Major update in the works for Spotify Android app


A “major” update is reportedly in the works for Sportify’s Android app. Considering it hasn’t received a refresh since November of last year, anything less than major and we’d feel a bit bad for all the Spotify Premium subscribers who have been dealing with a buggy app for the past several months. While many users have been getting along just fine with what is available, a contingent of music lovers have had to deal with application crashes, bugs, and glitches that render it nearly useless. For users of Android 4.0 handsets like the Galaxy Nexus, the application isn’t even officially supported.

This looks to change soon, according to sources speaking to The Verge. The exact timing of an update or the changes and features we can expect are not known at this time.

[via The Verge]

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  1.  I can’t wait. I hope by soon…they actually mean soon. Not Valve soon.

    1. Spotify: EP3 will be out soon. ;)

  2. I use this app everyday and it works great :)

  3. Mine crashed a lot on my HTC Incredible and has odd quirks on my Droid RAZR.  Keep telling myself to cancel it but I’m a sucker.

  4. I don’t have problems with Spotify on my phone (Droid Charge – Infinity ROM 0309).  But, I have a TON of issues with it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (CM9).

  5. I use it all the time on my gnex and don’t have many problems at all. I actually never would have known it wasn’t supported for my phone if I hadn’t read this.

    1. That’s amazing.  I have the Verizon GNex (unrooted, stock) and the constant random shutdowns, random logging off, syncing issues, and buffering problems have forced me to stop using it for the past couple months.

      The Spotify app on my Galaxy Nexus is basically worthless. It was great on my D2.

    2. I use it several hours a day on my Nexus and haven’t had a single problem either.

  6. I sincerely hope they get their head out of their butts and differentiate the app on tablets.  In my opinion, on tablets, it should look and function just like the desktop client.

  7. The sooner the better.  Mine crashes all the time.  I have came close many times to getting rid of it…and then I realize how much I would miss it if I did so.

  8. I canceled my subscription when I bought my Gnex. I upload all my music to Google Play and if I don’t have it I use LTE to have it in seconds. Lol

  9. I’m a premium subscriber and I use the Spotify app on my rooted Droid Inc (currently running CM7.2 RC1) on a daily basis.  I’ve never had a single problem with it regardless of the ROM I’m using.  That being said, the app is in dire need of a refresh.  I’d like to see it utilize the same radio feature as the desktop app, and even some of the Spotify apps as well.

  10. Thank god this thing was still on cupcake

  11. it works pretty decently on my SGS2, but it does always freeze for 5 secs or so when i first start it up, and i really wish it was better at remembering what song i was listening to after leaving it for awhile (i.e. remember at ALL, LOL . . .)

  12. They’ve been saying this crap since last October. Everyone is just sick of waiting.

    I emailed them a few weeks back asking why they continue to update the iOS version (which is over a year ahead of the crappy version we get)
    All they could say was they could assure me it was in the works but couldn’t say when.

    For a premium service the app is just awful.

    The number of times I have had to re-cache my entire offline collection because the stupid app refuses to accept i’ve already done so is just maddening when you are stuck with very slow DSL and the Spotifys own slow servers at times.

    Add to that the random force closes. Terrible UI. No folder support (available on iOS) also iOS gets the much higher quality stream option.

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