Samsung launches pink Galaxy Note in Korea


The Samsung Galaxy Note just got a whole lot…pinker. As with the Galaxy S II before it, a pink version of the 5.3-inch behemoth has launched in Samsung’s native land of South Korea. It’s not just the phone that gets the new color treatment, either. The included S Pen and protective cover also carry the hue. Samsung isn’t mincing words when they say that they intend for the latest color option to appeal specifically to women, but with 5 million units already sold we can’t say they are acting out of desperation. There is no word on a pink Note gracing other regions, but we’ll keep an eye open for it.

[via Samsung]

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  1. If it comes with the girl I will take 3!!!

    1. 3?? but there are 7 days in a week…. 

      1.  But there are 24 hours in a day…


  2. My gf will love this..better than the White

    1. def, 

      im a dude but i still like that hue of pink

  3. By the look of the Google Search widget, this Pink Note is running ICS. If that’s the case, we shouldn’t have long to wait for the International Galaxy Note.

  4. Cute

  5. I’d love to touch that pink………………. phone.

    BTW – When are we going to start with the Note 2 rumors? :)

  6. Perfect phone….for big Bertha

  7. Dammit and I just got two white ones!  

  8. …can’t they bring a red and black one or just a red one to Verizon…maybe with the quad core…if not just the dual core? wishful thinking, ido believe someone will fire some kind of gay comment about this phone…however…

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