Another Samsung Galaxy S III photo leaked


Briefmobile have reportedly stumbled across a Samsung Galaxy S III leaked image, and appear confident that it could be legit. Their reasons? The ICS TouchWiz interface, and the Weber Shandwick logo (I don’t understand why that adds any real credibility).

My two cents? It’s a fake. Firstly, it’s based off a Reddit thread, so you have to take that with a grain of salt. Secondly, see both the views of the phone. It’s white on grey in the face on view, and grey on white in the side view. Now, the bezel does seem to have a bit of depth to it, but I doubt Samsung would add even a fraction of a millimeter of thickness to the phone just to put the screen in a bit of depression.

What are your thoughts? Like the looks? Noticed something that I didn’t which makes you believe it probably is legit? Have your say in the comments.

Thanks, Karl!

[Reddit via Mobilebrief]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. So much bezel….

  2. Stop making it look like an iPhone. Android has three (or zero or four) buttons. If I wanted something that looked like an iPhone I’d get an iPhone.

    1. Stop thinking it looks like an iPhone. It doesn’t look like an iPhone.

      1. According to Apple any rectangular shaped device looks like an iPhone. *rolling eyes

    2. yah really it looks nothing like an iphone

  3. Looks like fake to me.

  4. Anyone else click on the pic to get a closer look at it and the pic turned smaller? LOL!

    1. you have to click on it again after it gets smaller…

      1. Holy Cow! Thanks for the reply. I did it and sure enough, it worked! I’m sitting here giggling to myself while wondering: “How do people figure out stuff like that??”  LOL! Thanks again bro!  :-)

        1. no problem dude!

  5. Fake…wasn’t it stated with ICS that google was doing away with any hardware home buttons?

    1. It’s up to the manufacturers to implement that. They can make changes to the source code to use hardware buttons, as they have with most pre-ICS phones that are getting updated.

    2. sure, but OEMs might still add them…..currently I think the Gnex is the only ICS device without hardware buttons.

      EDIT: I still think it’s fake

    3. ICS supports touchscreen buttons as well as physical buttons; no real way to tell based on that alone

  6. Instead of wondering why Weber Shandwick lends credibility, maybe google them and find out?

    1. I did. I don’t believe the addition of the logo of a PR company necessarily adds credibility. Someone who’s taken the pains to post a fake photo of a yet-to-be-released device can quite easily add the logo of Weber Shandwick, or a distribution channel like a Best Buy or a carrier.

  7. This seems fake. We identify, by searching for similar images, the picture of happy children is widespread on the web. http://tmblr.co/ZHb0RxI6yXP1

    1. Child porn is also widespread on the web, probably more widespread than happy children pictures

      1. Ok, very fun… but the image included in the screen Galaxy SIII should not be so widespread. Advertising in general uses a unique image. Don’t you think? 

        1. Not really; if the image was created by a PR firm, they’d want to use images that are familiar and comfortable to people.  Using something as familiar as smiling children would be a typical route to go.

          1. Again you are right in a wrong way. Family photos is a good business for advertising, not copied photos.

          2. I can see your point though; no real telling though if either of us is right :/

          3. Seems either of us could be right; from a reddit thread (

            Stock photo featured in the screen also seen here. This could indicate that the render is a fraud (made by someone who just grabbed that stock photo and threw it on there. Alternatively, Samsung could have purchased a stock photo that was used by another company. Finally, Samsung graphic artists could have ripped this photo simply for the private presentation (in which this slide was leaked). 

  8. Few thing that you missed:

    First, Weber Shandwick is a reputed PR firm. They have worked for Samsung in past ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weber_Shandwick ). From what I read, they represent Samsung in Germany.

    Another example: GS2 White launch party organized by this firm


    The date — 22nd May is around the same time when the torch relay will be held. I think it starts on May 20. Samsung is the major sponsor for this Olympics. 


    The photo looks like to have been taken from a screen/monitor
    ( https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-AtG9wmq666Q/T2NDEzL7yzI/AAAAAAAAMC4/iVVyhzWARJ8/s1140/IMG_20120316_140759.jpg )

    There is some area in top-right where the “photo” seems to show black background. This shows ( http://i.imgur.com/6QpN4.jpg ) dual speakers. If it’s fake, somebody went through a lot of pain to actually do this. 

    Normally all fakes are made too elegantly or just too good to be true. This on other hand looks “different”.

    My 0.02

    EDIT: @wastry Man’s gotta do something on weekends!


    EDIT 2: Also note the similarity between this “Leak” and the recently launched Galaxy Player 4.2:


    1. The torch relay part (which has been rumored for quite some time) and the Weber Shandwick logo (which I responded to in a comment below) could easily have been added to lend credibility to a fake. Same with the image of of a monitor.

