LG D1L rumored to feature 4.7-inch HD display and Snapdragon S4, could launch as Galaxy S III competitor in May


Though LG seemed content to stick with the lineup unveiled at Mobile World Congress, it now looks like those won’t be the only handsets we see from the Korean manufacturer this year. In an apparent bid to go head-to-head with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III and newly release HTC One X a new handset has surfaced with a potential May release date. The phone, known as the LG D1L internally, will features a 4.7inch display with 720p resolution and a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4. The D1L will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich and will be an LTE-enabled device.

The codename has been confirmed, but any details are still the result of only rumors. DDaily broke the the news.

[DDaily via The Verge]

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  1. Too bad the battery life can only be measured in nano-seconds and it will reboot 10 times a day…I had a G2X for about a year…LG never again…

    1. LG definitely needs to work on their image but also on the quality of their devices before they try selling more “premium” devices. At this point even Huawei is making better devices than them.

      I recently bought an LG Optimus One and a Huawei Sonic for a couple of family members, and the Sonic is better in every way – design, build quality, software and performance, and it’s even cheaper than the Optimus. I actually like the skin on top of the Sonic, and it’s surprisingly fast. Huawei definitely surprised me there. LG needs an overhaul of their mobile operations if they want to remain in the market.

      1. Lol the new lg lucid lags on the boot up animation, that’s how you know your phones suck.

      2. Hey Lucian,
        I tend to agree with all you’ve said about LG, however I don’t think they really get it in their mobile division. LG constantly underperforms. I hope they get an overhaul as well, cause competition benefits us all, they need to take a lesson from the TV side of things.

      3. yeah…that’s funny.

      4.  I thought the Optimus One was nice at the time for the $200 price. Then I started swearing at all the engineering shortcuts they used to get that price. Uggh.

  2. Well with the already announced Optimus 4X HD (Tegra 3, 720p) it seems LG indirectly announces that the Snapdragon S4 clearly is the better chip.

    If only the ASUS Padfone had a 720p Display.

  3. If LG leaves ICS untouched, then it would be very tempting.

    1. Its an LG phone, >.> you have a better shot at teaching a pig to fly then lg leaving ICS pure 

  4. Everyone complaining about LG devices itself..
    …its not their hardware, its their software what keeps them unattractive! They build quality mobile phones but for some reason don’t upgrade in a timely manner. Worse then Samsung!

    1. Well, at least there’s one gem I know of from LG! The Optimus S was an AMAZING phone! Same GPU as the EVO in a 3.2 inch screen with 512MB of RAM? The processor didn’t even need to work at 600MHZ. A wonderful first time Android phone. Their other phones I have found unattractive at most… The 2X was ehh… I got some mixed ideals with LG’s Android lineup.

  5. Lg makes good devices. Build quality is actualky really good like moto.
    Look at their products in the past. Lg chocolate. Prada.
    Its their software that let’s then down. They really ahould stick with pure android. Now that would be a real comoetitor to the Galaxy S IIi

  6. This trend is disturbing…Next idiom of phones will have a 5″ screen. Stop it already…Let me fit it in my pocket comfortably. I cant imagine how women feel toting these things around.

  7. Where is the coverage of the fighter????

  8. LG is the new samsung

  9. And what exactly will distinguish it from the SGSIII??? Does anybody even know ?WHEN? Samsung will hold a press conference to announce the GSIII?

  10. What exactly is better about Nvidia’s Tegra 3, compared to Qualcomm’s S4??? Help me understand this. One is quad-core & one is dual-core.

  11. with poor support and poor software implementation.. read: G-slate/G2x

  12. its rumored to be going to Verizon great just what we need another trashy phone, sprint/t-mobile/at&t getting the One brand/ galaxy s3 (Probably), and so far all verizon has gotten is the lg lucid ( laggs on boot-up animation) and another lg phone thats probably going to be as bad as all the other ones 

  13. You lost me at LG

  14. First of all LG needs to focus on better build quality and sleek design to compete with the Galaxy S3.

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