Lenovo reveals 9.7-inch IdeaTab S2109 with Ice Cream Sanwich


A Lenovo tablet first spotted in an FCC filing has been officially outed. The Lenovo S2109 is an Android 4.0 slate with a 4:3 9.7-inch display. A short promotional video shows off some of the finer points of the new tablet, including its unibody design, quad speakers with SRS Trumedia support, and 10 hour battery life. We are also keyed into the tablets 8.9mm thickness.

The S2109 will feature both Google Play and the Lenovo App Shop and looks to be a mostly pure Ice Cream Sandwich experience. No word on when the new tablet from Lenovo will be available, but its looking like it won’t be too far off.

[via NotebookItalia]

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  1. Looks nice if it can come to the market at a reasonable price point.

  2. 4:3 display, not HDTV format, really!

    1.  4:3 is one thing that Apple got right with the iPad IMO.

      If you primarily want a movie watching machine, then 16:9 is fine. If you don’t, then 4:3 is much better – again, IMO.

  3. It does look nice, but Lenovo is getting a horrible reputation for what it is still doing with its ThinkPad Tablet. It has been out 7 months now, and still no one knows what is going on with the GPS. Ditto for the micro-USB port and power button breaking. Don’t trust me on this; just google:
    “thinkpad tablet” OR tpt broken OR malfunctioning gps OR “power button” OR “micro-USB”

    Lenovo will not fix all the tablets that are out there and many customer support staff are not even being told there are known problems.

    It is too bad. Opening the TPT shows some really nice design elements inside. There is just no leadership at Lenovo when it comes to overall customer satisfaction.

  4. snapdragon s4 or tegra 3 or i’m not even gonna look at it :P

  5. Lenovo, prepare to be sued.

  6. $200 or gtfo

  7. I have the thinkpad tablet.

    Every tablet from Lenovo should have the stylus or no sale.

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