      The speaker, though, does look interesting. It does explain the slight depression a bit (which on closer inspection seems only on the top and below).

      It’s still a fake in my eyes, though yes, a great deal of thought put into it. At least it’s a lot better than what BGR came up with.

        1. Definitely taken from a monitor, those lines make that much certain. Can’t really say what the corner part you pointed out means. If it’s a fake, its a job really well done.

          Another point I noticed in the speaker part was, due to its location, could it cause design problems for protective cases?

    2. Great analysis and great reasoning; you’ve changed my mind about the authenticity of the photo :) 

      EDIT:  I’m not being sarcastic, I really do mean I agree with your reasoning and you’ve convinced me it’s legit. If the photo is a troll, it’s one of the best trolls I’ve ever seen, for any product. More likely than not, it’s legit

  9. It does not look like an iphone you troll! It looks amazingly unique if its real! This is the most anticipated phone for the android market in 2012! This will compete with iphone 5 whatever that will be.

  10. The photo of the side is the right side of the phone. Look at the buttons. The volume is on the left and the power button is on the right. The colors are correct, not reversed.

    1. I understand that the photo is from the right side, that’s why I mentioned “It’s white on grey in the face on view, and grey on white in the side view”.

      So the image describes the grey as being sandwiched in between two whites, and creating a bit of depression at the screen from the bevel because of which you can’t see the white that’s on the face in the side-on view. Now unless the grey bit is extremely thin, it’s adding a little thickness to the device without solving any real purpose. I doubt Samsung would do that.

      1. I don’t think you are seeing it right. The side view matches the front view just fine. It is white on grey in both shots. The back half of the phone is white, the front half grey, it splits down the middle in the side shot. If the white front panel is in line or depressed in the grey bezel, you wouldn’t see that part from the side.

        1.  I agree, that’s the way I was seeing it too.  It does have white on the front but it’s covered by the grey which shows on the side as well.  This picture could be accurate.  Although I think the bigger question would be: why is Samsung still using hardware buttons for an ICS phone? I think that is one of the fishy things about this photo.

    2. why would the volume be on the grey side of the bevel with a white button and the power on the white side of the bezel with a grey button? it would look stupid and disproportionate if they did that.

    3.  No.. the side photo looks completely different from the face shot.. look at  the white and the grey on the face shot… how can the white color be beside the grey color (in the side shot) when in the face shot, the white is on top??

      I call b.s.

      1. Because it could still be white on the back.  The best way to think about this is to look at the Blackberry Bold 9700.  The Bold 9700 has this chrome bar that goes around the phone.  You can see it from the top and the sides but it doesn’t envelop the whole device.

  11. Your second point doesnt make sense. If you see on the left side of the front view theres a port or big button of some sort, this isnt on the side view, which means the sideview is of the right side. This fits with the top button being like the one on SGS2 as the lock button. And also makes sense that its grey on the front and white on the back. You can also clearly see the bulge on the right side of the sideview, its probably the camera. 

    1. Copy pasted from another reply:

      I understand that the photo is from the right side, that’s why I mentioned “It’s white on grey in the face on view, and grey on white in the side view”.

      So the image describes the grey as being sandwiched in between two whites, and creating a bit of depression at the screen from the bevel because of which you can’t see the white that’s on the face in the side-on view. Now unless the grey bit is extremely thin, it’s adding a little thickness to the device without solving any real purpose. I doubt Samsung would do that.

      1. The back half of the phone is white and the front half of the phone is gray.  You won’t see the white on the front of the phone in a side profile whether it’s level with the gray or slightly depressed.

  12. It is fake.  You can tell by the bezel and also the Galaxy 3 will be almost edge-to-edge screen,  

    1. That’s what BGR reported.  Bear in mind that BGR is a notorious dick sucker of all things Apple and generates fake rumors to generate page views.

  13. I hope it will have the same size battery or bigger than the razor maxx.

  14. More renders….moving on

  15. Vreenak says, “It’s a faaaaake!”.

    I think Samsung will go with no buttons, a la Galaxy Nexus. NEC has some prototype phones without the hardware buttons. It’s where Android is heading.

    1. I REALLY hope you’re right.  I would love to see all phones go to on screen buttons.  It seems to me that OEMs are bit reluctant because they don’t want to confuse people or something.  A requirement for my next phone is on screen buttons.  

  16. I personally think it’s real. It has the look of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 N and has the same TW on top of ICS look that we will undoubtedly see on the Note. This phone is Apple proof as I believe they said they were going to go for after the GS2.

