HTC One X headed to Rogers sometime this month


Rogers is touting the launch of LTE in Calgary and Halifax, an exciting prospect for those residing in the two locales. A tidbit slipped in at the end of the press release announcing the network expansions should catch the attention of a far wider swath of Canadians. The HTC One X, which was previously only said to be launching this spring, will be hitting Rogers this month. A RedBoard post further confirms the news, stating that the One X will launch “over the next few weeks” alongside the Nokia Lumia 900.

The HTC One X launches in a number of markets today, including several regions in Europe. Along with Canada, the United States should round out a North American launch in early May.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. god i hope it is the tegra 3 version and not the rumored North American version they talked about at mobile world con…

    1. It’s the snapdragon version

  2. Nick the S4 chip in the North American is faster lol

    1.  how is the dual core S4 better than the quad core Tegra 3 when they are both clocked at 1.5GHz?

      1.  It’s a different architecture (Cortex A9 vs Krait), much like an Intel CPU is not the same as an AMD CPU.

      2. Nick, you have a lot to learn about CPU’s.  :-)  This is why most people who are in the market for smart phones need not worry about what’s in the phone as far as processor, RAM, etc.  99% are non-technical people that should not even care.  

        The Snapdragon S4 is kicking the snot out of Tegra 3 in CPU benchmarks because it’s built on a 28nm process, not 40 or 45nm like other processors.  They shrunk the die and therefore the CPU requires less energy (better battery life), is much more efficient (better performance for us), and runs cooler.  The GPU on the S4 is the Adreno 225 which is not as good as the GPU in the Tegra 3 which would really be more of an issue for high resolution gaming.  But for the common folk out there, the S4 is a better option top to bottom.  It has LTE built in, better battery life, is faster, etc.

        You should be PREFERRING the S4 to Tegra 3.

        If you want to read up on things like this more, the same thing has happened in the CPU world forever with Intel and AMD.  You can search the differences in size of the current Sandy Bridge processors vs. the new Ivy Bridge processors due out any day now.  :-)  

      3. Are you a car guy? Its like saying more valves in a car = faster… there is a lot more to it then that.

    2.  CPU Speed
      1.5 GHz, quad-core (global version)
      1.5 GHz, dual-core LTE version (USA and select countries)from htc’s website

  3. ive seen the one s with the tegra 3 vs the one x with s4 snapdragon and in most benchmarks it beats the tegra handily, just read the article this morning ill see if i can find it and post it, if not go over to anadtech they do a good comoarision. the new architecture in the s4 is a lot more efficient powerful than the tegra 3, more cores dont always mean more processing just ask AMD about the bulldozer chip lol

  4. Any LTE phone, at this time, will not be able to run Tegra 3, as the Tegra 3 chipset, in its current form, does NOT work with LTE. Same goes with the current Exynos, which is why the LTE version of the Galaxy Note (i717) uses the Snapdragon Chipset, and the 3G/International Version of the Galaxy Note (N8000) uses the Exynos chipset. Until somebody other than Qualcom can come up with a power efficient LTE chip, this will continue to be the case. The HTC One X in LTE form doesn’t really have a choice.


  5. I always laugh when people are like we want tegra 3 not S4.. they say this because they are trying to sound smart.. but really they are proving their own ignorance…

    1.  i want tegra for the tegra zone ….

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