Sprint Stores Begin Receiving Signage For Galaxy Nexus LTE To Be Displayed This Sunday, April 15th



You know when your store begins receiving signage with a cold, hard, street date listed on them, that things are looking pretty official. Take this Sprint store for example, who has begun receiving posters for the Galaxy Nexus LTE which, according to the bold print on the packaging, will be displayed in store windows this Sunday, April 15th. It has been rumored that the device could launch on April 22nd, and with posters going up a week before then, we’re inclined to believe that date more than ever. What’s interesting is the poster makes no mention of the device being LTE capable. Something I’m guessing Sprint wants to keep on the “DL” until it can roll it out in more markets.

You can shake the higher-end specs of the HTC EVO 4G LTE at the Galaxy Nexus all you want, but there’s no denying the appeal of having a device loaded with the latest and greatest version of stock, vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich (with the higher probability of timely updates). Of course, only a handful of you will actually be able to enjoy Sprint’s LTE at device launch. The first cities ready for a handset that can tap into the 1900Mhz frequency have been announced as Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio.

Any Sprint customers out there excited about this news? Will you be picking up the G-Nex this Sunday? Maybe the HTC EVO 4G LTE is a little more your style? Or maybe, just maybe… you’ll hold out a little longer for the rumored release of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note?

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  1. Woot!  Now I can continue to pressure my friend to get this to replace his HTC Hero!  =) That said, he’s pretty much already sold on it. I’ve managed to hype this thing up pretty well to him.

  2. i’ll be first in line…cant wait..

  3. Should give current Sprint users a discount due to Wimax being so lame.  Definitely when they eventually pull that plug, which probably isn’t that far off.

    1. Wimax will be supported until at least 2015.

      1. Good to know, but it’s still not on par with high speeds.  My S2 cuts out all the time and I’m not far from one of their towers.

        1. I have Clearwire as my dedicated high speed internet connection and couldn’t be happier.  Time Warner sucked.  Everyone has bad experiences…I just think it’s funny when anyone from any carrier thinks they are totally justified in shouting to everyone that Xxx company sucks simply because they had a bad experience. I know many friends that have Time Warner and love ’em, but I didn’t.  Oh well.

          1. i can understand your clearwire product working very well becuz its coming from clearwire themselves. but us on our wimax phones are using sprint to connect to a wimax connection. There is probably alot more connections from our phones to a wimax tower to pull this off. This is why ppl mention connection issues and our phones maintaining a solid link. Ive experienced this with my Evo 4G since i got it and used it around the Tri State area.

          2. No. You flip on the 4G. The phone looks for the 4G tower. It connects directly to the tower. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Clear or Sprint device.

          3. Majority feel this way, it’s hard to find a Sprint user who has a good connection that doesn’t drop consistently.

          4. Im right here…….I consistently get 12-14 mbps on 4G all the time. But im still on wifi 90% of the time

          5. Right here. Never had a problem with Sprint.

            People are more prone to voice their opinion on the internet when they are having problems. If everything is fine, they just go about their business.

        2.  The speeds aren’t going to be that much better. They will just be much more consistent and service will be more available to Sprint customers. I read something like 15/5 over on S4GRU.

    2. Yea 2015 is right around the corner

  4. updates aren’t always fast look at the nexus s4g how long that update took. not to mention unless it launches with 4.0.3 or above it won’t have the “latest” version

    1. Root fixes all of those issues :)

      1. And introduces new ones.

        1. Like what? Last time I checked, myself and many many others have zero issues.

      2. yeah but that doesn’t really matter for radios and the phone being what it is intended to be a phone… Samsung needs to work on their radios.

        1. Actually, when rooted you can update your radios to acquire better performance. It’s 100x better than waiting for OTA’s that may or may not ever come.

  5. I’ll be there!  Time to replace my OG Evo.  

      1. Pure Google bro… pure Google.

        1. root and better phone bro… root and better phone

          1. Some people don’t want to bother with root, they want a phone that just works.  Second, calling the one x “better” is a bit subjective.  The non-removable battery on the Evo is a deal breaker for some people, including myself.

