LG apologizes for false advertisement in Korea regarding Optimus 2X


Remember when dual-core was a new thing? It seems like eons ago that the LG Optimus 2X became the world’s first smartphone that packed a multi-core processor. The hype it built thanks to that tag led to quite a few purchases, but it turns out they lied to the customers in Korea regarding the type of flash used, and have now been forced to apologize.

LG used a regular LED flash, but publicized that the 2X had a Xenon flash. Some opportunists have now asked for refunds or compensations for the false advertising. Honestly, the only reason anyone would want a refund because of a Xenon/LED flash issue is that they know something much better is available in the market.


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. LG makes such shitty phones, and up dates are a far away dream, screw LG.

  2. Ill sue because my nexus s doesnt have ics

  3. I think my spectrum is pretty decent. Not shitty at all. As for updates, we’ll see….

  4. No the reason for refund is that they found out it had a tegra inside!

  5. LOL “Oh no my phone’s camera flash is just a regular LED?!?! How will I ever take DSLR quality photos with it now?”

  6. They should sue LG because untill it got Gingerbread the Phone was so slow it was terrible.

  7. What kind of a smartphone company would lie about their phones? Especially about something so inconsequential as a flash.

    1. Apple lies constantly, but people still buy their shit. I am not a fan of LG, but other companies have lied about more things than just camera flash

  8. That’s stupid.

    We should have sued LG here in the US for falsifying that the phone had radios that supported ATT and T-mobile.  It was the only reason I picked up that POS in the first place.

  9. People love to bash the Tegra 2, but to this day, it still has the best GPU available on an Android smart phone.

    Yes, Exynos and 4460 have better CPUs but their GPUs are inferior. Also, now that I’m on Cyanogen Mod 9, which has property GPU acceleration, web browsing, flash, and the interface itself runs really smooth.

  10. ^ One X is importable and unlocked, so technically the Tegra 3 kicks its ass.

    The Tegra 2 isn’t the issue with this phone though, it’s LGs completely incompetent software and amazing lack of updates.  The one update we did get took away the one thing they got right (Camera app).

  11. It took people this long to realize it was an LED?

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