsung is trying to hard to make a decent phone by releasing one after the other with minimal differences.

        3.  FWIW, the S4’s Krait compares to the Cortex A15, but is not a Cortex architecture.

          Think – ARM Cortex is to Intel as Qualcomm is to AMD. Similar – same instruction sets – but not same architecture.

        4. Benchmarks?

          Have you seen some of the users comments on xda?
          The Htc 1x LAGS!!!

          Even the Galaxy SII which came out LAST MAY 2011 didn’t have any lag. So much for the light-sense ux.

          1. Of course, the One X is using Tegra 3 (ARM Cortex A9), not an S4.

            And while the One X is clearly in need of a kernel update, wouldn’t it pep you up to get your basic facts straight before flaming people? Just a little?

      2. It was a joke don’t cry

        1. How am I crying?

  5. I had a feeling that we would hear something about an announcement today!

  6. All this waiting will finally be worth it!  Now I just need it to hit the States quickly!

  7. the galaxys 23 the avengers and cotto mayweather all in one week i might dieeeeeeeee

    1. Lol^ It’s going to be a great week!

    2.  As if Cotto/Mayweather is going to be a good fight, lmfao. I don’t know why people bother wasting $ on boxing anymore.

  8. Hope May 3 is tomorrow. 

    1. I hope May 3rd is yesterday

      1.  I got news for both of you about when May 3rd is…….

    2.  Actually it’s after May 2 and before May 4

  9. Are those blobs an indication of a ceramic blue/white casing? Long shot but it’s not unlike Samsung to put clues in their invites.

    1. Those blobs are the liquids excreted by everyone from the whole waiting game for galaxy s3. Samsung getting really graphic with their ads nowadays.

    2. If only! I hate the boring old black/white/grey/silver most phones come in. A nice blue would go down well with me :-)

  10. So… is Samsung now copying Apple’s naming scheme too? 

    Apple : “The new iPad!” 
    Samsung : “The next Galaxy!”

    1. Since apple has copyright for the words: “The”, “new” and “next”. Then the  patent for launch parties, queues and fanboyism/fangirlism. Not to mention that apple also invented glass, plastic, metal and electrons.
      Then I guess yeah, samsung is copying apple to the atom and molecule.

    2. Your username picture says it all………

  11. Isn’t it more likely this is just gonna be the Galaxy Player crap?

    1. Why would you say that? The timing points to a Galaxy S III release, location is London where they’re going to be pushing hard at the marketing opportunity during the Olympics for the Galasy S III. All lines up. 

      1. It also lines up that they’d wanna push their new Galaxy Players.  Nothing in the ad points to S3; it could just as easily be a way for Samsung to gauge the level of enthusiasm for the S3 and pull an M. Night Shamalan and debut the Players

        1. Too much skepticism is too much.

          1. Healthy skepticism never killed anyone, and it saved a hell of a lot of disappointment

  12. Hell Yes as a current user of galasy s2 cant wait to get my hands on this ceramic dressed baby

  13. bet those ppl who bought htc one x would be cursing aloud now… cant wait to hold this baby in my hands

    1.  not really! I dont see why?

    2. If the S3 is packing the old A9 architecture, it’ll be the Samsung fans that’ll be crying and cursing.

    3. got one x and he already beat s3 with his beats audio :D

  14. Announced May 3rd 2012. Launched on US carriers May 3rd 2013.

    1.  hmmm….   *dislike*

  15. The Invite has ceramic, hinting on the ceramic body of the phone..any thoughts???

    1. non-removable battery, with a 4.5″ screen had better be 3500mah.

      1. i hope it has a bigger than 4.5 screen. . . otherwise, 720p is even more useless. If it isn’t around 5, I’ll be shocked

  16. Proud of Samsung keeping this under raps. Will be even more proud if they release it within a couple weeks. I won’t be buying one, but I just hate how companies announce these things and wait months for release. The big thing Apple gets right imo.

    1. apple still can take a couple months to get a phone out from what I’ve seen, and samsung is supposedly trying to do more of a worldwide release soon after the announcement from what I understand so hopefully the phone will be available by June even in the USA which is the main area where it gets delayed for a ton of months.

