Google Play Store Updated To Version 3.5.16 [Download]


The Google Play Store received a silent update today. Version 3.5.16 should find its way to you in the coming days and reportedly fixes a few issues some users were having with 3.5.15 like force closes and/or disappearing purchased apps. I checked my Galaxy Nexus and sure enough it was updated although Gingerbread running devices like the Galaxy S 2 and my brother’s G2X had yet to see the update.

No matter, the app has been pulled by the folks at AndroidPolice and is ready for the download. Just sideload and install like any other app and you’ll be good to go. Enjoy.

Download Google Play Store 3.5.16


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  1. What they need to do is upgrade that name from Google Play Store to Google Market

  2. I still have version 3.4.7 on my VZW G. Nexus.

    1.  me too.

    2. The easiest way to do it is to download the file at the link, then attach it to an email and send it to yourself.  Open up the Gmail app on your phone, then it will have an install button on that email you just sent to yourself. Click it and done! OH, I forgot that you have to enable “Non-Market Apps” while you install it, then I always untick that box afterwards. 

  3. I haven’t seen the update yet, but I’m not holding my breath that they also fixed the My Apps “ALL” section to include sorting options so you’re not stuck with the uselessly huge list of all the thousands of apps you’ve ever installed since day one.

    Needs two things:
    1) Separate PAID from FREE apps in the INSTALLED & ALL sections. I can’t see at a glance if I paid for an app (or if it came from Amazon instead) when it’s already installed because both free and paid apps just show as “installed”
    2) Allow resorting the ALL (installed and previously installed) apps tab by name and by date. If by date, then categorize in sublists sort of like Chrome To Phone does so it’s easier to find: Installed “Yesterday, Week ago, Month ago, 6 months ago, Older”

    1. Jason, 

      you definitely need to submit these suggestions to Google, this is EXACTLY how it should be done

    2. You really should do as Havoc70 suggested. I’ve had them follow through on 3/8 of my suggestions.  That’s pretty dang good for such a huge company! They always reply to emails.

  4. I still have the Android Market (sans Music) on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (T-Mo). Would this sideload .APK work with Honeycomb?

    1. There’s only one way to find out, Tommy… Oh, and if not, you can always uninstall updates (in Manage Applications) if something doesn’t work right =)

  5. This new version is very annoying because it makes it hard to see my purchased but not installed apps.

  6. New version downloaded on its own on my DROID razr

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