The trial of Android to begin tomorrow


After a long, long time of closed-court sessions, Oracle’s case against the alleged patent-infringing use of Java in Android comes to trial. As I pointed out in February, I believed this to be the single largest threat to Android at one point, but many of Oracle’s patent claims have been thrown out.

While the initial damages demanded by Oracle were a whopping $6.1 billion, but fortunately the cracks in Oracle’s arguments were noted and the claims were brought down to the $110-225 million range (which Google still claims is too much).

If you’d like some good weekend reading to preview the trial, head over to this article on GigaOm.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Someone sounds butt hurt..if Google were lawyer happy, there would a LOT of changes..

  2. Just show the article where the CEO of Sun condones Googles use of Java and the case will be thrown out. Larry Elison can go to hell.

  3. Oracle’s business model is to buy things then ruin them.  Java, Glassfish, Hudson…  Screw Oracle.

    1. Although I do not agree with particulars of this anti-Android case, to your comment I say – au contraire, since I started working with Oracle products in 1995 Oracle have done one hell of the job of buying, then integrating, and supporting other people’s technologies. If anyone’s to blame is Sun, who couldn’t stay afloat even having such tremendously accepted by the time tech as Java.

      1. You’re talking about Oracle’s past business model.  The poster you replied to is talking about Oracle’s current business model.

        He mentioned Glassfish — I don’t know about that one.  Haven’t used it.  But he is absolutely correct about both Java and Hudson.  Also

        Oracle just doesn’t get Open Source.  But it’s worse than that.  They’re in court today arguing that you can copyright a programming language and that you can prevent anyone from actually using public API’s.

  4. LMFAO. For the letter is going hard for a jury to overlook. When API how things work. You really think all 12 jurors are goin to be that advance in computers. This needs to be settled out of court. Cause I agree with the linked article this will cause a hailstorm if Oracle wins. Since there shifting this as a copyright infringement case.

    1. This isn’t a criminal case. It’s a civil case. No jury. Just a judge.

      1. You’re right it’s a civil case.

        You’re wrong about there not being a jury.

        1. lol imagine being a jury at a android/google case

  5. Your second “paragraph” isn’t a coherent sentence. You stuck a dependent clause and a phrase beginning with a conjunction together.

    1. These replies crack me up and are useless to the discussion. Just sayin’. I understood what he said and I am sure you did as well. This isn’t English class at a university. 

    2. Was it readable to an acceptable degree? Like Drew Walters said, this isn’t English class. As long as it is readable, and doesn’t seem to have been typed out by an infant, then you have no right to pull it.

      Now get off of that dildo seat you have placed on your high horse.

      1. If you’re going to purport to be a tech blog, you should at least have a basic understanding of how to write. Now don’t be a lazy douche, just because you’re too ignorant about grammar.

        1. STFU..It’s a BLOG..Meaning he can write as he wants…the minute it becomes a “news site” you have my permission to pussy foot through the grammatical

           errors. Until then..I got 2 words for you…SUCK IT!

    3. Get rid of “While”, capitalize “the”, period after “billion”, get rid of “but”, capitalize “fortunately”, and add a comma after “Fortunately”.

      Did I pass the test, or Did I PASS?

  6. If you want to read about oracle’s dirty tricks, keep track on groklaw: 

    in short, the judge is pissed and oracle’s case is already dwindling away, and has given google a number of legs up in their requests as a result. see .

    (google has an extremely good track record in court – they dont’ lose patent cases – there was one in texas’s rocket docket where they lost until appeal and then the patents were invalidated (thus no money lost, no appeal needed, etc).).

  7. Larry can suck it

    1. Who is Larry?

      1. Think he means Larry Elison, but he could just as easily be talking about Larry Page.

      2. Oracle CEO.

        Oracle is also known as One Rich Asshole Called Larry Ellison

  8. Just a thought, but what about sticking to the topic instead of picking at grammatical faux pas.

  9. And peoples thought that this could have been the end of the Droid…and M soft was praying it was so…ilol

  10. Samsung Galaxy S3 Release on May 3rd in London!

  11. > After a long, long time of closed-court sessions,
    > Oracle’s case against
    the alleged patent-infringing
    > use of Java in Android comes to trial.

    For anyone who knows how to read, everything that has gone on in the case has been pretty well known.  Raw court documents have been posted regularly so you can form your own opinion instead of reading someone else’s.  Eyewitness reports of courtroom events were posted.  In short, lots of information available.  The court proceedings do happen in public.  Generally only very few things are allowed to be filed under seal by the court.

  12. From just now:

    First word from the courthouse, which is in a break right now, after
    which the jury selection will continue. But prior to that, there was
    some discussion about pre-trial motions. Here’s the very brief report
    from our guy before he runs back in:

    Google objects to slide [to be used] in Oracle’s opening statement to
    the jurors citing $7.4B purchase of Sun as being prejudicial.

    Oracle states that Java “was the most significant software purchase” that it had made.

    Judge Alsup: Why isn’t Google ecstatic at the opportunity to cross-examine Larry Ellison on this issue?

    Judge Alsup to Oracle: If you try to throw around big numbers in front
    of the jury just to inflate damages, you are doing so at your own risk;
    “there is no proof that Java is worth $7.4B. I am suspicious of your

    On break now, jury selection continuing.

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