HTC One X now available for pre-order through Rogers, $169.99 on 3-year contract


Just yesterday Rogers let us know that the HTC One X would be available on their network sometime this month. Now the phone is available for pre-order via the carrier on a three-year contract price of $169.99. There is no word on when the phone will ship, but the pre-order page states that the “offer expires April 30th, 2012,” for whatever that’s worth. Those taking advantage of the pre-order will be eligible to win an HTC prize pack and a trip to the 2012 Much Music Video Awards.

Interested parties can head over to the Rogers site to see about putting down some money on the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich handset.

[via MobileSyrup]


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  1. Three years ago you could choose between the iPhone 3G or the HTC Dream (T-mobile G1) in the United States. In Canada you couldn’t even buy the Dream. When your three year contract ends in 2015, what will you replace your HTC One with?

    1. That was four years ago.

      1. Not in Canada, the Dream came out in June 2009.

        1. “Three years ago you could choose between the iPhone 3G or the HTC Dream (T-mobile G1) in the United States. In Canada you couldn’t even buy the Dream.”

          You clearly state that you’re talking about the US three years ago.

          1. Even then, you couldn’t get the MyTouch 3G until April 27th, 2009. 

  2. I don’t care how good the phone is, I’m not staying with any mobile device for 3 years.

    1. I signed a three year contract last March, but I’ve been through 9 phones since. Just sell off your one x when you get tired of it and you should get enough money for it to buy the phone you want at that time.

      1. Good point. But at least you can’t change the carrier so easily.

  3. Talk about “signing your life away.” Three year contract? Noooo thanks.

  4. If the T-Mobile/At&t merger had successfully gone through, you could bet we would be looking at 3 & 4 year contracts here in the states too. To prevent people from buying phones off contract, the phone manufacturers would raise the price of unsubsidized phones to like $1500.

    1. Why would the manufacturers care if you bought your phone off contract or not?  

  5. Hopefully it will be $170 in the US. Fingers crossed!

    1. with 3years contract – it could be even less :)

  6. 3 years in time for Tegra 6 lol

  7. To all Americans, a 3-year contract is [sadly] standard in Canada for the same subsidized price as the 2-year contracts in the US. Some providers allow upgrading after only 2 years for the 3-year price in order to extend your contract.

    1. But there’s better pre-paid options here in Canada.

      I use President’s choice which goes through Bell. Lucky enough to have grand-fathered unlimited data for 25 cents a day, LOL.

      And 7-11/Petrocan etc through Rogers.

      Granted I rarely use my phones as phones and most are for app development… Results will vary.

  8. 3 yrs is a long time to tie into a contract.  The fact a phone is hardly can hold up for more than a year and a half.  And on top of that, people just get sick of their phone after about 8 months. Now I see why unlock phone is a great phone to switch things up

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