  17. I dont know,but i like this design..

  18. Can the galaxy s II owners enjoy at least a year wit their phone untill a new one comes out! I bet the “S IV” will come out by thanksgiving! And it looks the same as the S II…

    1. You do know the Galaxy S II  came out in May last year right?  I don’t think the new one will be pushed out before May…..If you’re complaining of a US version, that is the US carriers problem that they think they all nee their own versions

  19. Here’s a though!  A good PR firm is going to generate buzz about a product before its launch.  With a product like the GS3, what would generate more buzz about a product than having the die hard community arguing over it?

    You may consider that Samsung or their PR firm is “leaking” these images to build awareness of the new device and create a buzz around it.  They would certainly get many more sales if there was a buzz about a phone that people are waiting 6 months to own.

    And it appears that whether the leaks / renders are part of a plan or not, it is definitely creating quite a buzz and conversation in the Android community!

  20. real or fake just release it im a samsung fan (not fanboy im a fanman) and i just need sprint to say theyll carry it soon (atleast before the 3rd quarter of the year) or ill just be settling for the galaxy nexus when it drops

  21. Than why are you on phandroid.com?  Begone troll.

  22. I agree with Raveesh, it’s most likely a fake. However, if it it’s real, then this will be the first Sammy handset that I *might* consider, strictly from a hardware perspective….especially if there is some metal in the design.

  23. Everyone seems to be forgetting the Galaxy Tab 10.1N redesign for the German market, which lends its credence to this render making it more probable than possible…It is a perfect miniature 10.1N replica which would avoid any Apple patent suits for the international markets. I can’t wait!!!

  24. I hope it’s real, I’m down for this phone.

  25. I’m guessing we’re gonna hear about it on may 22nd. Doesnt Samsung always put the date of release or something in their pictures?

  26. The mouth piece looks like an ear piece grill. 

  27. I think it’s believable, unfortunately.  The reason I say this is because judging by relative parameters like the power button and camera hump, this looks to be chasing in on being the thinnest phone ever produced, which means heating and low battery life could be a problem.  If the reports are true about Samsung creating yet another heavy improvement to their SAMOLED+ screens, maybe battery life won’t be such an issue, especially if they have their new exynos line operating yet even more efficiently.  We’re left with a lot of unknowns that are hardware dependent.

    Personally, I hope this is real, and it blows the S2 out of the water.  I own an S2 and it’s an awesome phone, if they can make it look old they’ll have the best phone people can buy, hands down.

  28. Redrew the image in Illustrator. It looks pretty legit, not what everyone was looking for in the new phone but look what Apple does every single year. The only odd thing with this phone is that speaker grill mouthpiece it seems odd but they may be adding a lot of voice features which would benefit from a really good microphone. The other odd thing is the design, it literally looks like an ice cream sandwich.

    Edit: Attached photo came out nuts! Here is a better one. http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg851/scaled.php?server=851&filename=siii.png&res=medium

  29. First of all I think it looks quite smart and unique. Also the white and grey is the correct way round

  30. Looks, like it could have s sd card slot …so it very well could be fake…hu

  31. Even though this looks a little bit like the redesigned GalaxyTab10.1, I really hope this is a fake, because:
    1) It still has a space-wasting hardware home button!
    2) The bezels aren’t amazing enough
    3) The raised grey “trim” isn’t very attractive, although it does look to provide the function of protecting the display when you place your face down (a function that I seek out in cases/skins)
    4) The volume rocker placement seems low
    5) Why is the external speaker grill so large and located on the bottom-front of the phone instead of the back like usual? I can’t even see the regular earphone speaker in the photo. Also, that speaker location isn’t really case/skin-friendly.

    1. Pretty much everything you said here. Earlier concept shots looked sexy… made me want this phone badly. They are slowly getting somewhat more realistic, but also more disappointing by the day.

  32. Looks great

  33. It’s a fake.

  34. Interesting, but I would rather have the next nexus. Hope it has a curved display. Never gonna have samsung again, I do not like buttons and touchwiz.

  35.  Unfortunately, the new ipad will never get Gingerbread. In fact, it won’t even get Cupcake.

  36. Projector and quad core please

  37. This looks legit to me and very convincing. Also, there are no incongruencies in the image, the side view matches the front view. And I bet that the raised grey bevel is not there just for style, it must have some sort of purpose, maybe a new touchscreen technology we have never heard of before to be unveiled by Samsung, a bit like Sony’s “Floating Touch”. The hardware button is what confuses me, maybe it is finally the touchpad/trackpad the GS and GSII owners have been whining about. :)

  38. breaking news : samsung galaxy s-2 i9100 upgrade android 4.0.3 is available for asia. include indonesia, malaysia, philipines etc (via KIES).available NOW!!.

  39. I was recently in a Sprint store and this looks just like their white Galaxy S II to me

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