Samsung expects profits to double


Samsung Electronics has stated that they expect their mobile sales to help drive up their profits for the first three months of the year. The South Korean company forecasts an operating profit of USD 5.1 billion for the period.

Healthy margins despite the competition, coupled with huge sales of the Galaxy-branded phones that have made Samsung the largest smartphone manufacturer, are the primary factors.

“There was a big surprise in profit, while revenue was in line, which suggests a stronger-than-expected profit margin from the handset division thanks to robust sales of high-end models like the Galaxy S and Note,” said Choi D-Yeon of LIG Investment & Securities.

“Handset margins are estimated to have topped 20% and profits from the division also topped 4  trillion won.”

[BBC via TechWireAsia]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Samsung Galaxy III anyone. Yes please

    1. you guys just wait till YOUM comes out to the market, already some of the design concepts are freakin amazing.  


      1. Why didn’t you link the Phandroid post of YOUM on this Phandroid article?

        1. sorry i was drunk or something haha,

  2. 100 samsung phones out the past four months.

  3. When you have that kind of profit, you can either use it to develop lots of new products so your customers will have more choices, or you can stick it in the bank like Apple has and severely limit your customers choices to just a few products. As for me, all our Apple products are now history and we’re enjoying the Galaxy line. Except for the tablet, which is from Asus. Ah, it’s so good to have choices.

    1. Yeah because Apple’s selection has definitely hurt their sales. I am glad Apple keeps it simple… focusing on their  core products and making sure they are spectacular. It’s better to be great doing 1 thing than being “just good” doing a bunch of things. Oh… and focusing on less devices… means when iOS 6.0 is done… I get it on day 1! and so will the 2 year old iPhone 4!

      1. Nothing wrong with Apple or their products if you happen to fall into their view of how you should use technology. I once was an avid Apple fan and rode their wave of innovation, was in their labs and spent time with Jobs myself. But, over time, my outlook has broadened beyond their focus. And let’s not forget, Apple products also have bugs. Some they fix right away, some they ignore, and if the bugs happen to involve interfacing to any non-Apple product, like the Microsoft Exchange Server for example, their users are left with little to no support at all. Apple finally has the funds to do about anything they want, and I hope their focus on innovative, leading edge products keeps going. We all benefit from that, and subsequently from the competition that follows.

      2. You love your apple products yet here you are on Phandroid… We don’t care what you have to say here with your biased opinions. 

        1. While I agree, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have responded.

          1. And neither would you, or myself.

      3. I thought the iPhone was a year and a half? And I would say that Samsung has made some pretty phenomenal products. So has Motorola. And HTC. And ASUS. Even LG has had a couple of hits…

        Apple, you have failed in every area every time. iOS, you have failed even worse because when Apple fails their one time, there isn’t a backup choice to go to if you still want iOS (for whatever reason).

      4. While your philosophy is ethically sound, I’m afraid it’s not viable in this particular market. Who is the target audience of these devices, their accessories and related software etc? The young, that’s who, say from about 14 to the late 20’s/early 30’s. More mature consumers don’t have time or the inclination to learn a new device annually and you can all but forget seniors, They buy the phones with the huge numbers. No, the big spenders when it comes to this business are the young who have to have the latest, greatest thing and care little for “doing one phone  very well”, they want it sexy and they want to flash the new stuff before their friends do. That’s why all the major providers offer trade-ups annually, so they can get you into the $500 model with the Gig packs and lock you into a 2 year contract. I’m sporting a Droid X2, my first true fully loaded set, 2 months and I’m already noticing things I want in my next device.

  4. I’ve always been happy with Samsung until I purchased the new Samsung Transform Ultra a few months ago. It no longer will support Wifi, my email accounts are not accurate, and there are some other minor glitches. When I spoke to Samsung’s customer service, they told me it “might be a software issue” and I can send them the phone if I’d like. But no guarantees on them fixing the issue and they won’t replace the phone So as far as profits it’s no wonder. Apparently they don’t cover their customer’s losses and just keep their money.

  5. Omg when is the Epic touch going to get ICS seriously Samsung hurry up with the update

  6. it’s a zero sum game.  Samsung wins, HTC loses.

    do you hear me Chou?????????????

  7. Samsung devices are excellent, fast becoming my favorite.

  8. Samsung galaxy 3 here we come@!!


    1. Nice SSD! Not sure where that link had relevance, but I’m also in the market for a new SSD.

  9. see that…it pays off to literally copy everything that Apple does. Well done, Samsung!

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