Tapatalk 2.0 for Android Now Available



Those of you who hate rummaging around vBulletin-enabled sites will be happy to know that Tapatalk, the app that makes all of that easy, has gotten a refreshed user interface and other changes in its latest update. With theme support and better conversation views, Tapatalk doesn’t have to be the eyesore that it once was.

I’m just being honest here. Although the changes aren’t overwhelming, it looks well enough to look at without getting a headache now. There is also account sync, forum recommendations, and more. It’ll cost you $3 to play, but that’s a small price to pay for convenience. Find it in the Google Play Store here. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Still looks crap.

  2. I wish sites would turn off the bullshit spam saying “there is a tapatalk version of this site.. blah blah blah” while looking on mobile.   Sites like that I end up leaving behind.   True story bro.

    1. I don’t leave em behind, but it is annoying. Which brings me to the following. Why does phandroid not have a mobile version of their website (or make their website smartphone-friendly)?

      The lay-out is doable if you have a large enough screen, but the load times can be dreadfull when you’re in an area with a slow internet connection.

    2. I set my ua string to desktop to avoid that noise, I hate it.

  3. Hate this app.

    err actually… I just hate the default sig they put in there, which many are clueless about

    “Sent from Tapatalk on my (no one cares device)”

    1. I know, right?  I hate those sum-beaches.

      Sent from my SCH-i515 (CDMA Galaxy Nexus), running rooted, deodexed, opti-png’d, B31 Android Open Kang Project with 5 nav-keys that do nifty things yours don’t and faux123’s un-named but rockin’ mainline 15 kernel powered by Unicorn blood and fairies (which sparkle in the sun…unlike vampires).

      1. You forgot to list all your previous devices + all OS you’ve used & seen & read


        1. “You forgot to list all your previous devices + all OS you’ve used & seen & read”

          I did that.  My real phone is a rotary land-line….and your avatar is creeping me out. :-P

  4. Most of the reviews are saying it’s still buggy. After emailing the author personally earlier this year and asking if he was going to fix bugs laid out in a couple specific comments he never bothered to get back to me. It was not confrontational or accusatory, they were politely worded questions. The fact he can’t bother to respond made my decision to not buy pretty easy.

  5. I really like the app.  I think I got it (an older version) free at getjar, but just did a quick look and it appears to not be available there anymore.

  6. Same observation as IrishSid,how is this different in appearance?

    Still butt-ugly,going by the screenshots in GOOGLE PLAY.

  7. @Ritish they have an app. I use it. It’s not bad looking. It makes the load times significantly shorter.

  8. TSR!

  9. It just looks to me like they added themes and color choice type stuff. The first version was extremely functional.

  10. I have been using tapatalk for about 2 years..I uninstalled after this update..I hate it!!

    They destroyed the dark on black really?

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