Google’s Project Glass Augmented Reality Glasses Spotted In The Wild On Google Co-Founder


No, that is not Phandroid’s own Rob Jackson wearing Google’s augmented reality HUD glasses. That’s Google co-founder Sergey Brin who was spotted at a “Dining in the Dark” charity event, leisurely strolling about with the prototype Project Glass glasses, stopping to pose for pictures with attendees. This is the first time we’ve been given a look at the Google googles in the wild and I must admit, they actually don’t look half bad.

Apparently, Sergey wasn’t the only Google employee in possession of the glasses with Google’s Vic Gundotra also said to have a pair. The pic you see above is a quick smartphone snapshot from a tech reporter Mr. Robert Scoble’s DLSR display and higher res photos are said to be on the way. We’ll update this post once we’re able to get our hands on those.

What do you guys think so far? Better or worse looking than you first thought? Will you guys be lining up for these?

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Not bad make them sunglasses and I’d buy them or the glass that changes when exposed to sunlight 

  2. I think this is something that could catch on quite easily.

  3. With all due respect…no. I personally do not see it as something that will catch on. I could see use for this in a work or professional environment, but not for casual use. I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is a pipe dream, but I also have a hard time imagining these will be selling like hot cakes.

  4. Make them able to be removed from the frame so they can be clipped on by people who already wear glasses and also onto peoples sunglasses.

    1. i would imagine most of the tech is in the frames so….

      1. The frames to me look just a plastic/metal frame used to keep that little box with the lcd and camera attached and hovereing inplace near your right eye.

        I could be wrong, but thats what it looks like to me.

  5. i say once they perfect the technology and be able to implement them into lenses you would find on a normal pair of glasses/sunglasses then yes i would be in. in the state they are in (obviously prototype) they are ugly as sin. the idea itself tho is fucking wicked cool.

    1. If they could put them into some Matrix-style sunglasses, then… just shut up and take my money.

  6. Lol, looks just like rob

  7. As showed I’m not feeling the cool factor
    Fit it in my 7eye moto transition goggles and I’m game!

  8. Depending on how you use them I think those goggles will fragment reality instead of enhancing it…

  9. All of my money! I hope they release a version without the rumored cell radios and have you use your phone sensors instead. Should make it more affordable and sway more Apple users to our side. Have the pairing software for the cheaper model be a gapp in the play store to shy manufacturers away from Google-less phones. If done right this could be very big very quick.

    1. Yup this is the future, and there better be a carrier-less model otherwise it won’t sell.

  10. They look like nerds wearing those things……I say we beat them up for their lunch money!

  11. Not bad on the aviators. They are actually back in style. 

  12. philip seymour hoffman is everywhere now

    x-ray specs! there’ll be a google app for that.

  13. They don’t look as goofy as the pics on the model that were shown earlier this week. Maybe they only look goofy on beautiful people, but look perfectly at home on geeks like Brin? Also, Scoble needs to shave.

  14. @ Yahoo#
    What do you call a nerd 10 years after your high school? Boss! Lol now who’s laughing.

  15. Looking like a dork is in.

    I wonder if it will use cell/wifi radio or bluetooth to existing phone in your pocket for net access.  Seems the latter would be most effective way to go.

  16. I’m all about it.

    I’m older than 13 years old so I don’t worry what people think is nerdy or whatever.

  17. I will be all over those

  18. I would but them if they were in wayfarer style and regular lenses so could wear them in school.

  19.  I think the best way would be a snap-on micro-projector that displays HUD on any lens. Otherwise you have to account for people with all kinds of vision impairments, let aside the tastes.

  20. I never thought about Sergey looking like Rob. He actually does…

  21. I will be buying for sure! I will get so much use out of something like this since I have limited use of my hands. Touch screens were a great advancement for me but this is even better.

  22. I’m sold

  23. I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!

  24. This looks like the first baby steps to the HUD found in Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor. Excelsior!

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