Apr 6th, 2012

Show me a Transformer Prime, and I’ll show you an owner who has no doubt been unhappy with its GPS performance. In fact, owners of the ASUS Transformer Prime were pretty vocal about this defect which, when investigated, turned out was caused by nothing more than poor design. ASUS acknowledged, then tried to fix the issue by providing a software update for the tablet that was met with mixed response. Even then, there were still many owners demanding a fix — whether that meant sending the tablet back to the factory for hardware modification or a straight refund.

Well, ASUS isn’t ready to quit Transformer Prime owners seeking better GPS performance from their tabs just yet. As it turns out, ASUS could be issuing an actual hardware fix by way of a GPS dongle that will patch things up, free of charge. A user on XDA posted an email exchange between him and an ASUS product manager detailing the dongle, describing it as “minimal” in design, and will sit flush against the tablet, connecting to the tablet’s proprietary input. The ASUS product manager also mentioned the dongle should be available sometime in mid-April but wasn’t sure how it would be distributed.

What’s more, the email also mentions that there will be new and improved Transformer Prime models featuring enhanced WiFi performance and will be identified by their serial numbers that begin with “C3.” I’m sure this wont come as welcomed news to current Prime owners but maybe this will drive potential customers to finally make a purchase. What do you guys think? Is the dongle enough to make up for ASUS’s hardware “defect?” Is everything even Steven’s, or do you think there’s more that should be done?

[LandOfDroid | XDA]

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