          2. Subjective…lets see

            Better Screen/Bigger Screen
            Better Processor
            Better Camera
            Better Battery

            shall i continue???

          3. Skinned os
            Locked bootloader
            Internal battery
            wont get each ics update and likely wont get jellybean
            Gnex ftw

          4. Unless you don’t want to root, and don’t believe that you should HAVE to root your device for it work the way you want.

          5. Patrick, you forgot ‘uglier.’ The Evo LTE is significantly uglier than the GNex.

            The Evo LTE also retains finger prints on both the front AND the back of the phone (suck it GNex!).

      2. Here’s a few of my reasons.
        I’ve been wanting to have a pure Google experience.
        I love the On-Screen buttons
        Removable battery (so I can swap batteries when I need to)
        the GNex is beautiful, E4GLTE is kinda ugly.
        I’m already due for an upgrade and don’t want to wait :p

        1. It’s sad that us Android users get excited that a phone has a  removable battery.  I want a phone on Sprint where I don’t have to worry about my battery and I don’t want an iPhone. 

          1. I don’t have to worry about battery with the E4GT, but I may not use it as much as you would need to.

    1. Why not wait for the One x (Evo LTE) Its better in nearly every way except the os. I am going to be replacing my samsung moment with the Evo lte the second it comes out. I have been waiting for something good from this generation since february. 

      1. One big reason the GNex is better? Removable battery.

  6. Call me perhaps superstitious… But I’m a bit wary about not seeing an advertisement about unlimited data on the release poster. An everything data plan could mean everything and 2-5GB of data. I wonder if this was on purpose…

    1. I’m thinking you’re being a little paranoid.  Everything Data is what Sprint’s been calling their unlimited plans for several years.

      1. I sure hope so. Just hoping that Sprint keeps unlimited longer.

        1.  Sprint has already confirmed that they were keeping unlimited. Google search bro, google search.

          1. Yeah I read their statement and such, but it’s not uncommon for people to say one thing and do another. Just being watchful, and being less optimistic makes me less disappointed if something bad happens, and that much more happy if something good happens :)

          2. Can’t argue with you there, but let’s just say that it would be EXTREMELY stupid on Sprint’s end to say something and not follow through. Especially during this big transition period.

  7. I will be getting this through second it comes out. Then I will be giving it to my wife the second the Evo 4g lte comes out.

  8. Someone explain to me why the Viper has been announced and will take pre-orders starting the 12th, but this thing still hasn’t even been given that?!?!

    1. The Viper is a brand new device and a Sprint exclusive. Many people already know what the Galaxy Nexus is.

      1. The Lucid with Verizon is the Viper for Sprint…

        1. Not to the average consumer. Different look, different name, etc.

          1. but not “exclusive”

          2. lolwut? The LG VIPER is a Sprint exclusive. There isn’t another provider out there selling the phone.

          3. Lol, like I said the exact same phone is on Verizon with the name Lucid. A different name and casing does not make it exclusive.

          4. I give up. Apparently 2 different things are the same to you.

          5. I just think you are confused with what “exclusive” is. The Nexus was exclusive with Verzion, The Note was exclusive with At&t. Both of those phones were not re-hashes of some other phone on another US carrier network. The Lucid is exactly the same spec wise to the last detail as the Viper, the only difference is the name and the outer casing. That does not make it “exclusive”.

          6. I don’t think you know what exclusive is. I just saw a US Cellular commercial that says “Come get the Mortorola Electrify, exclusively at US Cellular”. Well guess what, the Electrify is the Photon 4G from Sprint without the 4G. They are the same phone other than the 4G. The HTC EVO Design 4G is exclusive to Sprint. US Cellular has the same phone, called the HTC Hero S. The only thing missing from the latter is 4G and world capability. Other than that, they are the same body, same internals, etc.

            Going by your logic, Verizon better switch their ads that say the LG Lucid is exclusive to Verizon.