  17. Hmmmmm sounds nice and all but I’m still waiting on a 5+in screen with no bezel. Galaxy Note 2 ;)

    1. Enjoy your brick; might as well get a full tablet that supports VOIP at that size

      1. I actually have a “few” tablets however I’m trying to alleviate having to carry both. I prefer to have one device that does it all. I already have enough gadgets I’m carrying around on the day to day basis. And I bet if you were to spend a month with a Galaxy Note you wouldn’t want a phone with a smaller screen ;)

        1. Surprisingly this is what many people are saying. They initially think that 5 inches is too big for a phone, but after a few days of using the Note, they don’t like going back to a smaller screen.

          Myself, I want to carry two devices all the time: a phone with unhindered WiFi tethering, and a $250 7″ Tegra-3 tablet. 7 inches is ideal for so many activities. My full, 10″ tablet, with stylus, will be used when I can sit down for extended periods, like at a desk.

  18. As much as I love the unibody design, I can’t steer away from the practicality of a removable battery. Hope they release it with one that’s at least 2800 mah

  19. haha, come to papa ;D

  20. Ohhhhh yessssssssssss

  21. sorry for being a noob, but why do phones get to the states so late anyway??

    1. There are several reasons.

      1. Carriers require different hardware for CDMA and GSM networks
      2. Carriers like to add things to devices. (e.g. bloatware: carrier apps, games, and whatever else they feel like)
      3. Carriers like to differentiate, they want their version of a flagship to device to look different, or have some added features. (So they can get new customers to leave their current network.)

    2. I can’t find it but somewhere there was a short documentary released showing what all it took for At&t to bring the first Atrix to market. It was very eye opening as to all the crap that needs to get done before a carrier subsidized phone will be allowed to make it to market.

      Carrier bloat development, testing, branding, testing… blah blah blah.

      Would prefer US carriers stopped subsidizing, and lowered their contract prices. But that’ll never happen. Too many average Joe’s out there gettin a phone are willing to start a new (or renew a) contract because they saw an advert for an inexpensive carrier subsidized phone. And then non-average Joes have to pay the high contract prices anyway so we might as well take advantage of the lower priced subsidized phone as well.

  22. I hate to pop everyone’s dream bubble but the announcement said NOTHING about GS3. It might be but it could just as easily be a different product altogether.

    1. i don’t know. it went from May 22 to 3. i’m going with HTC this time. if the next Nexus is made by Motorola, then maybe i’ll switch to that if i’m not happy with HTC.

  23. What’s with the Apple-like teaser?

  24. http://www.ddaily.co.kr/news/news_view.php?uid=89710
    Google Translate that.

    So apparently, according to news closer to the source, it’ll have a 720p screen (Super Amoled Plus HD), a quad-core Samsung AP, obvious ICS is obvious, and a physical home button (assuming there aren’t multiple versions).

    And, get this, wireless charging. Apparently, ~1-2m range. The release should be end of May for 3G, July for LTE. Not sure if that’s Korean release only, or worldwide release like many people have been speculating.

    The only worrying part for me is the quad-core AP. I can’t help but think it’ll most likely be the 4412, which is kind of disappointing. I’m sure I’ll get it regardless, since it’ll be an upgrade from my Captivate anyway, but I really hoped Samsung would surprise us with chips based on A15 architecture. Well, nothing is confirmed yet, so hopefully there’s still a chance of it.

  25.  The krait S4 snapdragon processor is not based on A15 architecture.

    So, Samsung Exynos would still be good choice.

  26. GOD has spoken 

  27. If I had to guess… I would say that the invite displays the resolution of the screen… that’s all.  No other clues (even though there are rumors that it will come in white and black/blue).

  28. Anyone know if this is coming to Verizon ?

  29. Ahhhh its finally here
    Can’t wait for this!



  31. Man the anticipation of this phone is the biggest in android history to date. I CANNOT WAIT!

  32. Unless they wrote a new OS it will probably do the same things the last phone did…just a little faster.

  33. Can’t wait til samsung just finally turns it’s logo into a fruit.
    A lot of people care and that’s fine but ssheeple are getting seriously butthurt when we try to compare the one x and the samsung.
    I work for att we carry ten samsung phones and EVERY single phone has problems.
    We carry 3 HTC phones and not a single return EVER.
    -end rant-

  34. may 3 is my birthday. im selling my galaxy s2. nyay

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