Get a free extended battery when purchasing the Galaxy Nexus through Samsung Direct


Samsung has put together a little deal to entice a few more smartphone buyers to pick up the Galaxy Nexus. A bundle is now available via Samsung Direct that pairs Verizon’s LTE version of the handset with an extended battery for $299.99 when purchased on a new two-year contract.. The offer is good through May 10th, though interested parties may want to do some hunting around before clicking the buy button. Various deals can be found on both the Galaxy Nexus and its extended battery that very well could add up to even greater savings.

[via SamsungDirect]

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  1. How is this any kind of a deal? Amazon has the phone for 99.

  2. How can US carriers get away with those handset prices is beyond me… Considering the fact that almost all phones in UK are free,this is just robbery… 300 for Galaxy Nexus? Is this april’s fool joke?

  3. $300?  Troll harder.  I’ll wait for the Galaxy S3 or the One X before I buy an outdated Nexus

  4. What does it say about 
    Samsung when they have to offer an extended battery with their phone?  

    1. What they and everyone else knows, LTE blows when it comes to battery life.

      1. You mean Android blows when it comes to battery life.
        Somehow Apple can still get good life on their new iPads with LTE.

        1. Excuse me Mr.Troll  the Galaxy tablet 7.7 4G LTE has 12hrs battery life. The IPAD 4G has 9hrs battery life…..Get your facts straight before you open your month. 

        2.  The RAZR Maxx can get good battery life on LTE too for phones.

          It also have a massive battery in it… the iPad and just about every other Tablet out.

          And the battery test against the ASUS Transformer….the AUSU has a smaller battery than the iPad. Put the same size battery in the ASUS and it passes the iPad in battery life.

          We gotta look at the whole picture sometimes instead of just claiming X is better than Y at this or that.

        3. By almost doubling the size of the battery, and early reports indicate Apple’s numbers aren’t stacking up to what they reported when running LTE and high end apps together.  LTE blows for battery life, no matter what OS uses it.

  5. :o

    That’s crazy expensive!

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