  9. Why anyone want to buy last year phone when the SG III is around the corner. I’ll pass on this one if it ever comes to AT&T

    1. Last years phone?  How is that when it has Ice Cream Sandwich (newest google os btw) as OS?

      1.  he might be referring to hardware

        1. It’s not even 2011 hardware. Apparently when rumored (and unsubstantiated) 2013 tech is posted on the internet, 2012 tech becomes “last year’s” even though we aren’t even halfway through THIS year.

          Pretty soon this will be like the automotive cycle, where the 2015 Ford Taurus comes out in mid-2013. Or the opposite maybe… I can’t keep track anymore.

          1. lol i know what you are saying, but at the same time i also get his drift. The nexus came out novemeber 2011 with hardware that was competitive with mid 2011 hardware. And its almost mid 2012. Not that that fact alone should be why you do or don’t buy a phone, it’s just understandable when an entirely new generation of hardware has been released, that someone would rather be locked in for 2 years with the newer architecture.

    2. Right around the corner? Hardly.

  10. Leaving T-Mobile for this bad boy.

    1. This! I seriosuly love my G2, don’t have a single problem. Works just as good or better than most phones today plus free tethering with no root.

      I love Tmobile but they are screwing me over with the 5gig cap and slow down my speeds badly.

      I hope the Nexus Galaxy comes to NYC on official release date.

      1. Exactly!  I have a Sensation 4G but the 5 Gig cap is just too little.  I want to be like my family and go online without looking at T-Mobile’s offical app for my data usage.

  11. If its anything like the G Nex on Verizon..I see alot of unhappy customers when it comes to reception

    Although…this is Sprint…..so it might get blamed on Sprint.  What I do know is the places I hang out in…AT&T and Verizon are nice. Sprint and T Mobile suck. Could be the phones too.

    Hopefully something got tweaked with the hardware or software for the Sprint version

  12. Any word about the exact specs of the G-Nex? I know everyone’s been saying lately that it will have a dual core 1.2 GHz, but I keep hoping for a surprise with a dual core 1.5 GHz, Without it, I may wait for the Evo 4G LTE.

    1. 1.2

  13. Im assuming this was the image confirmation you were talking about yesterdsy?

  14. I live in a city with decent 4g (Wimax) coverage, but no LTE in site.  Although I like the Gnex, I see no point in upgrading now.  Doing so would force me onto 3g with the iPhones, which have destroyed the 3g performance around here lately.  I’m going to roll with my Epic until I see what the Galaxy S III has to offer.

    1. If you don’t mind saying, what city are you in?

      1. Cincinnati

  15. I wonder if this will launch with 4.0.4? Since Sprint and Verizon’s versions are both CDMA/LTE devices, I wonder if those devices will update at the same time? I’m sure it’s still up to the carriers, though Sprint seems to be more Google-friendly (Wallet, etc.), so maybe they will let the users get their updates whenever Google deems it ready. Hopefully that will pressure Verizon into also releasing the updates. And, brace for the onslaught of posters saying only idiots don’t root and the updates are already available for rooted users, etc. I am rooted, but my flashing days are over for now. Thanks.

  16. Its nice, and all, but, . . . 

    When will they get the Galaxy NOTE?

    1. Its coming later in the summer. Its listed on their roadmap so I would think it may be the next phone coming after the 4G LTE.

  17. Hopefully i can win this phone monday from the datastorm game lol. If not im going to wait for the s3 and decide between that and the evo

  18. Its going to have 1.5 Dual Core S4

    1. lol, wrong phone my man.

  19. I’m leaning toward the EVO LTE, so I’m going to hold off until it’s released. I’ll do a hands-on comparison before making my purchase. Hopefully you guys will do a head to head on these two bad boys. Pause…

    1. I`ll hold up my Purchase until Black Friday ! The phone price it`ll drop to one penny or free most the time, from Amazon.

      1. Smart man.

  20. Hopefully Sprint will release the phone along with accessories like the dock and the 3-pin car mount.

    My Galaxy Nexus, purchased in December, is still without a dock.  This is absolutely ridiculous.

    1. Whats even more pathetic is that this story was first broken by s4gru and yet it was blown off as not true since it falls on a Sunday. Yet Sprint has released numerous phones on a Sunday in the past and the s4gru sources have shown to be on the mark as usual. 

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