T-Mobile-branded HTC One S pictured, flashes impressive Quadrant score


After spotting AT&T’s branded HTC One X, another member of the One family has shown its face with US carrier branding. The HTC One S has been spotted with a T-Mobile logo above its screen as the handset remains rumored for a late April launch. If you’re the type to put stock in Quadrant benchmark scores, we also see quite the impressive result from the One S’ Snapdragon S4 processor.

The One S looks to be exclusive to T-Mobile for a full six months and will first be available in its blue-tinted variant. A version featuring the micro-arc oxidization treatment should come sometime during the summer. Check out the source link for a few more pics.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. All versions of the One S have the micro arc oxidation.  There’s just a blue tint variant and a red tint variant

    1. That’s a big negative on that one. You might want to do a little reading up. Only the black version is MAO. All other variants are not.

      1. Damn, I want the metal one on T-Mobile. Seems like a good successor to the Sensation. It’s got a gig of ram, right? I can’t remember

        1. There’s still hope for you. There’s a rumor of the black MAO version coming later but late enough to still be a bit of a bummer. The memory specs are a bit odd from what I’ve been reading. That 16GB only actually ends up with a total of 12GB once all is said and done and even that is partitioned. :-/ I’m hoping the One X rumor is true with Vanilla Android. (And it better have 32GB!)

          1. I’d love a One X, but I think I’d rather have Sense 4. I’ve had both vanilla and Sense 4 on my phone, and Sense 4 just looks so damn good! And it’s a lot lighter than the older versions of Sense. Of course, if it does come to T-Mobile with AOSP, I’d still buy it. Just means a quicker update to JellyBean ;)

    2. Incorrect. The One S comes in two available finishes.

      The first available finish is ceramic in nature, established via a micro arc oxidation process. HTC claims this finish is five times more durable than stainless steel. It has a black matte appearance that is slightly rough to the touch.

      The second finish is a gradient anodized metal, which gives a light to dark fade to the surface. Slightly more shiny and smooth to the touch.

  2. Carrier exclusivity needs to die in a fire.

    1. My thoughts exactly

  3. Wont this just be the UK version that is already out?

    Oh wait, 4G :P No it’s US version.

  4. Ok there is a Variant on At&t, Sprint and now T-mobile. Why is Verizon not getting one?

    1. Carrier exclusivity… which needs to die in a fire.

    2. Cuz Verizon wants the Incredible 4g

      1.  Verizon just adopt the one S, and call it the “Incredible One”

    3. There’s no One S on AT&T or Sprint, but I do get what you are attempting to say. 

    4. How many carriers are currently offering the galaxy nexus right now? You had an exclusive on that phone, now Verizon is left out.

  5. Not that I pay much attention to benchmarks, there’s usually a lot more to it than that but I was under the impression that the One S was getting better results in quadrant and I’ve just benched my One X and it got a score of 4899 beating the One S above by nearly 200 points. Odd, not that it means much of course :)

  6. I get in the 3100s with my rom’d, oc’d vzw gnex and I thought that was good, but damn! This looks impressive

  7. Funny everyone says stock android all the way but damn the nexus got smoked!!

    1. It has superior hardware… what did you expect?

    2. The Gnex came out in Novemeber…only logical

      1. Also the fact that the One S only has QHD resolution, it doesn’t have to push as many pixels as the nexus. Also the s4 processor helps lol

        1.  One X has the same resolution as the Gnex and gets 5000 on quadrant.

          1. Not only that, but the only thing that puts a strain on is the GPU. The processor doesn’t push any pixels. The processor handles the relation behind the pixels, etc.

        2. Resolution is irrelevant when it comes to Quadrant. All phones will use the same images from within the app, it’s just stretched out on higher resolution phones.

          The reason why the One X doesn’t score higher is because the Quadrant app isn’t utilizing the Tegra 3 correctly. Antutu is a much better benchmark app.

  8. But… one X….

  9. You edited out the uploaded via hipstagram? why?

  10. We need a new benchmark tool!,using same benchmark since g1 days!
    for 4 generations. Soon well have android 5.0 we need a new standard.

    1. Use the “benchmark and tuning” app in the play store

  11. My Sensation running 4.0.3 ICS is hitting 4400 in quadrant. Its overclocked to 1.8 GHz but its still nailing it!

    1. Lol damn, you got your sensation hitting quadrants that high? That’s insane

      1. It’s not all from the OC’d processor. I’ve had mine clocked that fast, probably on the same kernel, and got around 3000~ but, you can speed up your sd card read/write, so your I/O is higher. The overall number doesn’t mean much, you gotta pay attention to the different colors in the bar. They mean different things

  12. I’d like to know about the battery life instead?

  13. This is a non rooted phone too. I want to see the s4 vs Samsung quadcore.

  14. That’s impressive??!!
    my gsII hits 4500 and its a year old!

  15. So T-Mobile is getting the One S without the micro-arc body finish. What’s the point? Disappointing.

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