Panasonic Eluga now available in Germany, headed to the UK April 24


The Panasonic Eluga, which launched last month in Japan, has made its way to Europe. The Android 2.3 handset that we first saw at Mobile World Congress is so far on sale only in Germany, but will makes its way to the UK by the end of the month. Folks interested in the Eluga can find it for as low as €399 depending on where they shop.

The Eluga features a waterproof casing, 4.3-inch IPS display, and 1.5GHz dual-core CPU. The phone also carries NFC support. The phone will ship in the UK starting April 24th and should make its way to other European locales in due time. Check out our hands-on video from MWC for more info.

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    1. more like LG Prada

    2.  Yeah I agree. Even the wallpaper looks like Sony’s.

  1. looks like brick. and lock + volume keys is in strange place. looks not too comfortable to press regularly

    1. i actually like the design.  olga does as well ^_^

  2. Gingerbread? On a new handset with a 1.5GHz chip? Either ICS is good enough that it comes installed or the manufacturers should have the testicular fortitude to tell Google so.

    Would you drop 400 euros on a new laptop that comes with XP?

    1. my college buys computers with 7 then buys XP and installs that. irrelevant, but people do.
      Also at £330 that’s cheap

      1. Agreed, that’s a decent price. 4.3″ IPS screen (QHD res), 7.8mm thin, NFC, waterproof/dustproof, dual core TI chip. This is a nicely specced mid-ranger if ever I saw one. Aside from Gingerbread on launch, and the 1150 mAh battery :-/

        1. 1150? that’s tiny, no thanks

  3. Looks pretty, however doesn’t fit well in hand.

    1. That’s the first thing I thought.

  4. I still cannot understand why this phone has no camera flash…

  5. I think the
    Eluga has decent enough specs, but the real appeal is its beautiful design, and
    the fact that it isn’t all that expensive. The waterproof and dustproof coating
    will come in handy too. Well, they will if you’re me anyway. A little clumsy. You
    can pre-order the Eluga from MobiCity for
    just £350 if you live in the UK.
    That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it anyway…

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